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Armand Jeremiah
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Aruman Jeremaia


Chick (ヒヨッコ Hiyokko)


Chapter 4 (light novel 3);
Episode 5

Voice actor

櫻井 孝宏
Takahiro Sakurai



Armand Jeremiah is Hugh’s friend. They served at the same airbase during the Great War. Armand is part of The Magician's Daughter and the Book of Relationship stories.


Armand was born in a very wealthy family, famous and leader in the shipbuilding industry. During the Great War, Armand and Hugh served for the Allies at the same airbase. Hugh helped Armand out of trouble many times. Armand knows that Hugh’s grandfather was the most successful bibliomaniac in the country.[1] Armand has his own private airplanes.[2]


Armand is a dramatic, helpless simpleton. He often gets himself into trouble related to women and Phantom Books. He respects Hugh and always asks for his help. Armand is looking for a love relationship, although he has no luck with women. He’s a romantic who doesn’t get embarrassed while talking about his feelings. He doesn’t know how to react to Dalian’s rude remarks. He admires how Hugh manages to get along with her. Armand sometimes refers to Hugh as Pilot Officer, although Hugh told him not to.[1] Armand is even more comical and exaggerated in the anime adaptation.[3]


He’s described as a short young man in rich clothes. He’s eighteen or nineteen years old, although his childish face makes him look very young. The yellow color of his slightly curly hair reminds a fluffy chick.[1] In the anime, he wears a yellowish-brown suit, dark brown shoes, a white shirt and a blue bow tie. He has deep purple eyes. Sometimes he wears brown gloves and a brown hat similar to a newsboy cap.[3]


Armand's request

Armand asks for Hugh's help.

The Magician’s Daughter[]

Armand walks to the front door of the Disward estate. He wonders if Hugh really lives in such faraway and dilapidated place. Armand knocks the door several times. He feels nostalgic after finally seeing Hugh again. In turn, Hugh is surprised to see Armand. Dalian hides behind Hugh, shy like a small animal. Armand mistakes them for a couple. He never expected Hugh to be in a relationship with a girl so young. Hugh solves the misunderstanding. Hugh introduces Armand to Dalian. It’s revealed that Hugh and Armand served the same airbase during the Great War. As expected, Dalian is rude to Armand.

Armand knows that Hugh’s grandfather was a famous bibliomaniac. Armand came to find a rare book among Wesley’s collection. In the reception room, Hugh and Dalian explain that Armand is not the only person who came to the Disward estate to look for a book. Other influential men were asking for Wesley’s Phantom Books. Armand sighs in relief, knowing that they left empty-handed. Armand explains that he fell in love with an amazingly beautiful woman, even prettier than Dalian. Like many others, Armand proposed to Viola Duplessis, a luxurious courtesan. The woman promised to marry the man who brings her five specific Phantom Books. Dalian affirms that Armand can find the Book of the Salamander's Seal somewhere in the basement. She grants Armand permission to look for the Phantom Book, but with one condition. Dalian wants to meet Viola.


Armand, Hugh and Dalian meet the hostess.

After several days, Armand meets Hugh and Dalian in front of a brothel. Armand had sent a letter as preparation for the meeting with Viola. However, Dalian’s presence makes him nervous. Dalian wonders if Viola is only using her admirers, or giving them an impossible task as a way to reject them. Armand believes that Viola is testing their love. The trio enters the brothel. Armand apologizes to the hostess for visiting before sunset, and in company of a child. Dalian asks about Viola’s whereabouts. Armand quickly apologizes for Dalian’s rudeness. He pushes her head, trying to force her to bow. He clearly needs help to control Dalian, but Hugh ignores them. For Armand’s surprise, the hostess gives a piece of paper with Viola’s address. Viola was expecting the Biblioprincess.

Armand and Viola

Armand promises to protect Viola.

Armand, Hugh and Dalian find Viola. Armand is shocked to see tears on Viola’s cheeks. Her suffering makes Armand feel an uncomfortable grip on his chest. According to Armand, Viola knows science, literature, history. However, she affirms that she has no memories from before she came to the city, three years ago. Suddenly, Hugh pushes Armand away. A winged creature almost removed his head. He became numb with fear. The monster affirms that the Earl will come for Viola on the next full moon. The creature disappears soon after. Viola reveals that she asked five specific Phantom Books from her suitors to protect herself from the mysterious Earl. Armand affirms that he will find the Phantom Books and protect her. He’s happy to see her smile.

Armand Fake

Armand finds the Book of the Salamander's Seal.

