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Cecil Patreina
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Cecil (left) and Margaret (right).

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Seshiru Patorēna


Little Monkey (小猿 Kosaru)


August, 2010 (The Sneaker)

Voice actor




Cecil Patreina is a student at the Road Windal Academy. She’s Priscilla and Margaret’s friend.


Cecil is a second grader at the Road Windal Academy. She was born in a rich family, like many other students from the school. She’s part of the Class 2J with her friends from the first year Priscilla and Margaret.[1]


Cecil is extroverted, energetic, loud and playful. Priscilla is always arguing with Cecil, especially when Cecil mentions Priscilla’s large breasts and poor family.[1] Cecil has no confidence in her body. She admires Priscilla’s large bust. Cecil is always grabbing Priscilla’s breasts.[2] Cecil also feels no shame, since she frequently lifts her skirt in public.[3] Cecil likes to tease her friends.[1] It’s revealed that Cecil is a talented artist with skills in building, painting and sculpting, although not everyone appreciates her style.[4] Cecil likes Hugh. She likes to speculate about his relationship with Dalian.[5] Cecil also enjoys seeing Dalian in different attires.[4] Cecil doesn’t know how to tell scary stories.[6]


Cecil has blond hair extending down to her shoulders and light blue eyes. Her school uniform, which includes a short coat in the winter, is mainly light yellow, with details in crisscrossed green, a pattern also part of her skirt and bow tie. Two strands of her hair are tied up with laces with the same crisscrossed green pattern.[1]


A new semester starts at the Road Windal Academy. Cecil is in Class 2J like her friends Priscilla and Margaret. Cecil is happy to see her friends again. Cecil is grateful to be part of a rich family. Priscilla, on the other hand, has to give her best to keep her scholarship. Cecil mentions how Priscilla is a failed aristocrat. The schoolgirls start to argue. Cecil always mentions the size of Priscilla’s bust. Cecil grabs Priscilla’s breasts. At that moment, they bump into Hugh. Cecil wonders who is he. She falls in love with Hugh.

Cecil is late, so she runs to the classroom with her friends. During the class, Cecil notices Priscilla writing about Dalian, a new student.[1] That night, Cecil and Margaret returned to the dormitory without Priscilla. They worry about her. The next day, Cecil wonders if Priscilla is hanging out with her boyfriend. At that moment, they see Hugh giving a ride to Priscilla.[7] Cecil hugs Priscilla, squeezing her breasts. Priscilla reveals that she spent the night with Dalian. Cecil and Margaret introduce themselves to the Biblioprincess. Cecil laughs when Dalian jokes about Priscilla’s breasts.

Cecil Skirt

Cecil offers her skirt to Dalian.

After class, Cecil is at the schoolyard, wondering from which school Dalian came. Dalian’s uniform is quite unusual. Cecil asks Dalian if she wants to wear a more common uniform. Cecil touches Dalian’s body to check her proportions. Cecil suddenly removes her own skirt and offers it to Dalian. Cecil plans to walk while wearing half of Priscilla’s skirt. Cecil tells Dalian to wear a skirt in order to please Hugh. Cecil believes that Dalian is Hugh’s wife.[3]

Cecil wants to get along with Hugh and Dalian. She suggests going to the Ombolo Mansion to help cleaning the place. She gives the suggestion to Dalian while disrupting the silent atmosphere of the library. Dalian refuses at first, but she changes her mind when Priscilla mentions a tea party.[8] During the cleaning, Cecil asks Hugh if he likes her cute maid uniform. She also asks if Dalian is his wife. Hugh affirms that Dalian is only a friend of his grandfather. Cecil is happy to know that she has a chance to be in a relationship with Hugh.

