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Book of the Flatterer
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Original Name


Romanized Name

Tsuishōsha no Sho




Fragment 2 (light novel 6)


It contains sweet talk and flatteries for the reader.


The Bomber



Book of the Flatterer is a Phantom Book used by a young woman who tried to show her true self to the world. It’s present in The Real Me fragment.

The book has a tag attached to it. It says that the book is forbidden and it should not leave the library. The cover reads “how to find your true self”.[1]


The Phantom Book was written to destroy a nation and its king by praising his mistakes and vices.[1]


The Phantom Book contains irresponsible sweet talk and flatteries for the reader. It praises mistakes and vices. It ignores the user’s flaws and blames everyone else for his troubles. The Book of the Flatterer changes itself so that its words can sink into the reader’s soul. The author has the same name and surname of the reader. The person who often reads the Phantom Book becomes attached to it because its words are addressed directly to him. The reader becomes corrupted. He follows its instructions without hesitation. As a result, aspects of the reader’s life change completely, mostly for the worse.[1]


A young woman finds the book in the psychology section. It’s tagged as forbidden. Curiously, the author has the same name as her. Apparently, the book is about finding one’s true self. At first, the woman is skeptical, but soon she becomes attached to the book, which seems to understand her perfectly. Its words sink into her soul. It describes her personality, as if addressing her. It says that she’s strong and unique. However, she needs to gain confidence. The book instructs her to charm others by changing her clothes and hairstyle. The young woman closes the book and hides it in an unremarkable place. She runs out of the library and begins to change her life.

She keeps returning to the library to consult the book. By reading it, she gained confidence and learned that she’s not guilty for the difficult moments in her past. One day, she notices that a girl in black dress had picked up the book. The girl reveals that the Book of the Flatterer contains only sweet talk to corrupt the reader. The Phantom Book should not be read so often. The furious woman doesn’t believe her. She grabs the book and runs out of the library. She keeps reading it and changing her life.

The Phantom Book says that people don’t recognize her value. They are mistaken. They should be punished. The woman closes the book. She thinks in a way to attract the attention of the whole world. She wants to reveal her true self to everyone. The woman decides to activate a bomb inside a skyscraper. She was the only fatality. After the tragedy, the girl in black dress finds the Phantom Book on the sidewalk, at the scene of the explosion. It had been pushed out of the building by the shock wave. The girl throws the Book of the Flatterer into the fire.[1]


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