Armand spent three days and nights in the basement of the Disward estate. He finally found the Book of the Salamander's Seal. On the next night of full moon, many gentlemen gather at Viola’s mansion. Armand is among them, showing no signs of excitement. However, he’s confident, pressing his Phantom Book against his chest. Dalian mentions The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, a narrative where a princess also asks five items from her suitors. Armand becomes agitated, asking himself if one Phantom Book will be enough to protect Viola. The other suitors try to calm Armand, showing the other four remaining Phantom Books. Hugh and Dalian recognize the books as fakes.

Viola shows up. She tells everybody to run away. However, the men are decided to protect her. Armand and the other suitors run to Viola, showing the Phantom Books they collected. Melgar, the Earl, appears to take his daughter Viola away. The magician kills one of the suitors, turning his blood into mercury. Armand unconsciously sits on the floor, shocked. Encouraged by Dalian, Armand overcomes the trembling in his knees and steps forward to protect Viola. When Melgar waved his staff, the book in Armand’s hands turned into ashes. Now Armand understands that the book he found at the Disward estate was also a fake. He falls to his knees, trembling with indignation. Viola is wounded. Armand notices a pool of mercury instead of blood. It’s revealed that Viola is an artificial doll, an experiment created by Melgar.

Melville's defeat

Armand and the others protect Viola.

Melgar plans to dissect Viola. Armand steps forward to protect her, glaring at the magician. Armand doesn’t care that Viola is artificial. After all, his feelings for her are real, and her smile touches his heart. The other four suitors join Armand to protect the courtesan. Melgar is ready to kill them with a huge ball of fire. However, Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library to obtain the five Phantom Books necessary to oppose Melgar. The Phantom Books choose Armand and the other suitors. Armand is shocked to see the real Book of the Salamander's Seal which materialized in his hands. Armand’s Phantom Book seals the flames shot by Melgar. Armand and the others use the Phantom Books to protect Viola and to attack the magician. Melgar has no choice but to give up.

After the confrontation, Dalian seems unhappy for having to interact with Melgar. She blames Armand for that. Hugh and Dalian have been testing Armand, to check if he deserves to have a real Phantom Book. Armand feels exhausted after using the powerful magic. Armand and the other suitors return the Phantom Books to Hugh. The men are happy to see Viola safe. Armand bravely asks Viola who will she choose as husband. After almost dying together, Armand is confident that Viola will choose him. Viola reveals that her heart already decided. For everyone’s shock, Baron, Viola’s new lover, shows up. The couple walks away. Armand cries, devastated. Hugh slaps his back and suggests going out for a drink. Dalian offers a book about a well-known love story to Armand, as if telling him to read and learn. Armand accepts the book before bursting into tears.[1]

Book of Relationship[]

During a hot day at the Disward estate, Dalian finds a cold place under the stairs. Only a fool would travel under the scorching sun to interrupt her. Hugh and Dalian hear someone knocking on the door. Armand opens the front door to look inside. It’s been a long time since they last saw each other. Dalian is not happy to see him. Armand wants to cross the threshold, but Dalian kicks the door to stop him. Armand reveals that he came for a consultation about Phantom Books. He’s allowed inside the mansion.

The trio drinks cold tea in the reception room. Armand reveals that he has a girlfriend. They’ve met only two weeks ago, but they already decided to marry. Hugh suspects that Armand is only boasting while describing the beautiful Lianna Scholes. Hugh tells him to go away. Dalian also has no patience to listen to Armand. Hugh and Dalian become interest when Armand reveals that he met Lianna thanks to a book. Armand removes the book from a leather bag. Dalian recognizes the Book of Relationship.

It’s said that the owners of the Phantom Book are destined to become a couple. The book was not expensive, so Armand doubted its authenticity. But when he met Lianna, the owner of the second volume of the Phantom Book, she immediately proposed to him. Since she’s an ideal woman, Armand couldn’t refuse her. Armand asks if his Phantom Book is real. Dalian believes that normally Armand wouldn’t be able to date a woman like Lianna, so the Phantom Book must be real. Armand wonders if Dalian is jealous because he found happiness. He dodges the box of macaroons thrown at him. He leaves the Disward estate with the Book of Relationship. He will meet Lianna at the opera. Dalian tells him to never come back.

Hugh and Dalian furtively follow Armand to the opera house. When Lianna arrives, Armand almost jumps with joy. Hugh doesn’t think they form a nice couple. Dalian can’t believe that such a beauty fell in love with Armand. The men around glance at him in jealousy. Armand tries to hand a bouquet to Lianna, but he accidentally drops it. He rushes to pick up the flowers. Lianna dusts off his clothes with a handkerchief. Satisfied, Hugh decides to return home.

