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Chapter 2 (light novel 1);
Chapter 1 (manga)


It opens a gate to another world.


Hugh Anthony Disward


Inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf

The real title of this Phantom Book was never revealed in the series. It was used by Hugh to escape a collapsed room about to be set on fire by Roy Hurston. It's present in the Pedigree story.

The Phantom Book design was never described in the light novel.[1]


It’s a grimoire left by a magician who worshipped the Outer God (外なる神 Sotonarukami), a deity who lives in the cracks between dimensions.[1]

The Phantom Book is sealed inside the Labyrinth Library under the number 29,576.[2] According to Hugh, Phantom Books with such a power are not rare.[1]


Its user can open a gate to another world and use it to transfer himself and others from one point to another without moving in the space between them.

In the series, three characters were able to leave a sealed room to reach a safe spot nearby thanks to its powers.[1]

When the Phantom Book is used in the manga, a huge winged object resembling a caduceus comes out from the clouds in the sky, pointing to the ground.[2]

Hurston estate

The winged object born from the unnamed Phantom Book


Roy Hurston is about to kill Hugh, Dalian and the Beast of Ashwell. Roy had just learned that his grandfather Boyd considered him a failure. Boyd had named Chez as the new head of the family and inheritor of The Pedigree of All Creations. After shooting Boyd to death, Roy was ready to set his secret laboratory on fire and kill the others. Hugh couldn’t find a exit. After all, an explosion made the underground room partially collapse. Chez, in the form of a beast, was trying to support the ceiling. Roy watches them from above while pouring gasoline. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the door to the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Roy throws a lighter at the same time that Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library.

Roy laughs hysterically while looking down the burnt remains of Boyd’s workroom. He stops when Hugh, Dalian and the Beast of Ashwell appear behind him. Hugh closes the book he’s holding, explaining that they had just used a Phantom Book to open a gate to another world.[1]



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