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Chapter 2 (light novel 3)


It preserves memories within its pages.


Davi Hillenbrand
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In Hugh’s possession

For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 2 (light novel 3).

Book of Oblivion, also known as Papyrus of Oblivion (ビブロス・テイス・レ—テ Biburosu Teisu Rete), is a Phantom Book used by Davi Hillenbrand to make his wife Yolanda forget about his disloyalty. Later, it was used by Hugh to take away the memories of everyone in Nudelwald. It’s present in the Book of Oblivion and Book of Connection stories.

It looks like an old, thick collection of fairy tales. Its pages were made from the reeds growing at the Lethe river. The heavy book is bounded by a thick paper. Its cover has old Greek letters.[1]


Lethe is the big river that flows through the underworld. When the water enters the mouth, the dead lose the memories of their lives and they are released from their pain.[1] Byblos was an ancient Phoenician port city in what is, today, Lebanon. Since papyrus was one of the principal articles in its trade, the Greeks took the name of the city as “Byblos”, their word for book.[2]

The Phantom Book was part of Wesley’s collection. Davi Hillenbrand heard about its powers. So, when Davi was having problems with his marriage with Yolanda after she discovered his disloyalty, Davi took the Phantom Book without permission. The furious wife hit Davi with the Book of Oblivion, leaving a square-shaped wound on his cheek, under the large beard. Davi then used the Phantom Book to seal Yolanda’s memories about his mistress. He locked the Phantom Book inside a secret room and told Yolanda to never go inside. Davi and Yolanda became a happy couple after that. However, the feeling of forgetting something was making Yolanda distressed.[1]


Davi believes that the Phantom Book erases the target’s memories. However, it only preserves the memories within its pages. As a consequence, it may also change the target’s personality. The Book of Oblivion absorbs the feelings of someone and memorizes it for him. It keeps important memories, so they will never fade. It extracts the reader’s memories, but it gives him back when he opens the Phantom Book. It can only manipulate a small portion of the vast human memory. The victim may notice that something is missing from his mind and even have persisting, inexplicable feelings. For instance, Davi used the Phantom Book to make Yolanda forget about his extramarital relationship. Yolanda knew that she was forgetting something important, and this feeling was making her anxious and angry.[1]


Book of Oblivion[]

Yolanda is holding a book against her chest while slowly approaching her frightened husband. Davi was shaking in fear. She asks if they should continue the story. Davi’s screams are heard throughout the mansion.

Around one year later, Hugh receives a telegram in Davi’s name. Hugh and Dalian go to the mansion, where Hugh catches up with his uncle, who introduces him to his wife Yolanda. Later, Yolanda reveals herself as the one who sent the telegram. She’s after a book, but she doesn’t remember its title or author. She feels that she has forgot something important. She has been inexplicably affected by anger.

Later, Dalian and Hugh discuss about the subject. Dalian believes that Yolanda was referring to a fairy tale called “Bluebeard”. Dalian’s theory is that Davi used a Phantom Book not only to force Yolanda into marriage, but also to erase her memories. Yolanda may have seen Davi conducting a terrible ritual with the Phantom Book. Davi may have killed five or six women, just like in Bluebeard. A maid reveals that Davi and Yolanda used to fight a lot. Everything changed when Davi came back with a book obtained from a relative bibliomaniac.

Dalian would know if someone had borrowed a Phantom Book from Wesley. Davi probably took it without permission in order to manipulate Yolanda’s memories and change her personality. The Phantom Book has enough power to take only a small part of someone’s memories. Yolanda thought that she had forgot the story from a book. In fact, what she’s trying to remember may be what she has witnessed in the mansion. Davi may be corrupted by the Phantom Book if he continued to use it. Dalian and Hugh look for the Phantom Book inside Davi's study. Yolanda appears and reveals the existence of a secret room nearby.

Inside the secret room, Dalian finds a heavy book on a small shelf. She describes the powers of the Book of Oblivion. The Biblioprincess gives the Phantom Book to Yolanda. The woman’s expression changes as soon as she opens it. She seems very angry, her memories recovered. When Davi shows up, it's revealed that he had used the Phantom Book to make Yolanda forget about him cheating on her with another woman. He only wished to have his happy marriage back, before Yolanda became aggressive due to his disloyalty. Davi even had a square-shaped wound on his cheek, from when Yolanda hit him with the Book of Oblivion. He moved his beard to show the bruise.

Dalian tells Davi that the Phantom Book serves only to preserve a memory. Yolanda may have forgotten her anger and sadness at that point. But, because of Davi’s interference, those feelings are as fresh as before. Hugh collects the Book of Oblivion dropped by Yolanda, saying that he would return it to Wesley’s collection. Hugh and Dalian leave the secret room. Yolanda stays behind to fight with her husband. Hugh gives the Book of Oblivion to Dalian.[1]

Book of Connection[]

It's revealed that the Book of Oblivion was sealed inside the Labyrinth Library. Everyone in Nudelwald had their minds connected when the sisters Emilie and Eva used the Book of Connection. However, the power from the Phantom Book Egg was eventually disrupted by Hugh and Dalian. Every personality and memory from the network created by the Book of Connection flowed into the mind of the abbess, who's both Emilie and Eva in the same body. The golden-curled abbess holds her head, suffering. Her followers inside the church also feel her pain. The abbess Emilie-Eva must die for everyone to survive. Dalian grants Hugh the right to open the Labyrinth Library.

Hugh and Dalian return to Nudelwald months later. The inhabitants have lost their memories from the past six months. A golden-curled nun asks about the unusual book in Hugh's hands. He explains the power of the Book of Oblivion. It's revealed that Hugh used the Phantom Book to save the inhabitants of Nudelwald.[3]


  • Book of Styx is another Phantom Book associated with a river and the Greek underworld.[4][5]
  • Dalian notices that the Book of Oblivion was used to change Yolanda's personality.[1] Memory indeed creates personality. Feelings such as hopes, expectations and fears are built upon what has been experienced in the past.[6]
  • The Phantom Book cover has Greek letters.[1] In Classical Greek, the word λήθη, "lethe", literally means "oblivion".[7]


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