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The Briar Princess

Appendix: La Belle au bois dormant

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August 9, 2012

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Chapter 1 (light novel 2)

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For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 1 (light novel 2).
For the character known as "Briar Princess", see Florence Carabosse.

"The Briar Princess" is the only original video animation of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime. It's also known as Appendix: La Belle au bois dormant. The OVA is no different of any other anime episode of the series.

It was scheduled to be released in a limited bundle along with the ninth volume of the light novel in mid January 2012. However, author Gakuto Mikumo was unable to attend the request of the editorial department of The Sneaker magazine, since he planned to finish the series in 8 volumes. As an alternative, the OVA was released in DVD as part of a limited edition of the fifth and last volume of the manga.[1]

Hugh and Dalian move through a difficult road to gain access to a village where they can look for a Phantom Book owned by the late Carabosse.[2]


A man is trying to get out of a burning house, when he sees a womanly figure. He’s unable to hear Florence’s words. As if part of an illusion, the man is pushed back and consumed by the fire. The young girl smiles, never letting go of the green book in her hands.

Dalian stops, complaining about having to trudge through a forest. Hugh explains that he can't possibly drive in such a deplorable road. They should already have entered Carabosse’s land. The Biblioprincess pouts, then informs him that she will give him the honor of carrying her in his back. The young man, however, is already carrying her baggage. She had packed some books so they can be entertained in case they are stuck in the forest. Their discussion is interrupted when an inhabitant of a nearby village shows up. Hugh tells Talia that they are looking for a book. She laughs when Dalian’s stomach rumbles loudly.

Thalia's house

Talia has a conversation with Hugh and Dalian.

Talia welcomes the visitors into her house. She tells Dalian to help herself, since the latter was staring at a basket full of fried breads. The herbalist wasn’t informed that the lord of the land, Sergeant Carabosse, passed away. The fire, rumored to have been set criminally, destroyed his manor and killed twenty people, including him, his family and servants. Miss Florence, Carabosse’s daughter, lives in a villa not too far from Talia's house, but she never said anything about the incident. Hugh mentions that an acquaintance who used to do business with Sergeant Carabosse saw Miss Florence at the entrance of the forest about a month ago. She’s suspected as the arsonist who killed her own father. Talia finds hard to believe that the frail woman would be capable of such a crime. Dalian wants to know the location of Carabosse’s villa so she and Hugh can look for a book. The herbalist opens a window to point to the tower in the distance. She warns them that even the locals never return when they venture in that area. Hugh can distinguish the silhouette of someone inside the building. He asks Dalian if she’s the owner of a Phantom Book.

Calobos' gates

Hugh and Dalian find corpses attached to the gate of Carabosse villa.

The sun was setting when Hugh left the house with Dalian. He talked with other villagers. Everyone told him that approaching the Briar Princess’ castle is dangerous. Nonetheless, he wants to find the Deep Green Book owned by the late Carabosse. A merchant affirms to have seen the book in Florence’s hands. As inheritor of his grandfather’s Labyrinth Library, Hugh is interested in the item. Furthermore, Hugh says that looking for Phantom Books is how he can prevent tragedies and be with Dalian. The Biblioprincess conceals a smile. On their way to the villa, they discuss how there are no elders and children among the inhabitants of the village. However, those people don’t seem to be hiding something. Hugh and Dalian finally reach the building. The gates are adorned with corpses suspended by thorny vines. The bodies are hanging for half a year at most.

Thalia's body

Hugh and Dalian discover Florence's body.

Hugh uses his lighter to investigate the dark interior. At the top of the tower, they discover Miss Florence's body. She died months ago, about the same time as the others. It’s strange how she was recently seen wandering around the forest. According to Dalian, the power of a Phantom Book doesn’t explain the strange occurrence, since the dead are unable to read. Someone else should be holding the Deep Green Book. When the sun went below the horizon, the vines supporting Florence’s body suddenly moved to attack Hugh and Dalian. Hugh runs down the stairs while carrying Dalian. He escaped from the threat by jumping through a window out of the villa. He had just caught his breath when Talia appeared.

