Book of the Silver Well
Dalian Healing
Jessica watches Dalian using the Book of the Silver Well, as seen in the manga.

Original Name


Romanized Name

Gin no Izumi no Sho


Dian Cecht (ディアン・ケヒト Dian Kehito)


Chapter 1 (light novel 4);
Chapter 4 (manga)


It heals wounds.


Hugh Anthony Disward
(Dalian, in the manga)


Inside the Labyrinth Library

Book of the Silver Well is a Phantom Book created by ancient healer Dian Cecht and read by Hugh to heal Matilda Linker’s wounds after she was attacked by Benjamin Diffring. Dalian used the Phantom Book instead in the manga adaptation. It's present in the Book of Gap story.

It’s an old spellbook written on parchment with primitive letters.[1]


In Irish mythology, the deities had their wounds healed when they bathed in the well blessed by Dian Cecht, the God of Healing. When Nuada, the first king of the gods, lost his arm in battle, Dian Cecht gave him a new, functional one made of silver.[2]

The Phantom Book is sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Phantom Book can heal any wounds by creating a fountain of regeneration. For instance, Diffring tear Matilda’s abdomen open, but Hugh read the Book of the Silver Well to turn the blood flowing out from her cut into a regenerative, transparent liquid. The holy substance restores damaged organs and the worst wounds.[1]


Jessica witnesses Benjamin Diffring forcing Matilda inside a book. A few days later, Jessica finds her lying on the floor of the school library. Matilda was seriously injured, breathing heavily, so Jessica rushes to look for help. Diffring stops her, but he runs away after a brief confrontation against Hugh.

Matilda's wound

Matilda's wound.

Dalian examines Matilda and affirms that her situation is hopeless. There was no time to take her to a hospital. Her remarks anger Jessica, who thinks they have given up Matilda. However, Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library to obtain the Book of the Silver Well. He bends down beside the injured schoolgirl and reads the Phantom Book. Jessica observes a holy liquid healing Matilda’s wounds. The latter was breathing in pain, but now she's sleeping peacefully. Hugh returned the Phantom Book back into Dalian’s body. Jessica thanks them for healing Matilda.[1]

Silver Well healing

The Book of the Silver Well grants the power that heals Matilda.

In the manga, Dalian is the one who uses the Book of the Silver Well. Jessica watches her floating, surrounded by feathers, as if she is an angel. The Phantom Book was suspended in the air, in front of the Biblioprincess.[3]

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