Camilla Saur Keynes

Camilla Sauer Keynes (カミラ・ザウアー・ケインズ kamira Zauā Keinzu) is Huey's childhood friend who Dalian usually calls a spinster. She works at a school in the neighborhood.


She is a sweet and kind person who is shown to somehow know a little bit about the Phantom Books. She can be manipulative, as she uses Dalian's inability to resist sweets as a way to take advantage of her.


She has short wavy blonde hair and mint green eyes. She wears a variety of western clothing which she claims is very popular, since she went there.


Dantalian no Shoka - 03 - Large 07

Camilla talks with Huey and Dalian

She is seen stopping a fight between Huey and Dalian because they were in a library. Huey remembers her and he intoduces Dalian to her and she says hi. However, Dalian simply clings to Huey and reverts her gaze in the other direction, saying nothing. Camilla seems a little upset about this but reverts her attention back to Huey. She tells him that she was looking for some books for the children in the school she works at and that when they're done, they could come to her villa for tea. Seeing Dalian upset, Camilla takes out a bag of candy and says that at her villa they has scornes and tea causing her to blush and quickly walk away. Dalian turns around and tells Huey to hurry so that they can go to the residence of the woman with "hysterical"

Camilla talks with Huey about the Book

clothing, leaving Camilla shocked. At the villa, Camilla tells them about the clothes she was wearing but Dalian says that her clothes weren't good-looking and that if the world thought it was, the world would have lost all hope. Camilla makes a comeback, saying that it's a surprise she was saying that from her curious attire, causing her to get angry. Huey changes the subject, asking Camilla about the Phantom Book she was talking about in

Camilla walks home with Huey

the library. Camilla asks him if there were books that made you smarter when you read them, stating that Mildred put up a school to compete with her's. She continues saying that Mildred got her hands on a Phantom Book that raised the intelligence of her students but after it got weird and Mildred said that the children got too smart and she locked herself in her room. After, they visited Mildred's home and found out where to locate the children but only Huey and Dalian went. Camilla waited for them and they walked back to town together and while they did so Huey burned the Phantom Book.
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