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Shikōnaru Chōri no Meisō Sho




Chapter 1 (light novel 1)


It describes forbidden cooking practices from a pagan god.




In Dalian’s possession

Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking is a Phantom Book used by the chef Leslie to prepare incredible recipes with inhuman techniques. It’s present in the Gastronomy Worship story.

The Phantom Book from an unknown era has a cover with the title written in relief and the depiction of a plain crest. The beautiful binding gives the impression of a new book, recently printed, and a century-old tome at the same time.[1]


Thirteen years before the main events of Gastronomy Worship, Wesley and Dalian gave the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking to Leslie at her father’s funeral. Wesley wrote about the event in his diary. The little girl asked for power to fulfill her father’s wish. She aimed to satisfy Mr. Atkinson with the best cooking in the world. Learning from the Phantom Book, she grew into an incredible chef. She was hired by Mr. Atkinson, and soon the man became widely famous as a gourmet. According to Dalian, the Phantom Book slowly corrupted Leslie during thirteen years.

The Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking is said to contain forbidden cooking practices from Andhrímnir, a pagan god and chef of Valhalla,[1] the great hall located at the kingdom of gods in Norse mythology.[2]


According to Leslie, the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking is a simple Phantom Book teaching how to draw the best taste from raw materials. It shows how to cook living beings while they’re still alive, without let them feel pain. Furthermore, it says that the best taste is extracted when the raw materials feel pleasure. Such knowledge allowed Leslie to present her master Mr. Atkinson the ultimate gastronomy experience, which is giving part of the gourmet’s own brain for him to savor. After all, while tasting gourmet food, the human brain is the most delicious ingredient. The Phantom Book contains many hints to achieve the best cooking, but it doesn’t describe an specific recipe.

While studying the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking, Leslie polished her cooking skills to an inhuman degree, eventually turning into Mr. Atkinson’s reputed head chef and attracting the attention of the wealthiest and most powerful noblemen. It’s said that Leslie is able to cook animals while they’re sleeping, even after their decapitation. Fishes would keep swimming in the tank even when only head and bones were left. She would conduct acupuncture and medicine treatments to prevent animals from suffering. This supposedly prevents the release of adrenalin, which deteriorates taste and texture. Nevertheless, it’s unknown exactly how much the Phantom Book influenced in Leslie’s skills.

The Phantom Book taught Leslie how to create a spice with an appetite stimulating effect which lasts hours. It’s a fine, odd-colored powder contained inside a bottle. It has a characteristic fragrance difficult to describe. The odor seems to persistently enter the head, although it’s not unpleasant. The person covered by the special mixture of spices becomes a target. Those nearby turn aggressive, hypnotized, their eyes shining and their expressions empty, gazing like hungry wolves. The fragrance deludes people, making them feel an intense appetite for the one covered with the powder. A method to stop them is to induce sleepiness by using the Hezār Afsān.[1]


A little girl asks for power to fulfill her late father’s wish. Wesley and Dalian give her the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. However, there’s a return date. Thirteen years later, Hugh and Dalian accept Mr. Atkinson’s invitation for a dinner party, believing that the famous gourmet is in possession of the Phantom Book. They catch a ride with Leslie, one of Mr. Atkinson’s kitchen maid. At the party, Hugh and Dalian hear that the head chef of the mansion has unbelievable talent. It’s rumored that the person responsible for Mr. Atkinson’s dishes is capable of cooking animals while they’re still alive, without letting them feel pain, in order to extract the best taste and texture. Dalian believes that the described skills are inhuman.

At his study, the gourmet asks Hugh and Dalian for the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. The man wishes to have the ultimate gastronomy experience before his death. Hugh hesitates, informing that someone else had already borrowed the Phantom Book. The frustrated gourmet deduces that the Phantom Book is owned by his head chef. Mr. Atkinson is disappointed because, even with such power, he’s unable to taste the best cooking in the world.


Leslie is not ready to give the Phantom Book back.

The head chef, Leslie, was showing incredible skills in the kitchen. She expected Hugh and Dalian to request the Phantom Book back. That night was the return date for the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. Leslie received the Phantom Book at her father’s funeral. According to her, its knowledge allowed her to show sufficient cooking skills for her to be hired by Mr. Atkinson. Leslie leads Hugh and Dalian to her underground room, where the Phantom Book would be. There, she grabs a bottle and pours its contents, a fine powder, over Hugh’s body. She wouldn’t give the Phantom Book back before finishing the ultimate recipe for Mr. Atkinson. Leslie locks Hugh and Dalian inside the room.

Dalian believes that the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking has slowly corrupted Leslie’s soul during those thirteen years. Hugh and Dalian manage to open the door, only to be surrounded by Mr. Atkinson’s servants and guests. Everyone was attracted by the fragrance coming from Hugh. It was an appetite stimulating spice prepared by Leslie. Before the hostile people can put their hands on Hugh, he puts them to sleep by reading the Hezār Afsān.

Back at Mr. Atkinson’s study, Leslie reveals how she tried to revenge her father in the past. He was the former head chef who died after being dismissed for using slightly injured ingredients during the preparation of Mr. Atkinson’s meal. After that, she had been using the Phantom Book to polish her skills, gaining a reputation as a chef. Now, thirteen years later, she is ready to present the best gastronomy experience to the gourmet. It wouldn’t be enough to prevent an animal from feeling pain. The best ingredient comes from an animal that feels pleasure during the cooking process. The human brain, while eating gourmet food, is the best raw material for gastronomy. With this knowledge, Leslie has no use for the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. She grabs the Phantom Book from a wagon nearby and gives it back to Dalian. When Hugh and Dalian leave, Leslie serves a delighted Mr. Atkinson with another portion of his own brain, freshly cut from his skull. The Phantom Book was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


  • In Norse mythology, Andhrímnir is responsible for cooking the creature known as Sæhrímnir. After Sæhrímnir is eaten by gods and fallen warriors, the beast is brought back to life again to provide sustenance for the following day.[3]
  • Eating live food is considered a real delicacy in some parts of the world. There are food connoisseurs that affirm that meat tastes better if the animal is still alive. Animals are cooked while still alive in some cases. Examples of such dishes are deep-fried shrimps and boiled frogs and bats.[4]
    • The quality of meat is really affected when animals have been frightened or stressed out before death. In the case of an unstressed animal, after death, muscle glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which helps keep meat tender, pink, and flavorful. Adrenaline released by stress before slaughter uses up glycogen, which means there’s not enough lactic acid produced postmortem, generally making meat tough and tasteless.[5]
  • Spices consumed worldwide are known to influence palatability and appetite. Taste and smell can affect satiety and hunger responses. It was found appetite enhancing effects in essential oils such as cinnamon and ginger. Spices have been used to compensate for the loss of appetite.[6]
  • The Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking is the first Phantom Book described in the series.[1]


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