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Ōi no Sho


The Phantom Book itself


Chapter 1 (light novel 8)


It gives royal power to the host.


Lazarus Goldin;
Hugh Anthony Disward


In outer space

For the light novel chapter titled "Phantom Book of the King", see Chapter 1 (light novel 8).

Book of Royal Power or Phantom Book of the King (王の幻書 Ō no Maboroshi-sho) is a Phantom Book in the form of a living mineral which travels between worlds, collecting information. The Phantom Book is present in the Phantom Book of the King story.

It’s a small, ancient stone tablet with unfamiliar symbols, made of a rare mineral only found in the hinterlands of Africa.[1]


The Books of Royal Power are living, sentient minerals. They are inorganic beings devoid of sight or smell. They are one of the oldest Phantom Books. They are born in the Phantom Book Cemetery on top of the Saraharufua Mountain. They are collected by a host who finds the Phantom Book Cemetery by accident. The host will carry the Phantom Book around the world. The host is telepathically controlled. The Phantom Book has the form of a small tablet, since it’s convenient to record information. They are made of a rock similar to carbonatite.

After information is collected, the Phantom Book forces the host to return to the Phantom Book Cemetery. When all tablets return to the Phantom Book Cemetery, they initiate an eruption which gives them enough propulsion to escape the planet’s atmosphere. Then, the Phantom Books travel through space to find another planet and restart the cycle. The Phantom Books have been found for a long time, but their texts have yet to be deciphered. It’s said that the Phantom Books reveal how to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Henry Gaveston found the Phantom Book Cemetery by chance. He collected a Book of Royal Power. Gaveston wrote notes describing the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery, which he later sold to Wesley. Gaveston was planning an expedition back to the Phantom Book Cemetery. However, Lazarus Goldin stole the Book of Royal Power and forced Gaveston into suicide. The reporter used its power to have a successful career. Years later, Goldin began to prepare his own expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. His Book of Royal Power wants to return to its home as soon as possible. After all, the living minerals are about to be extinct. In the near future, Saraharufua Mountain will become an inhospitable desert.

There are other four Books of Royal Power inside the Labyrinth Library. Hugh plans to join Goldin’s expedition to return the four Phantom Books back to their home.

Phantom Book Cemetery[]

The Phantom Book Cemetery (幻書の墓場 Maboroshi-sho no Hakaba) is the home of the Books of Royal Power. It was located on a table called Saraharufua (サラハルフア), also known as Mountain of the Dead (死者の山 Shisha no Yama) in the Nubian desert, in uncharted regions of Africa. The foot of the mountain is accessed by sailing up the Nile, along a dangerous route with swampy terrain, gusty winds and severe downpours, a route which claimed the lives of many travelers. The top has a unique ecosystem, since it’s a rocky plateau surrounded by sheer cliffs formed by erosion. The place has been hidden by the cliffs for millions of years. There are bright colored vines on the surface of the rocks, gigantic mammals groaning in the thicket and strange scaly creatures flying across the sky. There are animals considered extinct, such as the vicious Sarcosuchus crocodiles and Hyneria fishes. The locals see these animals as monsters, so they avoid the region.

The Phantom Book Cemetery itself is located seven hundred meters high. It’s said that only the host of the Book of Royal Power can reach it. The Books of Royal Power return to the Phantom Book Cemetery after collecting information, so the place has a tremendous amount of knowledge. There, the tablets merge together in the form of high columns, twisting in a spiral. The bizarre columns can be considered a collective intelligence. There are many human bones laying around. After all, many hosts don’t accept losing the power granted temporarily by the Phantom Books. The tablets shine when all the exemplars return to their home.[1]


When the host reads the Phantom Book, he receives royal power, meaning that he can rule over everyone who doesn’t have a Book of Royal Power. It also works with animals. The victims freeze, as if held by an invisible chain. The victims can be forced to kill themselves. Even with a large willpower and physical strength, there’s no way to oppose the magic. While using the Phantom Book, the host looks like a king or a saint, exuding an oppressive atmosphere which makes people around inclined to kneel and bow their heads. The oppression is more intense the longer the host holds the Phantom Book. The Book of Royal Power gives an air of dignity, greatness and intimidation to the host. The host can even shine brightly while using the magic.

