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Book of Warmth
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Chapter 4 (Dalian-chan)


It warms the user from the inside.




In the Professor's possession

The real title of this Phantom Book Egg was never revealed. It’s exclusive to the spin-off Dalian-chan's Bookshelf. The Professor offered it to Hugh so that he could warm himself during the winter.

It’s an unbound manuscript.[1]


The Professor had this Phantom Book Egg while he was working part-time in a shop.[1]


According to the Professor, the Phantom Book Egg warms the whole body of the user from the inside. It’s especially recommended for people with bad circulation. However, since it’s an unstable and incomplete Phantom Book, it may burn the user to death.[1]


Dalian doesn’t want to leave the bed because she’s feeling cold. Hugh decides to leave to buy winter items. They arrive at the store. The Professor welcomes them. He explains that he’s working on a part-time job.

The Professor shows some products. He has a bottle of a virus that can destroy a country in a day. Hugh wants distance from the bottle. He just wants to stay warm in the winter. The Professor offers a Phantom Draft that warms the body from the inside. Since the Phantom Draft is unstable, it might burn the user’s whole body. Hugh tells him not to offer something so dangerous.[1]

Professor offer

The Professor offers the Phantom Draft to Hugh.


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