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Adam Marchbanks
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Japanese Name


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Adamu Māchibankusu


Director (所長 Shochō)


Chapter 3 (light novel 8)

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Adam Marchbanks is a private detective and Mithril’s henchman. He was hired by Lyfia to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He’s present in the Vignette of Eternal Twilight story.


He’s a private detective, director of the Marchbanks Detective Agency (マーチバンクス探偵事務所 Māchibankusu Tantei Jimusho). He appeared in the newspapers for solving an unusual case, where a cook mistook a pan for an expensive painting made by Beresford. Marchbanks also secretly acts as a henchman for Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief.

Marchbanks was hired by Lyfia to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, a valuable Phantom Book that the Marquess of Asquith sealed before his death, somewhere inside his castle. However, in reality, Lyfia summoned him to make him a sacrifice for her and her mother. The women plan to use his life to make themselves younger. Marchbanks knows that Mithril infiltrated into the castle, disguised as a policeman, to destroy the Vignette of Eternal Twilight.[1]


Marchbanks is conscious of his long eyelashes. He’s an arrogant detective, proud of his physical shape and of solving the Beresford case, although it wasn’t particularly difficult. As a womanizer, he believes in dragging women to bed in order to obtain important information. He’s always rudely mentioning the proportions of their bodies, something that makes Shura and Dalian furious. Even Hugh is bothered and amazed by his extravagant attitude. The detective doesn’t hesitate in grabbing women by the waist, trying to win them over. He prefers ladies with tiny waist and large breasts. He’s a man that will not be missed by anyone. That’s why Lyfia choose him as sacrifice. Marchbanks doesn’t like to see Hugh talking with her. The detective immediately warns him to stay away. Marchbanks is dramatic, and not very brave.[1]


He’s a tall, thin man, about thirty years old, although he looks much younger. He wears a checkered Ascot tie. He has a lush mustache and long, curled eyelashes.[1]


Hugh and Lyfia have met ten years ago. They have a brief conversation once again. When Lyfia walks away, a thin man asks Hugh about their relationship. Dalian hides behind Hugh. She mentions the stranger’s long eyelashes, which makes him unhappy. The latter bows and introduces himself as Adam Marchbanks, a private detective. He proudly talks about the case he solved, related to the theft of a Beresford painting. It appeared on the newspapers, although it was not a particularly difficult case, only a curious one, since a cook mistook a valuable art for a pan.

Marchbanks explains that Lyfia hired the detective to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, sealed somewhere in the castle. He tells Hugh to stay away, because Marchbanks was the first to appreciate her body. As a detective, he believes that dragging women to bed is the best method to obtain important information. Shura and Dalian yell at the detective, furious for his arrogant attitude. Hugh waves his hand, as if driving away an annoying fly. By examining the girls, Marchbanks deduces that Hugh doesn’t like large breasts. The detective walks away. After a few seconds, he approaches a maid and hugs her around the waist.


Marchbanks and the others find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight.

Hugh, accompanied by Harban and the girls, finds a secret passage in the library. At the end, they find Marchbanks passionately hugging a maid next to a thick metal door. The detective apparently used the beautiful woman to obtain important information. Since Hugh also found the secret place, the detective deems him a worthy rival. Marchbanks affirms that he will share the glory for finding the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, although the detective will take all the reward. He reaches for the doorknob, but he’s pushed away by Dawson. The detective clings to Dawson’s leg. Dawson manages to open the door, run inside and grab the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He opens the Phantom Book, which disappears soon after.

The maid turns pale, panicked. Marchbanks tries to hug her, but she runs out of the room. The others also leave the room, except for Dawson, who’s crushed by the falling ceiling. The group walks along a tunnel, reaching a garden. Marchbanks notices that his pocket watch stopped. He’s surprised to know that the servants and the others guests disappeared. The front gate of the fortress is also gone. Marchbanks doesn’t want to believe, but the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is imprisoning them. The detective believes that the maid, Evelyn, must know something. Harban grabs the detective by the collar, lifting him off the ground. Harban tells Marchbanks to find the maid immediately.

They find Evelyn and the Marquise inside the castle. The Marquise seems as young as her daughter Lyfia. Evelyn has fulfilled her task, bringing the detective to the secret room, so she asks her master to save her. Marchbanks watches as Evelyn is killed by a grim reaper doll summoned by the Marquise. The detective runs to Evelyn, but the automaton uses a scythe to rip open Marchbanks’ shoulder. Hugh carries the detective to the library. There, Shura uses some rags to stop the bleeding. The dramatic detective tells them to leave without him, although the wound is not that deep. Marchbanks sobs, blaming himself for the maid’s death. Hugh has only a few bullets left. Marchbanks doesn’t have a gun. He affirms to be in great physical shape, after all.

Hugh and the others discuss about the recent events. Marchbanks learns that they are inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, in a world similar to the real one. The Marquise uses the Phantom Book to have eternal youth in exchange of killing people. She shares such power with Lyfia and the maids. Evelyn had taken Marchbanks to the secret room to use him as a sacrifice. Dalian affirms that Marchbanks was hired because no one would miss him. The detective finds the comment extremely rude. Suddenly, two grim reapers appear to attack them. They are saved by Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief, who was disguised as Harban.

The Marquise shows up to threaten them, this time with the appearance of a little girl. Marchbanks wonders where her lush breasts went. Dalian knows how to defeat her. For Marchbanks’ surprise, the Biblioprincess counted the thousands of books in the library. She knows that some books are missing. The Vignette of Eternal Twilight has a limit of how much information it can handle. Gargoyles summoned by the Marquise surround them. Marchbanks grabs a chair, ready to defend himself. Hugh removes a bunch of books from inside the Labyrinth Library. The world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight collapses. They return to the real world.

Marchbanks takes advantage of the confusion to knock Mithril down. He pins her to the floor. However, later, Hugh reveals to Inspector Grosseteste that Marchbanks is Mithril’s henchman. Marchbanks apparently gave Mithril’s Phantom Book, the Faceless Book, to the police, but it was only a fake. Marchbanks pretended to capture Mithril, only for them to escape together. That’s why Marchbanks didn’t enter the room to the Vignette of Eternal Twilight first. He was waiting for Mithril, who was disguised as Harban. Grosseteste runs away, trying to capture Marchbanks and his boss.[1]




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