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Atlantic Rim Passengers
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Chapter 3 (light novel 5)

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Masha is the only survivor

The Atlantic Rim Passengers consisted of a merchant, his younger sister, his secretary Masha and his maid Maggy. The four were cursed to live aboard the ghost ship. They appear in The Logbook story.


The merchant and his younger sister apparently come from a wealthy family. The man was a friend of the ship’s owner. The secretary and the maid worked for the merchant. The four boarded the Atlantic Rim. The siblings’ cabin was nicely furnished. The ghost ship drifted in the fog, never reaching its destination. They look for a chance to be replaced in order to finally die. Masha doesn’t know if she’s been in the vessel for days or years.[1]


Cursed to live indefinitely aboard the Atlantic Rim, they lost the will to live. Masha and Maggy become angry and envious of those who manage to kill themselves. Their master’s suicide doesn’t shock them.

Masha is a calm and serious woman, compliant to her fate. She doesn’t believe that the ghost ship’s curse can be lifted. The woman cries in joy and relief when everything is solved.

Maggy seemed to care about Masha, but the distressed maid doesn’t hesitate to take her own life.

The merchant’s sister dies with a smile on her face, as if she was happy for freeing herself from her cursed fate.[1]


Jessica protects Dalian

Jessica wearing a maid's uniform.

The siblings wear good clothes and expensive jewelry. The merchant’s sister was a very young girl.

The secretary is a pale woman in her late twenties. She wears a business suit.

Maggy is a young maid. She wears a traditional uniform, including dress and apron. Jessica later wears the same attire.[1]


The sound of shots is heard, coming from the passenger cabins of the Atlantic Rim. Hugh sees two bodies. A very young girl was shot in the stomach and chest. The man had a hole in his head. There’s a pistol in his hand. They look similar, like siblings. There’s no sign of struggle. The young girl has a smile on her face. Both had committed suicide. A sailor nearby casually watches the bodies, as if it was a common scene. According to the sailor, the dead man was a merchant, friend of the owner of the ship, and the girl was his younger sister.

Two servants break into the cabin. The maid and the secretary scream. Not for the shock or fear, but for the anger and envy. The maid Maggy pushes Hugh away and runs to the merchant’s body. She apologizes to the secretary Masha. The maid grabs the gun and shoots at her own chin, killing herself. Maggy falls slowly, the contents of her brain scattered on the carpet.

The crew and the captain of the Atlantic Rim also kill themselves. Hugh and Dalian watch as Berners assume the position of the new captain. The ship’s deck is covered in fog. Masha emerges from the fog. She treats Hugh as her new master. She had prepared a new cabin for him to rest. Hugh and Dalian had replaced the siblings that killed themselves as passengers of the Atlantic Rim. Masha tells Jessica to wear an apron. Jessica will be the maid’s replacement. The cursed ship must always have a captain and a fixed number of sailors and passengers.

Later, Masha reappears when Hugh, Dalian and Jessica are discussing about the ghost ship. The gloomy secretary explains that the ship is destined to sail forever in that foggy world. The Atlantic Rim constantly searches for fresh blood from other vessels to replace those who can no longer work. As a victim, Masha doesn’t know how long she’s been in the ship. She envies those who managed to kill themselves before her. Hugh, Dalian and Jessica plan to check the ship’s logbook in search of a solution. Masha grins at them, as if she expects them to fail.

The ship’s curse is lifted when Hugh reads the Fata Morgana. The Phantom Book is used to create the illusion that the destination was reached. America is seen in the distance. Masha goes to the deck. She’s first amazed. She sobs in joy soon after. Masha, Hugh, Dalian, Jessica and the remaining sailors go adrift in a small lifeboat. A minesweeper approaches and rescues them. The bodies of the other passengers were probably used to fed the crocodiles aboard.[1]




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