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Fragment 1 (light novel 6)


It divides the reader into two.


The Working Man



The real title of this Phantom Book Egg was never revealed in the series. It was used by a man who wished to have a second body. It’s present in The Working Man fragment.

It’s a book containing a prescription for a medicine.[1]


The Professor kept the Phantom Book Egg inside a drawer of a desk in the consultation room of a suspicious hospital with no nurses or patients.[1]


It contains the prescription of an undiscovered medicine. The person who drinks the medicine as described in the Phantom Book Egg is divided into two identical individuals. The numbers grow as the Phantom Book Egg is used repeatedly. It works like a cell dividing itself. The copies have the same appearance and personality of the original person. It takes some hours for the division to occur. A negative side to such power is that the clones reproduce asexually, so they have no genetic diversity, which can make all of them vulnerable to diseases and climatic changes.[1]


The hard worker man needs some of rest, but he doesn’t have relatives to work for him, nor enough money to hire someone. The only way for him to improve his health while maintaining his shop open is to have a second body. The Professor removes a Phantom Book Egg from the drawer of his consultory. It contains a prescription for an unknown medicine. He tells the patient to follow the recommendations and dosages.

Three days later, the man returns to the suspicious hospital. He explains that he drank the medicine, following the instructions in the Phantom Book Egg. The next morning, a clone of himself appeared. The Professor explains that the patient had successfully become two, like a cell dividing itself. As requested, now the hard worker has a second body.

The shopkeeper notices the advantages of having a clone of himself. He uses the Phantom Book Egg again. The man fills his shop with workers identical to himself. Soon, the shops spread through the country. The buyers are always attended by the same middle-aged man.[1]


  • As explained by the Professor, cell division is equivalent to asexual reproduction for unicellular organisms. However, this kind of reproduction is also observed in multicellular organisms such as sea anemones and planaria.[1][2][3][4]
  • The Professor reveals that the patient expressed the ability of transdifferentiation. It's a process in which one mature, specialized cell transforms into another cell type without undergoing an intermediate pluripotent state, when it has potential to differentiate itself.[1][5]
    • The Professor talks about the immortal jellyfish to exemplify transdifferentiation. The Turritopsis nutricula is a small animal that once reaching adulthood, can transfer its cells back to childhood and multiply itself. The species is thought to have an indefinite lifespan.[1][6]
  • The Professor discusses about genetic diversity with Rasiel. While asexual reproduction may have short term benefits when rapid population growth is important or in stable environments, sexual reproduction offers an advantage by allowing more rapid generation of genetic diversity, allowing adaptation to changing environments.[1][7]


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