Cecil plans to charm Hugh. She uses a chair to reach up high. She asks Hugh to hold the chair. She becomes embarrassed, imagining Hugh looking at her underwear. However, she notices that Priscilla is the one holding the chair. The girls argue. Cecil loses her balance, but she’s saved by Hugh. Cecil seems satisfied in Hugh’s arms. After the cleaning, they have a nice tea party.[5]

On a certain day, the schoolgirls have to go to the infirmary for some body measurements. Cecil runs to the school, trying to lose some weight. She would find better if the schoolgirls were allowed to conduct the measurements themselves. Cecil would lie about all her proportions. Without patience, Priscilla pushes Cecil into the infirmary. Cecil is sad to learn that she gained 400 g since the last measurements. Her breasts didn’t grow. She hugs Priscilla, squeezing her breasts in jealousy.[2]

During a sleepover, Cecil wants to talk about scary stories. She heard that their school was built over a graveyard. Cecil tries to tell a scary story, although she has no talent to create a tense atmosphere. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret listen to Dalian’s frightening story. The girls embrace each other, terrified. When a lightning strikes nearby, the girls squeeze together in the same bed, too afraid to sleep alone. Cecil squeezes Priscilla’s breast.[6]

Priscilla is tasked to manage the preparations for the celebration of the school’s foundation. She sleeps in the classroom, exhausted. Margaret suggests a cherry blossom viewing to cheer Priscilla up. The park is crowded, so Cecil guides her friends to a quieter spot, although she gets lost for a moment. Cecil admits putting jam inside Priscilla’s bag in elementary school. The girls fight. However, thanks to Dalian’s help, Margaret manages to calm Priscilla. The girls have a picnic. Later, they take a nap under the cherry trees. The next day, Priscilla feels rejuvenated. Cecil has a runny nose.[9]

Accompanied by Margaret, Cecil enters a clothing store to try a new swimwear. The girls find Dalian, who’s distracted with a book. They help Dalian try different sets of clothes. Later, they go to the cafe where Priscilla works. Priscilla is told about what happened. Cecil is excited to go to the beach. She offers to teach Dalian how to swim. Cecil suddenly lifts her own skirt, noticing that she’s using a swimsuit from the store. She left her favorite underwear there. Cecil runs back to the store.[10]

In the summer, the girls decide to cool off in the river. Cecil throws water at Dalian and Priscilla. Priscilla and Cecil fight, splashing each other. The girls wet their clothes. At the end of the day, the girls appreciate the fireflies.[11]

The girls go to the amusement park. Cecil tries the drop tower ride, which is terrifying. Soon after, Priscilla and the others enter a haunted house. They run in panic. Dalian gets lost, but Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret eventually find her.[12] At the end of the summer vacation, the girls must finish their homework. Dalian is surprised to know that Cecil only has the free subject left. Cecil tries to imitate Dalian and write an essay about a book. Cecil quickly gives up. She decides to paint Dalian. The latter hates the way she’s portrayed. Cecil then makes a sculpture of Dalian. Again, the art doesn’t make Dalian happy. Cecil tries to sculpt a piggy bank. After some time, Cecil becomes frustrated. She’s sad, believing that she has no talent. Priscilla cheers her up. Priscilla tells Cecil that they will go to the beach tomorrow, when all the homework is done. Priscilla tells Cecil to give her best. Cecil makes Priscilla promise to prepare some pancakes. Cecil also makes Dalian promise to wear a swimsuit. Cecil builds a strange sculpture, which the other girls fail to appreciate. However, the Fine Arts Teacher sees it as a great work, worthy of an exhibition. Cecil shows the swimsuit to Dalian, as if to remind her of their promise.[4]

Cecil is excited to work as the art director during the school festival. She builds a strange machine for the set. However, Priscilla orders Cecil to follow the script. Hugh suddenly appears, calling for Dalian. She walks away. Priscilla is devastated knowing that Dalian left. Priscilla feels like Dalian will never return.[13] Cecil and Margaret lose their memories about Dalian. Everyone acts as if Dalian never existed.

Cecil enjoyed the school festival. She’s already thinking about the event from next year. Priscilla feels sad, but she doesn’t know why. Cecil worries about her. Priscilla suggests going out to play. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret feel like they are forgetting someone. Priscilla takes Cecil and Margaret to the classroom. Priscilla finally shows her notebook she uses to write. Priscilla wrote a novel about a little girl who loves books. Cecil recognizes the character created by Priscilla. Dalian suddenly appears. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret recover their memories about Dalian. The four girls walk to the cafeteria together.[14]





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