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Book of Atonement
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The Book of Atonement text transcribed into a newspaper advertisement.

Original Name


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Tsugunai no Sho




Chapter 5 (light novel 3);
Episode 12


It transforms people into subservient zombies.


(Professor, in the anime)



For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 5 (light novel 3).

Book of Atonement is a Phantom Book sold by the Professor to the Leutnant, who planned to used it to ruin the post-war reconstruction meetings. The Professor is the user of the Phantom Book in the last episode of the anime adaptation. Originally, the Phantom Book is present in the Book of Atonement story. The Phantom Book is never described in the light novel and never appeared in the anime. In the original, it’s transcribed into a signboard containing a subway route map and into newspapers extra reporting the result of a football match.[1] In the adaptation, it’s transcribed into a common newspaper, replacing an advertisement.[2]


The Professor sold the Book of Atonement to a group of German terrorists who were trying to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meetings at an embassy of the royal city, since it would result in heavy penalties to their homeland. The terrorists tested the powers of the Phantom Book twice before preparing for their plan that would cause chaos in the capital. The Professor said that he would not be involved in the matter if a Book Burning Officer appeared.[1] In the anime, the Leutnant’s role is partially replaced by the Professor.[2]


Those who read the Book of Atonement turn into zombies. As a living dead, the person can be controlled by the owner of the Phantom Book. The zombies let out a bad odor, like of rotten meat, and present a stiff gait. They do not react to orders of other people. The monsters have an unimaginable strength and resistance. For instance, a living dead was able to push many police officers to the ground, breaking their bones. Bullets did not stop him, even when parts of his body were hanging. The zombies collapse and shatter like a block of earth when exposed to sunlight. A way to immobilize them is breaking their limbs and joints. “Phantom Book” is all they can say.

According to Dalian, the Book of Atonement is an execution device, the Phantom Book of a judge who takes away the soul of sinners as punishment. Becoming a zombie is both a death penalty and a prison sentence. The text of the Book of Atonement may be transcribed in other media in order to affect people. Its words can be written in signboards or newspapers. As a result, the Book of Atonement can be copied. The Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall removes energy from the zombies, making them freeze and fall. They can be ordered to attack anyone indiscriminately, kill a specific person or execute any other manual labor. The owner of the Book of Atonement can read its own Phantom Book to sacrifice himself and become a zombie. The monsters are easily consumed by the fire of Hal’s staff.[1]

In the anime, the zombies are active even during a cloudy day. Their faces may show anger. Blood oozes from their mouth and vacant eyes. Their flesh have a grey tone. They disintegrate when submitted to the burst of energy created by the Crastinus Dies Nunquam Sciat.[2]


In the anime, part of the transcribed text of the Book of Atonement is visible in the newspaper.[2]

“Future of captivity for you

Alas Sheol, the world of darkness and silence deep under the ground where soul of the defunct dwells.
I the Death, and slain. Meanwhile a rumbling echo, a white ardor dazzles.
Lightning of Baal, cleaves the heaven and earth. Black clouds, rising clouds, raging clouds, swirling clouds.
Those clouds flock blotting out the drier air. That, is the force of payer, the force that never hesitates to annihilate anything. While you blink, it expunges all. High up in the air, the warrior cloaked in light.
Enemies shake in fear and shout its name. Baal-Zebul. I foster, I destroy. Salamander, the Spirit of fire, is the mark of athanasia.
Craved on its face is the proof which it arose from fire. No one can violent its spiritual power.
Fends off every tsoris from itself, which makes himself immortal. Every brimstone shivers in terror.
No one can get close … of Salamander. Show yourself! Golden pearl! Shoot…

Your scar shall be cured at once.

The false defunct shall be revived. Because Mount Taishan ask us for a path of righteousness.
The defunct is puritanical and inviolable, and is always assigned above the living.
This hierarchy is unbreakable for ever.”


Light novel[]

Policemen shooting

Policemen aiming at the zombie.

A small middle-aged man with a strange atmosphere walks towards the embassy. An evil odor is in the air. A police officer warns him to stop, threatening with a baton, but the man does not respond. The intruder grabs the guard’s throat with an unimaginable strength. The sound of pain attracts more police officers. Their bones break as they are pushed to the ground. The strange man ignores a warning shot. Armed policemen aim at him. The bullets hit, tearing his flesh. However, the man continues to attack, frightening everyone. “Phantom Book” is the only thing he says.

Four days later, Hal and Flamberge show up at the capital to investigate the case. Hal proposes that the man was already dead. The living dead was used as a way to experiment the powers of the Phantom Book. The user is aiming to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meetings which are occurring at the embassy. Hal wishes to burn the source of such power. At a restaurant nearby, Hugh and Dalian are discussing about the powers of the Book of Atonement and how it will be used for a terrorist attack. During a brief confrontation, Hal accuses Hugh and Dalian of being terrorists and malicious users of a Phantom Book. They are interrupted by screams coming from a subway station.

