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Fragment 1 (light novel 5)

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The Beautiful Woman met Hugh inside a bar. She mentions about her former lover, who was charmed by a book. The character appears in the Waterside Flower fragment.


The woman used to have a happy relationship with her lover. However, the man was charmed by a book. He only has eyes for the book. While he was asleep, the woman stole the item. The couple broke up.[1]


She talks to Hugh in a flirtatious manner, giggling during their conversation. The woman grins bitterly and becomes sad while recollecting about her lover and his book. She became jealous of her lover’s book. The woman used to be happy with him. Due to the break up, now she hates books and those who read them. After learning about Phantom Books she bursts out laughing, gasping for air.[1]


The beautiful young woman wears a low-cut dress which exposes her breasts. She carries a purse and has expensive golden jewelry around her neck and wrists. Drinking makes her cheeks flushed.[1]


She’s sat at a bar, next to a young man reading a book. She starts a conversation with him, at first in a flirtatious manner. The woman hates books and those who read them. She takes a sip from her glass with a bitter expression. The woman had a happy relationship with a kind and handsome man. They would travel together, see the world. She always wanted him close to her. Sadly, they broke up due to the woman’s jealousy. After all, the man was charmed by a beautiful book. He changed. He only had eyes for the book. According to the beautiful woman, the book shows the ideal beauty.

The woman asks if the young man finds her strange. The latter affirms that jealousy of a book isn’t something unnatural. The woman is grateful for his kind words. She drinks again. Trying to help, the young man asks if she knows about Phantom Books. He tells her about the magical items. The woman bursts out laughing, gasping for air on the floor of the bar. She wipes the tears in her eyes. Now she understands why her lover fell in love with the book. She takes a small volume from her purse. With a smile, the woman presents her lover’s book to the young man. She had stolen it when the man was asleep. She warns the young man to not fall under its spell. She believes that he will be fine. The woman finishes her drink. She puts the money on the counter and leaves. The smell of her sweet perfume hangs in the air.[1]




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