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Original Name


Romanized Name

Mohō no Sho


Art Student


Fragment 2 (light novel 7)


It shows the personality and thoughts of the person depicted on its cover.


Art Student


In Hugh and Dalian’s possession

For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 2 (light novel 7).

Book of Imitation is a Phantom Book Egg created by an art student. He used the Phantom Book Egg to learn about the personality of the woman he was attracted to. The Phantom Book Egg is present in the Book of Imitation fragment.

It’s a book with a blank cover and no title. Later, the art student used the name of the woman he was attracted to as title for the Phantom Book Egg. He also used oil paint to draw the portrait of the beautiful woman on its cover.[1]


The Book of Imitation is owned by an art student. According to him, the Phantom Book Egg became a complete Phantom Book after he used the name of the woman he’s attracted to as its title, and after he drew her likenesses on its cover using oil paint. He used the Book of Imitation, believing that it’s a Phantom Book that can reveal the personality of the woman he’s attracted to. However, according to Dalian, the Book of Imitation is a Phantom Book Egg that shows a person completely different compared to the one depicted on its cover. The art student promised to give the Book of Imitation to Hugh and Dalian after using it.[1]


The blank cover of the Phantom Book Egg must be filled with the portrait of a person. Furthermore, the Phantom Book Egg must be titled with the same name of the person. After this process, in theory, the Phantom Book Egg will reveal accurate information about the person, as if it had become his clone. It will have his personality, thoughts and feelings. It will describe his past, ideals, family and friendships. It can also show his future, since the Phantom Book Egg will react the same way as the person. The user is able to completely understand the person depicted on the cover of the Phantom Book Egg. The reports of the Book of Imitation will be more accurate the better the portrait. The Phantom Book Egg imitates the person’s inner self.

Since the Book of Imitation is an incomplete Phantom Book, it can show inaccurate reports. For instance, if the portraits of two people are draw on its cover, it can go out of control and reveal the exact opposite of their personalities. It will show a marvelous and nice woman, when in reality the women are selfish, greedy, promiscuous and glutton.[1]


The art student tells Hugh and Dalian about the Phantom Book he created. He drew a portrait of a beautiful woman on the cover of a Phantom Book Egg. He also gave her name to the Phantom Book Egg. After that, the Book of Imitation became a complete Phantom Book that reveals everything about the woman he’s attracted to. Now, it shows her personality, thoughts, feelings and past. Before even approaching her, he learned that they are compatible, and that he isn’t attracted only to her appearance. The Phantom Book made him confident that she will fall for him. The man walks out of the coffee shop to confess to her. As promised, he leaves the Phantom Book behind.

Hugh and Dalian discuss about the book. It’s revealed that it’s in fact a Phantom Book Egg, an incomplete Phantom Book, that shows the exact opposite about the person depicted on its cover. Dalian deduces that the Phantom Book Egg went out of control because the art student drew two people at the same time on its cover. While examining the woman’s appearance from a distance, he didn’t realize that, in fact, he was looking at twins. The art student would be surprised after learning about their true, horrible personality.[1]


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