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Original Name


Romanized Name

Sen no Nageki no Sho




Chapter 1 (light novel 6)


It summons a fiery genie.


Hugh Anthony Disward


In Hugh’s possession

Book of a Thousand Sorrows is a Phantom Book used by Hugh to summon a fiery genie against Wesley Clade. The Phantom Book is present in The Template Book story.

It’s an ancient manuscript written in the language of an ancient country.[1]


The Book of a Thousand Sorrows is a grimoire transmitted for generations among the inhabitants of Ancient Arabia. The Phantom Book is kept inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Phantom Book is used to summon a fiery genie. After a flash of bright light, a whirlwind of roaring flames swallows the target. After the victim is burned, the fire disappears.[1]


Hugh and Dalian confront the assassin Wesley Clade. Hugh removes the Book of a Thousand Sorrows from the Labyrinth Library. He reads in an unknown language. Sensing the danger, Wesley pounces on Hugh with a knife, but the attack is easily dodged. Hugh keeps reading. A bright light flashes. Flames envelope Wesley. The assassin laughs, confident of his immortality. The smell of burned flesh fills the air. The original Template Book in Wesley’s hands is burned to ashes. The fire disappears. Hugh closes the Phantom Book. Wesley’s clothes are ruined, but his skin is unharmed. Hugh had used the Book of a Thousand Sorrows to destroy the Template Book and make Wesley a mortal man once again. The Book of a Thousand Sorrows was probably sealed back inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]



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