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Book of Paradise
Flamberge Cave
Flamberge among the stalactites created by the Book of Paradise.

Original Name


Romanized Name

Rakuen no sho




Chapter 4 (light novel 6)


It allows people to relive happy moments of their lives.


Sea Devil Queen
Sea devils



Book of Paradise is a Phantom Book used by the sea devils to remember their deceased. It lost control and started to use innocent people as power source. The Phantom Book is present in the Paradise story.

It’s an old, foreign book.[1]


The Book of Paradise is a Phantom Book used by the sea devils throughout the generations. The creatures don’t bury their relatives. Instead, they used to go to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, where they read the Phantom Book to experience once again the happy moments they had with those who died. However, over the years, sea devils stopped visiting the place, so the Phantom Book captured sea devils and humans inside stalactites to use them as power source. The Paradise Pieces released from the same stalactites are deposited on driftwood, reaching the main island of the Latham Archipelago. Those who consume the Paradise Pieces to have happy memories are attracted to the Holy Land, becoming new victims of the Phantom Book. The Paradise Pieces are consumed by the men from the Latham Archipelago, especially those who lost their jobs after Haycroft and his partners turned the place into a resort. Bonnie is the one who collects the Paradise Pieces for the local consumption.

Oriana, Haycroft’s daughter, became one of the victims. She used Paradise Pieces to meet her deceased lover Dean once again. Lucrece’s mother, the Sea Devil Queen, somehow became the user of the Book of Paradise, her body also entrapped inside a stalactite. Lucrece and Bonnie are the only ones who know the truth about the Holy Land.[1]


The Book of Paradise allows people to relive happy moments of their lives. Those who listen to the user reading the Phantom Book see an illusion where they experience a happy moment once again, possibly meeting a beloved one. Such illusions may be addictive if the person has no motivation to accept his current reality. The magical power of the Phantom Book is refilled while being used. However, if the Phantom Book is forgotten, it will attract people, humans or sea devils, and consume their bodies as a power source. The victims are enveloped by a thick rainbow-colored liquid. The fluid hardens in the shape of a translucent stalactite or stalagmite, preserving the body inside and slowing its metabolism, preventing its degradation and ageing.

Paradise Pieces (楽園の欠片 Rakuen no Kakera) are parts of these formations which, when burned and consumed by people, also make them see happy illusions. Those addicted to the Paradise Pieces are attracted to the Phantom Book, becoming new victims. The stalactites, the Phantom Book and its power are easily destroyed with the fire of Hal’s staff. If the victim is not preserved inside the stalactite for too long, he can be rescued after the destruction of the stalactite, although he won’t have memories about the time when his body was being used by the Phantom Book. People without happy memories are not affected by the Book of Paradise.[1]


Oriana finds herself inside a mysterious cave with translucent rainbow-colored columns. At a white beach, she finds Dean, her deceased lover. She hears a beautiful voice reading a foreign book. Oriana is enveloped in a rainbow glow. She falls into darkness.

Haycroft requests a Book Burning Officer to search for his missing daughter Oriana. The Lord explains to Hal that the naive girl left home to look for the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, a place created by the Book of Paradise, where all wishes are fulfilled. Haycroft’s subordinates had also disappeared while looking for her. To help in the investigation, Haycroft gives a box with Oriana’s possessions to Hal. Inside the box, Hal finds a strange pipe. While interrogating the owner of the Driftwood Pavilion, Hal learns that the pipe is used to consume Paradise Pieces, a substance which is found on driftwood. It makes people have dreams, allowing them to relive happy moments of their lives. There are many local fishermen who use Paradise Pieces to live in the past, especially after they lost their jobs when Haycroft and his partners turned the island into a resort. It’s revealed that Oriana visited the Driftwood Pavilion to consume the Paradise Pieces. She was trying to see her deceased lover Dean once again. The owner also reveals that those addicted to the Paradise Pieces are attracted to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils.

While looking for a ship to take him to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, Hal learns that Bonnie is the one who collects the Paradise Pieces. He finds her and boards her ship with Flamberge and Lucrece. Hal and Flamberge explore the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. Inside a cave, they find rainbow-colored stalactites. Hal hears a beautiful voice reading a foreign book. He falls to his knees. He relives a happy moment from his past, when he was having a conversation with a pretty lady, expressing his wish to take her to America, away from the war.

Meanwhile, Flamberge looks at the hundreds of people, humans and sea devils, inside the stalactites. They are not alive, nor dead. She deduces that the stalactites lure people, capture them and slow their metabolisms while supporting their existence. After all, if the victim dies, there will be no power left for the Phantom Book. However, the bodies can’t be preserved forever, so the Phantom Book uses Paradise Pieces to attract new victims.

Flamberge looks at the largest stalactite in the cave. Inside it, she recognizes the upper body of a sea devil. The creature holds a foreign book. Flamberge explains that she wasn’t affected by the Phantom Book because she had lost their memories. She looks at Hal. In a few hours, the Book Burning Officer will be totally covered by sentient rainbow-colored liquid. Fortunately, he manages to wake up from the dream. With much effort, he manages to open the Long Lost Library. He uses a Phantom Book to power his staff. The flames from his weapon envelope the stalactites, which crack and break into pieces, freeing the people inside. Except for those devoured for many years, everyone survived. The sea devil begs Hal to stop. The Book Burning Officer destroys the Book of Paradise and its user. Oriana is rescued, but she has no memories about what happened inside the cave.

Outside, Lucrece explains that sea devils don’t bury their dead. She reveals that the Holy Land of the Sea Devils was a place for the sea devils to remember their deceased. However, when the place was forgotten, the Phantom Book began to attract and capture innocent people. Hal asks how she knows that. He notices that Lucrece looks like the sea devil who was using the Phantom Book, as if they are mother and daughter. Lucrece tells him that she's only hypothesizing.[1]


  • The people inside the stalactites are compared to ancient flora and fauna frozen in ice, or to insects trapped in amber. Due to the symbiotic relationship between the stalactites and its victims, the formations are also compared to the unicellular eukaryotes known as Zooxanthellae.[1][2]


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