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Book Which Fools Cannot See
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Original Name


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Baka ni wa Mienai Hon




Fragment 2 (light novel 5)


Everyone will be captivated by its writings. However, the user will be the only person unable to read it.


The Writer


Widely published

For the light novel fragment titled "Book of Fools", see Fragment 2 (light novel 5).

Book Which Fools Cannot See or Book of Fools (愚者の書 Gusha no Sho) is a Phantom Book Egg given by Rasiel to a famous writer. It’s present in the Book of Fools fragment.

It’s a bunch of writing paper, later published as a thick book.[1]


It was a Phantom Book Egg in Rasiel’s possession.[1]


The reader sees the Phantom Book Egg as a manuscript or book with empty pages, without a single word. However, everyone else can read it. The readers love the writing, as if it’s an incredibly interesting novel. The content is considered a masterpiece, receiving positive reviews from critics, being worthy of a literary award. It even inspires readers, showing them how to live.[1]


The deadline is approaching and the writer is having problems to come up with a good story. A green-haired girl tells him to give the Book Which Fools Cannot See to his editor. Surprised, the man notices that the pages are all empty. The girl is certain that the editor will accept it. After all, people want a book. They don’t care about the writer’s stories.

The writer reluctantly gives the manuscript to his editor. The latter turns the pages with fervor, as if he's reading an incredibly interesting novel. According to the editor, it’s a masterpiece, the greatest work in the history of mankind. The writer, however, can't see a word.

Several months later, the work became a complete book. The writer receives the Book Which Fools Cannot See from his publisher. The writer opens the book, only to see empty pages. The sales started the next day. The book becomes an instant bestseller, advertised in newspapers. People share their impression and critics give positive reviews. The book is expected to be awarded. The writer becomes wealthy, but he can't answer a single question about his work. People are asking for a sequel.

The writer wants to learn what’s written in the book. He runs to a store and picks a book from a street rack. He opens the book but is unable to read it. He closes the book. He makes a decision. The writer kills himself. His book continues to be sold to this day.[1]


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