People are running away, with scars throughout the body and fractures caused by an overwhelming strength. At the subway station, there is no sunlight to stop the monsters. Hal drives inside the station with Flamberge. Several living dead are attacking. Corpses are spread on the floor. Hal slams a group of them with his motorcycle. The zombies hit a wall and stop moving, their bodies shattered. Hal starts to fight the remaining ones with his bare firsts, destroying their limbs and joints. Hal eventually is surrounded by more than twenty zombies. One of them is wearing a police uniform. Flamberge notices that part of the Phantom Book was transcribed into a signboard to affect the passersby. New monsters will appear every time a train reaches the station.

Hal runs to the signboard, meaning to destroy it. He fights the zombies in his way. However, the living dead are many, especially near the signboard. Hal is overwhelmed. His limbs are grasped with a tremendous grip. Fortunately, Hugh shows up with Dalian, shooting the signboard down. He reads the Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall to make the zombies stop. The monsters lose their power and fall down.

Hal, Flamberge, Hugh and Dalian discuss about the terrorist’s plans. The terrorists are experimenting with Phantom Book transcription. To succeed in their plans, they will need something more effective than a signboard. The zombies created inside the station will not be enough to breach the security at the embassy. They need something that will be read by a large number of people in different places. Flamberge suggests that they will use newspapers. Many will be after the extra editions that will be distributed after the end of the FA Cup finals. If the terrorists succeed, the capital will be destroyed.

Fake newspapers (1)

The fake newspapers.

Hal drives to the printing shop where the terrorists, disguised as newspapers sellers, are ready to start their plan. They had prepared fake newspapers with the words of the Book of Atonement. The terrorist known as “Leutnant” has a book in his hand. All football enthusiast will read the newspaper and become a zombie. However, it doens't look like the match is about to end. Hal reveals himself to confront them. Soon after, a radio nearby reveals that the game score went from 7-0 to 7-7. This impossible outcome means that the fake newspapers prepared earlier can't be used. The terrorists weren’t expecting the tie. Hal reveals himself as a Book Burning Officer. The Leutnant affirms that the man in white coat who sold the Phantom Book wouldn’t put his hands on this matter now that Hal is involved. The Leutnant triggers his comrades to attack. An odor is drifting in the air. Hal notices that the men, more than a dozen, are all zombies. The Leutnant is using them as his subordinates. Hal grabs a book from the Long Lost Library and loads it in his staff. The zombies and the fake newspapers are enveloped in flames, disappearing. The Leutnant reads the Book of Atonement to turn himself into a zombie. The Phantom Book falls to the ground. The fire from Hal’s staff extinguishes the man and the Phantom Book.[1]


Hugh and Dalian see a group of zombies terrorizing the population. Hugh saves a newsboy by shooting a nearby zombie in the head. The monster falls to the ground but continues to move, trying to grab the kid. The boy runs away. Hugh and Dalian grab one of the newspapers he left behind. They examine the newspaper as soon as they reach safety. Dalian recognizes the Book of Atonement text transcribed into the newspaper. Someone had created those fake newspapers to turn the locals into zombies. Since the victims are so few, they deduce that the culprit is experimenting with the Phantom Book. At night, they reach a printing shop, where they see countless zombies working to produce more fake newspapers. The Professor reveals himself as the one responsible for transforming people into zombies. He plans to use the Book of Atonement to ruin the post-war reconstruction meeting which will result in heavy penalties to the countries who lost the Great War.

After a brief exchange, Hugh is shot by the Professor. Hugh and Dalian run away. The Professor, with a gesture of his hand, orders the zombies to pursue them. Hugh barricades Dalian and himself inside a room. The monsters try to use brute force to enter. Eventually, a large group of them manage to break the door open. They run after Hugh and Dalian through the printing shop, keen to kill them. Hugh collapses due to his gunshot wound. Nonetheless, he manages to take a Phantom Book from the Labyrinth Library. He reads the Crastinus Dies Nunquam Sciat, creating a burst of energy that disintegrates the living dead. Meanwhile, the Professor looks at a number of trucks loaded with the fake newspapers. The man is ready to continue his plan. However, Hal and Flamberge show up to confront him. The newspapers are consumed by the blue flames from Hal’s staff.[2]


  • Dalian refers to the zombification as a sanction, a kind of punishment in closed communities where poison and drugs are administered to detach a guilty person from thoughts and emotions and to produce cheap labor.[1] She’s talking about a practice associated with the Haitian Vodou religion. It’s reported that people are induced to appear dead due to a potion brewed by a Vodou witch. They are pronounced dead and buried alive. Later, the witch, known as bokor, recovers the deliriant person and manages to mind control them, as if they were a zombie.[3]
  • The Book of Leviticus, the third book of the Torah and of the Old Testament, deals with redemption, cleansing, purification, forgiveness. It’s sometimes referred as “Book of Atonement”.[4]
  • Parts of the Book of Atonement text seen in the anime is also included in the script of several Phantom Books shown in the adaptation such as Book of the Salamander's Seal, The Clay Tablet of Ugarit, Book of Fairy and Divine Encyclopedia of the Yin Kings.[2]


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