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Fragment 2 (light novel 2)

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The Casino Manager is a large man who followed the Professor’s plan in order to increase the profits of his business. He’s part of the Winning Strategy story.


The casino, found in a famous health resort, would allow visitors to win a few rounds, only to make them lose when they were confidently betting large amounts of money. Soon, this old tactic became useless. A long time before the events of Winning Strategy, the casino’s manager made a deal with the Professor in order to increase his profits. Following the Professor’s plan, the casino began to spread rumors about Phantom Books, specially one containing registers of all gambles. The casino would then sell fake Phantom Books and purposely lose the first rounds to the buyers. Finally, the manager would have his money back, plus profit, by exploring the visitor’s excitement and recklessness. Even the selling of the fake Phantom Books became a profitable business.[1]


The Professor’s visit makes the manager very happy and excited. The latter is glad for the Professor’s plan. The manager executes it, exploring the visitors’ vulnerability without remorse. He has subordinates to boss around.[1]


He’s described only as a large boss.[1]


The manager was in his office when he saw the Professor and Rasiel. He runs to welcome them, smiling. He orders his subordinates to bring drinks. A long time passed since their last meeting. The Professor asks about his business. According to the boss, business had improved thanks to the Professor’s plan. Lately, the visitors were clever. The old tactic of letting them win a few rounds only to make a profit later as they got excited became useless. That’s why the casino executed the Professor’s plan and started to spread rumors about a Phantom Book with records of all results of gambles. People would hear about it and buy the book. Then, the casino would lose a few rounds to those people. Later, the casino would win the money back plus profit from the excited visitors. Even the selling of the fake Phantom Books was a profitable business.

The manager tells his subordinates to bring the Professor’s payment. The manager gives the Professor a bag of money. The large boss asks why the customers believe in such an impossible rumor. According to the Professor, people believe they possess special information. This is especially true for those who deem themselves superiors in society. The grateful manager watches the Professor and Rasiel walking out from the office.[1]




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