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Fragment 2 (light novel 7)

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Art Student is the user of the Book of Imitation. He’s part of the Book of Imitation fragment.


The art student created what seems to be a Phantom Book by drawing the portrait of the woman he’s attracted to on its cover. He also gave her name to the book. For the drawing, he kept examining her appearance day after day. However, he never realized that he was looking at twins. He used the book to learn more about the woman. The book revealed that she’s a wonderful woman, and that she will fall for him. However, the art student doesn’t know that the book is in fact a Phantom Book Egg that shows the exact opposite about the person. He plans to confess to her. The art student promised to dispose of the book after using it.[1]


He explores the power of his book to learn more about the woman he’s attracted to. After all, he wants to know more about her personality, thoughts, friendships and family before interacting with her. Approaching her would be rude, according to him. He doesn’t want to like her only because of her appearance. Furthermore, learning that their personalities don’t match after the start of their relationship would be terrible. He’s confident in his skills to draw portraits and to understand people, although he failed to see that the woman has a twin, and that both sisters have a horrible personality. He doesn't hesitate in discarding the Book of Imitation after using it.[1]


There’s no description about his appearance.[1]


The art student tells Hugh and Dalian about the Phantom Book he created by drawing a portrait on its cover. He drew the likenesses of the woman he’s attracted to, spending days looking at her from far away. Now, he can consult with the Phantom Book to know more about the woman, as if the book had turned into her. He learned about her personality to see if they are compatible. After all, he doesn’t want to be attracted only to her appearance. Thanks to the Phantom Book, the art student discovers that she’s a nice and wonderful person, and that she will fall for him. He decides to confess to her. He bought a bouquet. He gathered his friends to bless them. He also made a bet with his friends. If she breaks his heart, he will walk naked around the university.

He confidently leaves the coffee shop to approach her. As promised, he leaves the Phantom Book behind, now that it became useless to him. Hugh and Dalian don’t reveal the truth to the art student. In reality, the book is an incomplete Phantom Book. The Phantom Book Egg shows the exact opposite about the person’s personality. Dalian also points out that the art student never noticed that he was looking at twins with terrible personality. Soon, he would learn that he had been attracted only to their beauty.[1]




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