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Chapter 4 (light novel 6)

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Bonnie Lee is a captain of a fishing vessel in the Latham Archipelago. She’s Lucrece’s acquaintance. Bonnie is part of the Paradise story.


She lives in the Latham Archipelago as the owner of a boathouse and captain of her own fishing vessel, a boat of ten meters in length. She visits the Holy Land of the Sea Devils to collect the Paradise Pieces originated from the stalactites. Other sailors refuse to get near those waters due to the dangerous currents and rocks, and due to the rumors about the presence of sea devils. Bonnie knows that Lucrece is a princess and that the Book of Paradise is luring innocent people to the Holy Land. Bonnie is probably a sea devil who uses the Book of Humanization to disguise herself as a human.[1]


Bonnie is a lively, stubborn and irritable girl. As a skillful captain, she knows the waters around the island, especially the way to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, so she sails with confidence. She respects Lucrece. At first, Bonnie is against being involved with Hal and Flamberge, but Lucrece convinces her otherwise. She refers to Lucrece as a princess.[1]


There’s no description about Bonnie’s appearance.[1]


Hal and Flamberge wish to go to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, a small island part of the Latham Archipelago, to look for Oriana and the Book of Paradise. However, there are no sailors willing to take them there. Bonnie, the captain of a fishing vessel, hears their request, but also refuses. After all, the way to the island has dangerous currents and rocks, so no one goes there. As if to threaten her, Hal mentions that Bonnie is the person who goes to the Holy Land to collect the Paradise Pieces, an addictive product which allows people to experience the happy moments of their lives once again. Bonnie and Hal stare at each other for a moment, but Lucrece shows up to intervene. Lucrece tells Bonnie to take Hal and Flamberge to the Holy Land. Bonnie knows that no one ever returns from the island, but she reluctantly agrees in taking them. Bonnie refers to Lucrece as princess.

Bonnie confidently sails her fishing boat between the rocks towards a small rocky island. Bonnie tells Hal that sea devils live there. They don’t eat people, but they entice them with sweet memories of the past. The victims never return. Bonnie doesn’t tell him why the sea devils do that. She sails as close as possible to the island, then she turns off the engine and throws her moorings on the nearest rock. Coldly, Bonnie affirms that Hal and Flamberge have a last chance to come back. The couple goes ashore.

Hal and Flamberge rescue some victims who were kept in the Holy Land, including Oriana. Everyone go aboard Bonnie’s ship. The captain sails back to the main island. She stops at a pier.[1]




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