Book of Arawn
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Chapter 4 (light novel 4);
Episode 7


It heals wounds.


Hugh Anthony Disward


Inside the Labyrinth Library

The real title of this Phantom Book was never revealed in the series. It’s used by Hugh to heal Fiona’s wound. It's present in The Perfumer story.

It’s never described in the original, although the anime adaptation shows it as a common book with a fancy yellow-and-green cover.[1]


The book is contained inside the Labyrinth Library.[1] In the anime, it references Arawn[2], king of the otherworld realm of Annwn in Welsh mythology, who appears in the Four Branches of the Mabinogi, the earliest prose stories of British literature.[3] Annwn is equivalent to the Christian afterlife or paradise.[4]


When the user reads the Phantom Book, magical power is used to heal a wound. Water overflows from the injury, making it disappear. For instance, Hugh used the Phantom Book to recover Fiona after Noss stabbed her next to her left breast.[1] In the anime, a bright golden light is seen while its powers are activated. In the adaptation, the cloth around the wound is recovered and even the blood returns, as if time is going backwards.[2]


In the anime, Hugh is briefly heard reading the Phantom Book.[2]

Healing Phantom Book

Hugh reading the unnamed Phantom Book.

“Arawn of the otherworld, ruler…
… a long time ago…”


Fiona's sacrifice

Fiona is stabbed by Noss.

The Padauk Company wishes the monopoly on the Relic production. Vance and Noss attack the Famenias Company headquarters. Fiona, as a talented perfumer responsible for formulating the drug, becomes a target. Hugh tries to protect her during an intense fight against Noss. However, Fiona interrupts the confrontation and ends up stabbed by the criminal. She uses one of her products to defeat him, before collapsing on the floor. When Dalian reveals the lock on her chest, Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library. He uses a Phantom Book to heal Fiona’s wound. Her great-grandfather had taught her about The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. Later, she’s injured again while confronting the Padauk Company mobsters. She cannot by healed by a Phantom Book for the second time. Fiona dies from a gunshot wound.[1] In the anime, Fiona also defeats Vance before the Phantom Book is used.[2]

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