Such power, however, is temporary, since the Book of Royal Power uses the host to move itself. At the Phantom Book Cemetery, the host becomes more powerful, releasing strong shock waves that destroy trees and rocks. There, the Book of Royal Power starts to control the host. Moving as a marionette, the host is forced to return the Phantom Book to the Phantom Book Cemetery. When that happens, the host loses his royal power.[1]


Goldin has stolen the Book of Royal Power from Gaveston, the man who found the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin shows Gaveston the small tablet. The reporter heard from Gaveston’s assistants about the value of the Phantom Book. According to Goldin, the Book of Royal Power reveals how to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery, a place with a huge amount of forbidden knowledge. Goldin reads the text from the tablet and tells Gaveston to die. The latter shoots himself, forced to commit suicide.

Years later, Hal and Flamberge spy on Goldin. Now recognized as the Newspaper King, Goldin is planning an expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery, continuing Gaveston’s work. Hal believes that Goldin obtained a Phantom Book from Gaveston. The couple meets Ernie, a researcher who’s also looking for the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Hugh and Dalian are also watching Goldin. According to Dalian, Goldin is the host of the Book of Royal Power. The Biblioprincesses and key-keepers meet each other, but Goldin shows up, interrupting their exchange. Hal confronts the Newspaper King. Hal wants to burn Goldin's Phantom Book. Goldin calmly removes a small tablet from his briefcase. Under the influence of the Book of Royal Power, Hal can’t move his body. Goldin exudes an oppressive atmosphere. He orders the people around to part. Following Goldin’s command, Hal walks towards the Nile to drown himself. The Book Burning Officer is about to destroy his own body while struggling to oppose the magic. Hugh shoots Hal. As planned, Goldin interrupts his royal power.

Later, during the expedition up the Nile, Dalian reveals that the Book of Royal Power has more than one copy. It’s a mysterious Phantom Book, one of the oldest in the planet, with a text yet to be deciphered. It’s made of a rare mineral only found in the hinterlands of Africa. It gives royal power to the reader. Hugh believes that Goldin used the Phantom Book to become the Newspaper King. Suddenly, the ship is attacked by huge, vicious crocodiles and fishes. Goldin wakes up. He raises his tablet, reads the text and orders the monsters to leave. He shines brightly, releasing an aura of greatness. Ernie reveals that Goldin stole the Book of Royal Power from her uncle Gaveston. On that occasion, Goldin forced Gaveston to commit suicide.

Hal Arnie

Hal protects Ernie from the shock wave released by Goldin.

The crew climbs the Saraharufua to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hugh, Hal and other men push Goldin’s wagon. When they stop to rest, Goldin removes a small tablet from his pocket. He releases a powerful shock wave that pushes people away and destroys the wagon. Goldin may kill himself with such power. However, he doesn’t have control over his body. There, next to the Phantom Book Cemetery, the Book of Royal Power becomes more powerful. The shock waves released by Goldin destroy trees and stones. He orders Hal to kill Flamberge, then to kill himself. Hugh removes four ancient tablets from inside the Labyrinth Library. His Books of Royal Power neutralize Goldin’s magic. Hal regains control over his body.

Hugh reads the four tablets. The Phantom Books, including those forming the bizarre columns nearby, shine brightly. The Books of Royal Power have returned to their home, the Phantom Book Cemetery. There are lots of bones around, remains of the past hosts. Dalian explains that Books of Royal Power are sentient minerals that use telepathy to control other life forms, using them to move to the outside world, where they can collect information. After that, the host is forced to return the Book of Royal Power to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin moves like a marionette. He climbs one of the columns and places his tablet into a gap. The Phantom Book merges into the column with the other tablets. Now powerless, Goldin tries to recover his Phantom Book to no avail.

Hugh places the four tablets back into the columns. The mountain starts to shake. A powerful eruption occurs. Hugh explains that the eruption was caused by the tablets. The Books of Royal Power used the eruption to fly off the planet with all the memories they collected. Perhaps that’s the method they choose to travel between worlds. The Books of Royal Power were in a hurry to leave the planet. After all, the Phantom Book Cemetery was undergoing a process of desertification. The Phantom Books are mineral creatures who would not survive such severe conditions.[1]


  • Carbonatite is a type of rock found on all continents, formed through the solidification of magma or lava. It's defined by mineralogical composition consisting of greater than 50% carbonate minerals.[2]
  • Hugh suggests that the Books of Royal Power want to leave the planet because their home will become a desert in the near future. He mentions frost weathering, a process where stress is created by freezing of water into ice. It can even fracture or displace rocks. It happens because when water freezes, its volume increases.[3]
    • Some statistics have shown that since 1900 the Sahara has expanded by 250 km to the south over a stretch of land from west to east 6,000 km long.[4]


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