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Nemuri no Sho




Fragment 1 (light novel 3)


It makes the reader sleep for one hundred years.


N/A (not successfully used by the princess' sister)



For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 1 (light novel 3).

Book of Sleep is a Phantom Book given by Rasiel to a young girl, who tried to force her older sister, the princess, into a one-hundred-years sleep. It’s present in the Book of Sleep fragment.

It’s an old, but beautiful book.[1]


The Phantom Book was in Rasiel’s possession before she gave it to the princess’ sister. According to Rasiel, the sister was chosen by the Phantom Book.[1]


The Phantom Book invites readers to sleep. The person who finishes reading it will sleep for one hundred years. Even if only a few pages are read, the victim won’t wake up for a few years. No matter the magic used, the curse can’t be broken. The sleepiness only comes to those who read the Phantom Book. Just looking at its pages isn't enough to active the power.[1]


The young girl doesn’t accept her older sister as the queen. The younger sister wants the throne for herself. She expresses her disappointment to Rasiel. The latter affirms that the sister was chosen by a Phantom Book. The sister receives the Book of Sleep. She could use it to make the princess sleep for one hundred years.

One day before the coronation, the sister gives an early birthday gift to the princess. It’s a beautiful book which will make her sleep. That way, the princess will be ready for tomorrow’s ceremony. The grateful princess affirms that she will read it immediately.

The next day, people at the royal palace were worried about the princess’ delay. She used to wake up early. The sister can’t hold her laugh. She reveals to the king that she gave a Phantom Book to the princess, and now the princess will keep sleeping for the next one hundred years. They go to the princess’ bedroom, where they see her asleep, with a book at the bedside. The sister laughs, enjoying her victory, since the princess’ curse couldn’t be broken.

However, the princess wakes up. She had noticed that the book given as a gift had no illustrations, so she quickly became drowsy and had a good night’s sleep. The sister realizes that the princess never read the Phantom Book. The princess thanks her sister for the gift.[1]



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