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Atlantic Rim
Hugh and Dalian on the ghost ship
Hugh and Dalian exploring the Atlantic Rim.

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Atorantikku Rimu-gō


Chapter 3 (light novel 5)



Atlantic Rim is a ghost ship cursed to drift the seas for an indeterminate period. It was affected by the Logbook. It appears in The Logbook story.


Seventy years before the main events of The Logbook, the recently-build Atlantic Rim was travelling to the east coast of America, when a terrible disease killed all people aboard. The captain knew forbidden words capable of creating a Phantom Book. His parrot repeated the words and became a Phantom Book itself, casting a curse in the ship. The Atlantic Rim, covered in fog, would drift for an indeterminate period, looking for its destination, abducting captains, sailors and passengers from other ships. The Atlantic Rim would always have a captain, eighteen sailors and four passengers, although the passengers were not essential. Those who couldn’t work no longer would be replaced. When a replacement is available, the people aboard are allowed to kill and release themselves from the curse. Otherwise, they would be healed if they tried to commit suicide.

A few days before the main events of The Logbook, a freighter found the Atlantic Rim, which was in perfect condition, carrying its crew and cargo. It was seen near an archipelago in the North Sea, eighty kilometers away from the kingdom, where there are no regular routes. Rumors say that people have witnessed a ghost ship in the region. It was thought that the Atlantic Rim had sunk in the middle of the ocean. The freighter was towing the Atlantic Rim to the nearest port. However, soon the ghost ship disappeared, along with the freighter’s crew. The occurrence was reported in newspapers. Jessica’s father sponsored an expedition to find the ghost ship. Jessica, Hugh and Dalian boarded the Guillemot to check the existence of a possible Phantom Book.[1]


The last passengers of the ship were a merchant, friend of the ship’s owner, and his younger sister, secretary and maid. The merchant, the sister and the maid were replaced by Hugh, Dalian and Jessica, respectively. Berners was the last captain, succeeding Thøgersen. The Guillemot crew replaced some of Thøgersen’s men before the curse was lifted. The sailors were all tanned and muscular. Since the crew is always being replaced, it’s composed of people of different races and nationalities.

The Atlantic Rim has nothing valuable in its small cargo hold. The ship carries metal products, cotton products, processed food and four grey-brown crocodiles. The ferocious reptiles, with six to seven meters in length, were caught in a southern colony to be delivered to a zoological garden. The crocodiles are fed with the bodies of those aboard who kill themselves. The ship’s destination is New York.

The ghost ship is a white commercial clipper, a high-speed vessel. It’s an old-fashioned but elegant model, built in the mid-nineteenth century, during the golden age of clippers. It’s in perfect condition due to the Phantom Book magic, as if it’s repaired after each travel. It has three high masts, snow-white sails and a small lifeboat. The flag of the kingdom flutters on one of the masts. There’s a place for a watchman. The passenger cabins are nicely furnished. The captain’s cabin was luxurious, but later it became simple and functional. The place has navigation charts, bookcases, a compact bed, a closet and a massive teak table where one can find a desk lamp and a book bound with a thick rope, the original logbook.

The captain uses the book to register every few hours the conditions of the weather and the vessel. He checks the steering gear, the navigation devices and the presence of unaccounted goods and passengers. There’s a roost at the wall for the parrot to sit and watch his master. The closet is used to keep the bones of the previous captains and a brass tablet containing the name of the ship, the name of the shipyard and the launch date.[1]


During a moonless night, the parrot watches as the captain happily kills himself in his cabin, now that the man had fulfilled his task. The new captain would be his senior assistant.

Hugh, Dalian and Jessica are on an expedition aboard the Guillemot to find a ghost ship. Newspaper articles from a few days ago reported about a ship found in the North Sea. It was thought to have sunk more than fifty years ago. A freighter had found the vessel in perfect conditions, carrying its cargo and a complete crew. The Atlantic Rim was towed by the freighter. However, soon the ghost ship disappeared with the freighter’s crew.

The Guillemot was drifting in the ocean, its large steam engine broken. Hugh sees fog approaching. A well-maintained clipper emerges from the fog. The sailors from the Atlantic Rim welcome those aboard the Guillemot, offering help, treating them as noblemen or famous actors. According to Hugh, nowadays sailboats are obsolete and unpractical.

Later, the captain and part of the crew and passengers of the Atlantic Rim kill themselves. The parrot lands on Berners’ shoulder, accepting its new master. The people from the Guillemot had replaced the people from the Atlantic Rim. It’s revealed that the ship is cursed to drift for an indeterminate period, always with a captain and a fixed number of sailors. Those who try to commit suicide are magically healed when a replacement is not available.

Hugh, Dalian and Jessica enter the captain’s book to examine the logbook. They learn that everyone from the original crew died from a terrible disease seventy years ago, although the entry about this important day is missing. The first captain knew forbidden words, which were repeated by his parrot. The bird became a Phantom Book and its own user. The animal is causing the strange events in the ship. When Hugh aims to shoot it, the parrot changes the weather outside, making the ship sway in the storm. The crocodiles aboard are somehow released, threatening the trio. Hugh uses the Fata Morgana to create the illusion that the Atlantic Rim has reached its destination. The parrot looks at the port in the distance. The Atlantic Rim quickly ages, now that its curse is lifted. The white paint fades and peels off, the boards dry out, the metal is converted to rust. The sailboat sinks, its structure and bulkheads destroyed by water pressure.[1]


  • The ship travels from Britain to the United States.[1] "Atlantic Rim" is a term that refers to the Atlantic as a central point of contact for America and Britain. It may also involve Africa, the Americas, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Ireland, Spain and other nations that, although separated by the ocean, still exchange values.[2]
    • The sailing time between England and the coast of America depends upon the characteristics of the ship, its cargo and the weather. In the past, typical passage times for a sailing vessel of about 2,000 tons was around 25 to 30 days.[3]
  • Hugh shares correct information about the Atlantic Rim. It's a clipper, a type of mid-19th-century merchant sailing ship, designed for speed. Clipper ships had three masts and could carry limited bulk freight. Decline in the use of clippers started with the economic slump following the Panic of 1857 and continued with the gradual introduction of the steamship.[1][4] The final blow was in 1869, with the opening of the Suez Canal, which provided a great shortcut for steamships used for tea trade between Europe and Asia, but was difficult for sailing ships to use.[4]
  • In Phantom Book of the King, Dalian compares the Atlantic Rim with Goldin's ship.[5]


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