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Berners is the captain of the Guillemot. He went on an expedition sponsored by Jessica’s father in search of a ghost ship. He later replaced Thøgersen as captain of the Atlantic Rim. He appears in The Logbook story.


Jessica became interested in a newspaper report about a supposed ghost ship. She discussed the matter with her father and the wealthy man sponsored an expedition so she could investigate with Hugh and Dalian. The arranged ship was called “Guillemot”, captained by Berners.


The Guillemot (ギルモット Girumotto-gō) is an old ship with a large steam engine, usually used to transport people and goods to the islands close to the mainland. It has rusted benches on its deck. The sailors rest in tight cabins.

The ghost ship reported in the newspapers was found far from regular sea routes, thus Jessica's father had to arrange the ship and the crew especially for the expedition.[1]


He’s a religious man. As soon as Thøgersen kills himself, Berners surrenders to the Atlantic Rim curse, replacing him as the captain, filling the logbook with reports. Berners is very discouraged at first, but soon he gains extraordinary confidence, influenced by the ship’s parrot. While focused on his task, he ignores Hugh, as if he’s in a state of trance. A Phantom Book seems to control the man.[1]


He’s a middle-aged man using a captain’s uniform.[1]


The steam engine of the Guillemot stops. Those aboard the ferry are rescued by the Atlantic Rim clipper. However, the rescuers unexpectedly kill themselves, including the captain Thøgersen. Hugh and Dalian enter his cabin, where they find his corpse. Berners, the Guillemot’s captain, appears soon after, introducing himself. He briefly prays for Thøgersen. Berners asks if his crew and Jessica are fine. Berners states that they should stay in the Atlantic Rim. He will abandon the Guillemot. The man ignores Hugh’s protests. The parrot screams, affirming that a ship must always have a crew and a captain. The bird lands on Berners’ shoulder. The man repeats the words with confidence. The man checks the ship’s logbook, making sure that everything is fine, that the ship will reach its destination. He leaves the cabin. Later, Hugh, Dalian and Jessica learn that the Guillemot disappeared, although the ship was tied to the Atlantic Rim.

The trio checks the captain’s cabin, looking for a way to lift the Atlantic Rim curse. Dalian reads the logbook found on the table. Berners suddenly opens the door, the parrot on his shoulder. Berners looks at the trio in a suspicious way. Dalian believes that there’s another logbook, a hidden one, aboard the ship. She rudely tells Berners to give it to her. The logbook in her hands is missing an important day, the day when the original crew of the Atlantic Rim died, seventy years ago. Only this supposed logbook can be the Phantom Book which is cursing the people aboard. Berners becomes distressed. Ignoring Hugh, Berners starts to recite the entries in the logbook in a state of trance. The parrot delivers the same text in unison with the captain. Dalian deduces that the parrot is both the Phantom Book and the user, and the responsible for the Atlantic Rim curse.

The parrot can reproduce the weather described in the logbook, experienced by the ship in the past. A storm suddenly shakes the ship. Berners can’t stand on his feet. He limps out of the cabin, only to crash into a mast and fall bleeding. He gets up after a few seconds, as if nothing had happened. According to the parrot, the ship must have a captain and a crew. Berners had no replacement, so he couldn’t simply die. Hugh eventually uses the Fata Morgana to lift the Atlantic Rim curse. Berners is probably among the survivors.[1]


  • Guillemot is the common name for several species of seabird.[2]


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