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Book of the Jealous Girlfriend
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Fragment 1 (light novel 2)


It summons a jealous girlfriend for the reader.


Unfaithful Man


In Dalian’s possession

The real title of this Phantom Book was never revealed in the series. It was used by a man who summoned a girlfriend to himself. It’s present in The Lovers fragment.

The Phantom Book design was never described in the light novel.[1]


The Phantom Book is in Dalian's possession and probably contained inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


When a man is reading the Phantom Book, a woman appears in front of his eyes. No one else can see or hear her. She talks gently to the user, acting as a girlfriend, staying by his side, saying words of love to him. The beautiful woman can prepare sandwiches to his partner, which are visible to others. However, she’s a jealous girlfriend who will kill the user if she’s betrayed. For instance, after an unfaithful man replaced the Phantom Book for another book, he appeared dead, with a dagger sticking out from his chest. This second book can be used to summon another woman. The man thought that she was more compatible to him, more caring and attractive. That said, it’s unknown if this second book is another Phantom Book, or if it’s only an aftereffect from the Book of the Jealous Girlfriend.[1]


The man at the park is planning to murder the woman who had left him for someone else. Then, he would kill himself. Dalian asks if he would ever betray. The man affirms that he would always be faithful to his partner. The Biblioprincess lends a Phantom Book to him. She tells him to always remember what he just said.

After a few days, Hugh sees the man happily reading the Phantom Book. The man has a new girlfriend, one that appears in front of his eyes when he flips through the pages. He hugs the Phantom Book while describing the woman. No one else can see her. She’s caring and beautiful. She makes sandwiches and speaks words of love to him. The man seems fulfilled. He mumbles to himself while reading the Phantom Book, as if someone is at his side.

A few more days pass. Hugh sees the happy man again, mumbling to himself, as if talking with an invisible person. This time, however, he's reading a different book. The man explains that he had just received it. He doesn’t hate the previous book, but the current one would summon a more caring and attractive woman. He felt more compatible with this new lover.

One night, Hugh and Dalian see the man with a dagger sticking out from his cold chest. Dalian picks up the Phantom Book from the puddle of blood at the dead man’s feet. Dalian calls him a liar. The Phantom Book was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


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