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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Dalianchan
Chapter 10

Release Date

May 9, 2012



The Chapter 10 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Dalian's experience at the beach.[1]


Dalian read a book about how to experience the beach for the first time, so now she’s excited to try it. She wants to go to the beach with Hugh. However, he affirms that there’s no beach nearby. Dalian, showing to be prepared, reveals the Go in an Instant. Hugh uses the Phantom Book. Hugh and Dalian suddenly appear in a beach. Hugh enjoys the sea and the breeze, but Dalian seems uncomfortable. She’s sweating due to her heavy clothes. Hugh packed some items for Dalian. He tells her to change. Dalian is sad because he packed only one fried bread.

Go Phantom Book

Hugh and Dalian go to the beach.

Dalian realizes that there’s no changing room around. Hugh covers her body with a blanket so that she can change out of sight. She feels like he’s treating her like a child, so she hits him. After a while, Dalian finally shows up in a summer dress. Hugh reflects about his good choice, since the dress is compatible with her flat chest. Now that Dalian is changed, Hugh invites her to the sea. However, Dalian refuses to enter the water. After all, the sea might rust the lock on her chest. Hugh tells her that the sea breeze will rust the lock nonetheless, so she shouldn’t worry. Offended, Dalian throws an octopus at Hugh.

Dalian decides to stroll along the beach. Rasiel is sleeping under the sand. Dalian steps on her, first by accident, then on purpose. Rasiel screams at her. Rasiel explains that she came to the beach with the Professor. He’s relaxing on a swim ring. Dalian notices that he’s surrounded by sharks. Rasiel affirms that he’s enjoying the thrill of the ocean, everything calculated. However, he’s clearly being attacked by the sharks.

Professor shark

The Professor enjoys the beach.

Rasiel wants revenge, since Dalian stepped on her. Rasiel can’t think of a way to repay Dalian’s offense. Dalian suggests a game. If Rasiel wins, Dalian will kneel before her. If Dalian wins, Rasiel has to spin in place three times and say “woof”, mimicking a cute dog. Rasiel hates the idea, but she accepts the challenge. Dalian explains the rules. They see a hat in the distance. The winner will be the one who takes the hat first. They are ready to start the race. Suddenly, Rasiel mentions a fried bread in the distance. She runs ahead, exploring Dalian’s distraction. Rasiel almost touches the hat, but Hugh takes it first, mistaking it for his hat.

Since Hugh is on Dalian’s side, she declares that the victory is hers. Rasiel protests, but she keeps her word. Blushing, she spins in place three times and says “woof”. Dalian laughs at her. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that the Professor is still in the water. He’s still in trouble. Later, Dalian reads a book about how to experience the mountains for the first time. She’s excited to travel with Hugh once again.[1]

Rasiel dog

Rasiel imitates a dog.



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