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Kokuin no Sho




Chapter 4 (light novel 5)


It embeds an order into the target’s soul.


Hugh and Dalian


In Hugh’s possession

Book of Imprint is a Phantom Book used by Hugh and Dalian to disrupt the power of the Book of Connection. The Phantom Book is present in the Book of Connection story.

It’s a thin book made of parchment sheets.[1]


It’s believed that an ancient ruler used the Book of Imprint to pass his orders to messengers. The Phantom Book is contained inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Book of Imprint embeds an order into the target’s soul. The person won’t take any other commands until the order is executed, or canceled by the reader. The Phantom Book prevents a betrayal by brainwashing the target.[1]


Emilie Gisela, acting as abbess, connects the minds of everyone in Nudelwald by using the Book of Connection. She and her followers are one. What one thinks, feels or sees is immediately known by everyone. Hugh and Dalian interrupt their ceremony inside the largest church of Nudelwald. The abbess tells her followers to eliminate the couple. Dalian recites an adaptation of a biblical verse. She mentions fried breads. After that, the people around Dalian can only think about fried breads, as if they were brainwashed, mesmerized by her words. Now they can’t hear the abbess’ orders.

Hugh pulls the Book of Imprint from his pocket. The Professor recognizes the Phantom Book, which has the power to embed an order into someone’s soul. Hugh and Dalian had used it in one of the abbess’ believers. Like a virus, Dalian’s words had spread through the network created by the Book of Connection. The abbess, as the original reader of the Book of Connection, is the only person who didn’t fall under the influence of the Book of Imprint.[1]


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