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Original Name


Romanized Name

Saimin no Sho




Fragment 1 (light novel 4)


It puts the reader into a state of hypnosis.


Hypnotized Man


In the possession of the Hypnotized Man

For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 1 (light novel 4).

Book of Hypnosis or Book of Hypnotism (催眠術の本 Saimin-jutsu no Hon) is a Phantom Book read by a man who believed he was hypnotizing people around him. However, he was only hypnotizing himself. The Phantom Book is present in the Book of Hypnosis fragment.

It’s a sallow, old book with a leather cover.[1]


The Phantom Book is owned by a troublesome man who frequently visits a bar. He tries to explore the power of his Phantom Book to control people and commit crimes. However, ignorant about its true power, the man ends up hypnotizing himself and annoying those around him.[1]


The Phantom Book contains knowledge about powerful hypnosis. It has the power to put any human into trance, no matter how strong-willed the person is. The target is the owner of the Phantom Book. The user may think he’s hypnotizing and controlling people around, but in fact he’s the one in a state of trance.[1]


The middle-aged man talks to Hugh about Phantom Books, especially about one containing knowledge about powerful hypnosis. With such a power, a person would be able to control anyone. The man shows Hugh and old book. The man had already finished reading the book. Now he is about to activate the spell. Before Hugh can draw his weapon, the man opens the Phantom Book and reads it aloud. Hugh drops the revolver, life gone from his expression. Hypnotized, Hugh is forced to kill everyone around. At last the man orders Hugh to kill himself. Holding the Phantom Book, the man is the only person left in the pub. He holds his Book of Hypnosis tightly while laughing out loud.

However, the awful event is not real. The bartender reveals that the man always visits the bar while holding that strange book. The man would read it and laugh out loud, annoying everyone. According to Hugh, the man seems to be having a nice dream after reading the Phantom Book who hypnotizes its owner.[1]


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