Hugh asks if Talia had killed Miss Florence. The herbalist lets out a maniacal laugh. She flips through the pages of the green Phantom Book in her hands. Hugh and Dalian are enveloped by fog. They try to run away, only to find themselves surrounded by a dense forest. There’s no way to know which Phantom Book from the Labyrinth Library can oppose such a power. The villagers show up to kill them with farming tools. After a brief confrontation, the enemies stop fighting, dropping their weapon. They quickly age, as if time had begun to speed up. Hugh carries Dalian through the forest, wishing to leave the dangerous area. The trees disappear at the same time that a large canyon is revealed in front of him. They see Talia at the opposite side of the steep cliff.

She will trap them in this land forever for trying to steal her father’s book. Hugh finally finds out that they are looking at the real Florence Carabosse. Talia is the one who died inside the castle. After killing her own father, Florence took the herbalist’s identity to herself. The mad woman uses her Phantom Book to encircle Hugh and Dalian with cliffs and vines. This time, Hugh and Dalian are ready to fight her. They know that the Deep Green Book is an ancient scripture that creates illusionary landscapes to confuse and control people. Placed under a spell, its targets can be harmed by the illusions as if they are real. Florence believes that she can even revive her father if she learns more about the Phantom Book. Before she can use such a power again, Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library. He reads the Ritual of Reality to break the hallucinations. In despair, Florence drops the Deep Green Book. She wanders around blindly, falling down a cliff to her death. She wanted her father’s love all to herself. The jealous young woman had adopted extreme measures after watching Sergeant Carabosse meeting his lover Talia. Seeing his sick daughter was only his excuse to visit the village every month, where his wife wouldn’t find out about his affair.

When the sun rose, Hugh started to dig a grave for Florence next to the villa, while discussing about her story. After learning about his father's romance, she had stolen the Phantom Book in rage and killed him and his lover. Florence had convinced herself that she was Talia, the one who was most loved by Sergeant Carabosse. Dalian can understand her feelings. Although the illusions disappeared, the wild roses are still there.

Dalian complains once again about having to walk through the forest. Hugh is carrying even more baggage this time, since the Biblioprincess took the herbalist’s books to herself. The little girl tells him not to worry. She will carry the baggage if, in return, he carries her in his back. Before Hugh can answer her absurd proposition, he slips down the muddy road out of control. Dalian follows after him.[2]

Light novel-anime main differences[]

Light novel[3] Anime[2]
Florence killed her own father with an axe. John Carabosse is burned to death.
- Dalian smiles after listening to Hugh saying that he wants to keep looking for Phantom Books with her and prevent tragedies caused by forbidden knowledge.
Hugh and Dalian are attacked by vines surrounding the Briar Princess' castle. Hugh and Dalian are attacked by vines which were supporting Talia's body.
- Hugh has a brief fight against the farmers controlled by Florence.
- Flashbacks show Florence observing her father's relationship with Talia.


DVD cover

The DVD cover.

  • Hugh and Dalian are depicted in the DVD cover. They appear not in their anime attire, but in their original attire, perhaps because the OVA was planned to be released with the ninth volume of the light novel.[2]
    • The cover art was created by G-Yuusuke, illustrator of the light novel.[4]
    • The key to the Labyrinth Library, as depicted in the manga, is part of the DVD back cover. The menu of the DVD has the crest of the Disward family.[2]
  • The fifth volume of the manga that comes with the DVD has an alternative cover.[2]
  • Hugh refers to the events of Episode 1, saying that he wishes to prevent a tragedy such as the one that struck Henry Conrad.[2]
  • The farmers are voiced by Tatsuya Kuramochi, Ryū Yamaguchi and Kentaro Yamazaki.[2]

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