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Alunda is Leon’s acquaintance and the inheritor owner of a crime syndicate. She’s the target of the assassin Wesley Clade. Alunda is part of The Template Book story.


Alunda’s father, the boss of a small crime syndicate, was killed by competitors. Alunda inherited his organization, which has almost no influence or numbers. However, rivals want to kill her and assume her position. The immortal assassin Wesley Clade was hired to hunt her. Leon owns her late father and he also empathizes with her. After all, both have family issues. That’s why he protects her. They flew together to the capital, looking for a safe place. Leon plans to arrange Alunda’s marriage so she can transfer her position to someone else.[1]


She’s not used to speak English. She seems to respect Leon, following everything he says. Alunda tries to kill herself to protect him.[1]


She’s a girl, about fifteen years of age, with a pretty, chiseled face. She has beautiful arched eyebrows and an unusual skin tone.[1]


Leon welcomes Hugh and Dalian to a dilapidated mansion owned by his family. He asks Alunda to prepare some tea. Leon explains that she inherited a small crime syndicate after her father’s death. Now, she’s being hunted by rival organizations. Dalian asks if Leon wants advice in how to seduce Alunda. Although Leon is risking his own life to protect Alunda, he doesn’t want her as a wife. Leon is arranging her engagement so she can transfer her dangerous position to someone else. The couple has left the colonies, believing that they would be safe in the capital. However, the assassin Wesley Clade was hired to hunt Alunda.

While Hugh and Dalian are out looking for a way to stop the assassin, Alunda tries to kill herself in order to save Leon. The latter stops her and gives her some sleeping pills. Leon bandages her hands. Later, he reveals that he’s helping her because he empathizes with her, since she also has family issues. Wesley Clade shows up to kill Alunda, but he’s defeated by Hugh and Dalian.

Wesley Clade

Wesley Clade is hired to kill Alunda.

Alunda sits on the back seat of Leon’s plane. She seems nervous before the flight. She finds strength to wave goodbye to Hugh and Dalian. Later, Leon and Alunda would board a ship bound to the colonies.[1]




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