Armand sees Hugh and Dalian among the crowd. Armand boasts about his girlfriend. Lianna notices that Armand gets along with the beautiful Biblioprincess. Armand nervously introduces Dalian as a friend. Dalian reveals that Armand is a patron and that she saved Armand in the past, when he fell in love with a prostitute and almost died. Armand panics. He smiles and presses Dalian’s head, trying to keep her quiet. Dalian pushes his hand, annoyed. Armand approaches Lianna. He begins to make excuses to explain his relationship with Dalian.

Half a month later, Hugh and Dalian see people running away from Armand. The latter stops on the sidewalk, telling the passersby not to approach. He asks for help after seeing Hugh and Dalian. Armand tells the couple to stay away. Thin branches shoot out from Armand’s right hand. Dalian blocks the attack with her bracer. Armand’s arm is covered by the Branches of Relationship that try to pierce anyone nearby. Hugh, Dalian and Armand return to the Disward estate.

Armand affirms that everything started because of his maid. He jumps up from the sofa when Dalian accuses him of cheating with his own maid. The branches on his wrist start to move, reacting to Dalian. The Branches of Relationship freeze once Armand returns to the sofa. Armand explains how the curse of the Book of Relationship affected him. One day, Lianna saw a conversation between Armand and his maid as treason. After that, Lianna became gloomier every time Armand interacted with another woman. When he bumped into a stranger, when he saw a lady walking down the street. Lianna always concludes that Armand is cheating on her.

Armand removes part of his clothing, revealing the Branches of Relationship covering the right side of his body. The Book of Relationship can be seen beneath the branches. According to Dalian, Armand has been cursed for breaking the oath, even if everything happened only in Lianna’s head. Armand is speechless. A moment later, he cries in despair, asking for help. Hugh and Dalian agree that Armand deserves such a fate for playing with Phantom Books. The trio hears a knock on the door. Armand jumps up from the sofa to check the front of the mansion through the window. He screams and falls to the floor. Lianna had tracked him.

Hugh answers the door and manages to send Lianna away. Armand sighs in relief, sat on the carpet. He suddenly gasps, staring at the window. Lianna had found him. She believes that Armand cheated on her. Armand yells, shaking his head desperately. Armand starts to run. He begs for Hugh’s help. The Branches of Relationship grow in all directions, covering Armand. Answering Lianna’s anger, the Book of Relationship sets Armand on fire. Dalian explains that the only way to end the curse is for him to die. He lets out a cry of agony. Lianna watches through the window as Armand is burned to death.

Armand’s corpse lay on the stone floor. The Branches of Relationship disappear. Lianna examines her lover’s body. Hugh explains that Armand regretted his betrayal, so he committed suicide. Lianna finally forgives Armand. She leaves the Disward estate. Dalian wants to keep Armand dead, but Hugh wants to make him pay for all the damage. Hugh reads the Book of the Eleusis Ritual to resurrect Armand. The latter’s cheeks turn red. Armand writhes in pain and opens his eyes. He feels half-dead. He promises to never touch Phantom Books again. He never thought Lianna would be so jealous. Dalian explains that Armand judge people by their appearance. Armand promises to look for a modest and cheerful woman, although he would still enjoy a girlfriend with long hair and large breasts. Hugh and Dalian realize that Armand hasn’t learned anything.[4]

In the anime, after Armand is resurrected, he immediately hits on Kamilla. He affirms that she would be perfect if she had larger breasts. Kamilla rejects him and calls him a pervert.[5]

Book of Connection[]

Hugh lands the plane on a snowy runway. The terrible flight to Nudelwald puts Dalian in a bad mood. Hugh tells her to complain with Armand. The latter lent a poorly maintained airplane to them. Hugh was afraid that it would stall at any moment. Dalian expresses her hate for Armand.[2]

The Mystic Archives of Rasiel (anime-only)[]

During the Great War, Hugh is showing remarkable skills as a pilot during a simulated fight. Armand runs to his superior Ilas to tell him about it. Ilas believes that Hugh, a rookie, is the pilot who’s struggling. Armand explains that, in fact, Hugh is the pilot with the upper hand.

After Ilas’ death, Hugh burns his collection of poems. Armand tells Hugh that fire is not allowed in the airbase. Armand offers to dispose Hugh’s garbage. Armand gives a letter to Hugh. It talks about Wesley’s death. Hugh walks away. He has a box for disposal, so he throws it to Armand. The latter is shocked to see the Victoria Cross inside it.[6]

Song of the Unseen Tomorrow (anime-only)[]

Hugh is shot by the Professor. He falls unconscious, but he’s saved by Hal. Hugh wakes up, only to see Kamilla and Armand staring at him. They were worried. Armand reveals that Hugh’s wound could be more severe. However, Armand fails to remember the organ which the bullet barely missed. At the anime conclusion, Armand appears proposing to a lady, but he’s rejected. He smiles nonetheless.[7]




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