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Book of Those Who Want Beauty
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Original Name


Romanized Name

Bibō o Hossuru Mono no Sho




Fragment 2 (light novel 3);
Chapter 7 (manga)


It transports the user to a world where his beauty is revered.


Envious Woman



Book of Those Who Want Beauty is a Phantom Book that made an envious woman very attractive. Hugh and Dalian gave it to her when she wished to be the most beautiful woman in the world. In the manga, its title is written in an obscure language. The Phantom Book is present in The Beautiful Woman's World fragment.

It’s an old book written in a foreign language. Nonetheless, its magic makes the words to be easily understood. The Phantom Book is divided into different sections, each one supposedly associated with face features and body characteristics which can be chosen by the user.[1]


A woman that envied the appearance of others heard rumors about a book that has forbidden knowledge allowing someone to become the most beautiful in the world. She visits Hugh and Dalian to ask for this power.[1] In the manga, she’s welcomed by Wesley and Dalian. In the adaptation, the Phantom Book is contained inside the Labyrinth Library.[2]


Beauty end

The Phantom Book traps the user inside a foreign world.

The Phantom Book makes the user very attractive. However, rather than change his appearance, the Book of Those Who Want Beauty will make the person unconscious momentarily and send him to a world where his usual look will be highly admired. For instance, after obtaining such a power, a woman found herself in the same place depicted in the last page of the Phantom Book. The inhuman residents of this country thought that she had a god-like beauty, although her appearance was unchanged.[1]

In the manga, the Phantom Book makes the user look like the inhabitants of the foreign world. The person affected becomes trapped inside the Book of Those Who Want Beauty.[2]


A certain woman didn’t find herself beautiful compared to the others. She visited Hugh and Dalian after hearing rumors about a strange book that can make her the most beautiful in the world. Dalian warns her that there’s no turning back in case she uses the book. The woman leaves the mansion with a satisfied expression. She examines the Phantom Book received and chooses the physical characteristics she desires. She loses consciousness and wakes up in a foreign country, the same depicted in the illustration seen in the last page of the book. Rather than changing her body, the Phantom Book transported her to a world where inhuman beings revere her appearance.[1]

In the manga, Wesley opens the Labyrinth Library to grab the Book of Those Who Want Beauty and present it to the envious woman. Immediately after, she wakes up resembling the inhuman residents of a foreign country. While she’s desperate, Wesley takes back the Phantom Book that she dropped. Back to the mansion, Wesley sees the woman trapped inside the Phantom Book itself.[2]


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