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Fragment 1 (light novel 7)


Its allows the reader to change his own face.


The Boring Man
Many others


In Rasiel’s possession

For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 1 (light novel 7).

Catalogue or Facebook is a Phantom Book which a man used to change his own face. The Phantom Book is present in the Catalogue fragment.

It’s a heavy book with a myriad of portraits filling its pages.[1]


Rasiel owns the Catalogue. Apparently, many interact with her to use the Phantom Book and change their identities, making their own faces available in the process. A handsome man took advantage of his appearance to attract married women and perform romance scams. His atrocities came to light, so he changed his face by using the Catalogue. Similarly, a frightening man changed his face to run from the police after robbing a bank and killing several people.[1]


The Catalogue shows several faces. The reader is able to pick any face for himself. However, his original face, and the life associated with it, will be available for another reader to select. The Phantom Book allows the reader to leave his past behind and start a new life, with a new identity. There’s no limit to how many times the reader can change his face.[1]


The man with an unremarkable face is suffering due to his boring life. At the bar, he tells Rasiel how he wishes to have a new face, an attractive of frightening one. She shows him the Catalogue. He flips through the pages, disappointingly examining the several portraits. However, he gets excited when Rasiel explains the powers of the Phantom Book. If he really wants a new life, he may leave his past behind on those pages and choose a new face. The Catalogue will fulfill his wish. The man makes his choice.

He chooses an attractive face, but soon the man gets into trouble. After all, the original owner of that identity took advantage of his nice appearance to attract women and perform romance scams. The man runs back to the bar. Rasiel shows him the Catalogue once again. She tells him that he doesn’t need to return to his old self. He has the opportunity to choose another face.

He chooses a frightening face, but soon the man gets into trouble. After all, the original owner of that identity took advantage of his frightening appearance to rob a bank and kill several people. The man runs back to the bar. Rasiel shows him the Catalogue. He wants his original face back. However, his face isn’t available anymore. It became quite popular. But soon it will be available again, according to Rasiel. A terrorist had used the man’s face to kill a foreign minister. The terrorist will eventually return to change his identity.[1]


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