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Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts
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Hikō Saigi Sho




Chapter 3 (light novel 7)


It summons a swarm of locusts.





Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts is a Phantom Book used by Dalian to attack the plant released by the Pioneer Book with a swarm of locusts. The Phantom Book is present in The Girls’ Long Night story.

It’s a book written in foreign language.[1]


Miss Roedean somehow found the Phantom Book and asked Dalian to picked it up at the Cadfael School.[1] Migratory locust is the most widespread locust species, and the only species in the genus Locusta. Plagues of these insects can be devastating.[2]


Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts is an agrarian Phantom Book containing a secret weed-withering spell. The Phantom Book uproots weeds from fields. The user is able to summon a swarm of migratory locusts. The black grasshoppers have several inches in length. They fly together in a large number, their wings humming, to devour the plants in their path, as wished by the reader. The Phantom Book may be used to destroy the plant released by the Pioneer Book.[1]


Miss Roedean found some Phantom Books, so Dalian visited the Cadfael School to collect them. The Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts is one of them. Jessica asks about the Phantom Book. Dalian explains that the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts completely dries up the weeds in the fields.

Dalian and Jessica lose the Pioneer Book, which goes out of control. A gigantic plant is released by the Phantom Book. The girls run to a hill, but they are surrounded by the long vines created by the out-of-control Pioneer Book. Dalian reaches into Jessica’s bag to grab the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts. The Biblioprincess reads the foreign book in a melodious voice. Soon after, Jessica notices that something fell on her shoulder. It’s a small insect. Many locusts gather in the air and fly towards the alien plant. According to Dalian, the locusts devour all plants in their path. She sinks to the ground. The insects have no power to push back the vines. Dalian can’t use the Phantom Book properly, since she isn’t its true reader. The locusts eventually disappear. There's nothing else holding back the dangerous vines. However, Hugh eventually finds the girls. He uses the Hymn of Hel to destroy the plant. The Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


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