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Atarugatisu no Seiku




Chapter 3 (light novel 7)


It summons a scoop of water.


Jessica Elphinstone



Atargatis Scripture is a Phantom Book used by Jessica to throw water at her schoolmates. The Phantom Book is present in The Girls’ Long Night story.

It’s an old parchment.[1]


In ancient times, an Eastern priestess used the sacred verses of the Phantom Book to bring life to a desert and save her people. Miss Roedean somehow found the Phantom Book and asked Dalian to picked it up at the Cadfael School.[1] Atargatis was the chief goddess of northern Syria in Classical antiquity. She was a goddess of fertility and responsible for her people's protection and well-being. She typifies the protection of water in producing life.[2]


When the Atargatis Scripture is read, a handful of water appears wherever the user is looking. It can be used to throw water at someone in the distance. Such power can be considered the embodiment of a godly miracle.[1]


Miss Roedean found some Phantom Books, so Dalian visited the Cadfael School to collect them. The Atargatis Scripture is one of them. Jessica asks about the Phantom Book. Dalian explains that the Atargatis Scripture summons a scoop of water. The Biblioprincess becomes furious when Jessica underestimates such power. According to Dalian, the power of the Atargatis Scripture is like a miracle performed by a god. It was used in ancient times by a priestess in a desert, to save her people.

Dalian and Jessica lose the Pioneer Book. They chase a cab in a bicycle, looking for the Phantom Book. Jessica can’t ride fast enough. Dalian removes an old parchment from inside her bag. Jessica recognizes the Atargatis Scripture. The Biblioprincess reads a verse. Water hits the right eye of the cabman. Jessica and Dalian manage to overtake him.

Pioneer Book

Jessica and Dalian run from the vines created by the Pioneer Book.

Later, Jessica and Dalian run to a hill, but they are surrounded by the long vines created by the out-of-control Pioneer Book. They need Hugh’s assistance. He must be looking for them. Jessica removes the Atargatis Scripture and the Collection of Visions from inside her bag. The schoolgirl has a plan. She reads the Collection of Visions. Then, she uses the Atargatis Scripture to repeatedly throw water at the peepholes created by the first Phantom Book. Dalian tells Jessica to stop, otherwise the magic will hurt her. Jessica collapses, exhausted. Hugh eventually finds them. He uses the Hymn of Hel to protect the girls.

Jessica wakes up. She explains that she used the Collection of Visions to open small portals to her schoolmate’s room at the school’s dormitory. Then, she threw water at them using the Atargatis Scripture. Because the schoolmates felt the water on their dress and bed sheet, they wake up and turn on the lights of their rooms. The light coming out of the windows created the message “JD on hill”. That’s how Hugh learned about Jessica and Dalian’s location. A commotion started throughout the dormitory, since the schoolgirls believed they had wetted themselves. The Atargatis Scripture was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


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