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Original Name


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Hito-ka no Sho




Chapter 3 (light novel 6)


It allows creatures to take a human form.


Lucrece Lang;
Bonnie Lee;
Sea devils and other fantastic creatures


Original: In Lecia’s possession.

Copies: Owned by fantastic creatures.

For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 3 (light novel 6).

Book of Humanization is a Phantom Book which fantastic creatures use to disguise themselves as humans. Sea devils use the Phantom Book in order to live among humans. The Phantom Book is a key element in the Book of Humanization story.

The copies look the same as the original. It’s an old, exotic book from an ancient country. It has a cover covered in oiled cloth which provides moisture resistance.[1]


McGuigan adopted Lecia, a little sea devil. He gave her a copy of the Book of Humanization so she can live among humans. There are many fantastic creatures who use copies of the Phantom Book to disguise themselves as humans. The valuable, original Phantom Book is sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Book of Humanization is not a Phantom Book made for humans. It allows fantastic creatures to take a human form. For instance, the tentacles and scales of the sea devils disappear when they read the Phantom Book. Their fish tails turn into legs. The user doesn’t need to touch the Phantom Book all the time to keep his human form. Copies of the Phantom Book are as effective as the original. When the Phantom Book is destroyed, or when the user reads a short sentence on its pages, he recovers his original appearance. The user emanates a faint light, his contours tremble slightly, and his body returns to its true form.[1]


Sea creature

Lecia returns to her original form after her Book of Humanization is destroyed.

At his castle, McGuigan introduces his niece Lecia to Hugh and Dalian. Hugh notices an old book in her hands. Later, Hugh sees the same book among McGuigan’s collection. He extends his arm to check the book, but Lecia quickly grabs it and runs away, looking very scared. The next day, the castle is attacked by men hired by McGuigan’s rival, Haycroft. Hugh and Dalian run to rescue Lecia. They find the little girl soaked wet, inside a cave under the castle. Lecia is holding the old book against her chest. Dalian recognizes the book. After an explosion which shakes the place, Lecia drops the book. Hugh shoots against Haycroft’s men. Lecia tries to recover the book on the floor, but it’s destroyed by a stray bullet. Light comes out of the little girl. Her contours tremble, her legs are joined and covered by silver scales, beautiful tentacles appear on her back. Her legs are replaced by a fish tail. Lecia turns into a sea devil.

Lecia is kidnapped by Haycroft’s men. Hugh and Dalian are saved by the biologist Lucrece. At the castle, McGuigan picks up what was left of Lecia’s book. Dalian explains that the Book of Humanization can turn sea creatures into humans. Lecia had returned to her original form because the Phantom Book had been destroyed. Hugh, Dalian and McGuigan go to Haycroft’s house to rescue Lecia. They are surrounded by Haycroft and his men. A high-frequency sound fills the air. Dalian explains that there is more than one copy of the Book of Humanization. Hundreds of copies exist around the world, owned by fantastic creatures. Sea devils storm the room and restrain Haycroft and his men. Lucrece shows up. She removes an old book with a waterproof cover from between her breasts. She reads a short sentence and turns into a sea devil.

Lecia decides to live in the sea with Lucrece. Without a copy of the Book of Humanization, Lecia can't live among humans. Before the sea devils can swim away, Dalian gives the original Book of Humanization to Lecia, in case she wants to return to land. Lucrece is stunned. She recognizes Dalian as the Biblioprincess who guards the Labyrinth Library.[1]


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