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Dantalian’s Uneasy Feeling? After School
Chapter 10 (Days)
Chapter 10

Japanese Name

ダンタリアンの胸騒がない? 放課後

Romanized Name

Dantarian no Mune Sawaganai? Hōkago



Release Date

March 26, 2011



"Dantalian’s Uneasy Feeling? After School" is the 10th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Dalian plans to read by herself after school.[1]


After school, Priscilla goes to her part-time job. Margaret will have piano classes. Cecil has no club activities. She wants company to walk back home. She asks Dalian if they should walk together, but the latter rudely refuses her offer.

Dalian goes to the library. She had already read all the books which she could reach. Now she wants to read those placed high in the bookshelves. There’s no stepladder nearby, so she creates a column of books. Kamilla witnesses Dalian falling and hitting her forehead against the wall.

Kamilla bandages Dalian’s forehead in the infirmary. Kamilla wonders if Dalian was waiting for someone in the library. Dalian affirms that she wanted to read a book. Kamilla has a new detective novel to read. She also brought many breads from the cafeteria. Dalian never read that book, and she also loves breads, so she decides to stay in the infirmary with Kamilla.

Kamilla fantasizes about the school life. When she was a student, people would wait for each other in the library, pretending to be a coincidence when they met. Students would also wait at the school gate. Kamilla advises Dalian to join a club. She imagines Dalian playing basketball and practicing rhythmic gymnastics. Kamilla can’t see Dalian going well in these sports. Dalian finds Kamilla's remarks very rude.

Hugh finds Dalian in the infirmary. Kamilla tells Dalian to change the bandage before going to bed. Hugh and Dalian leave the school. Hugh apologizes for making Dalian wait. He had to work overtime. Dalian wonders how Hugh knew that Dalian was in the infirmary. It’s revealed that Kamilla posted a message for Hugh at the library’s door, revealing Dalian’s whereabouts. At the infirmary, Kamilla continues to read her detective novel. Surprisingly, Dalian wrote the criminal’s name in the bookmark, spoiling Kamilla’s experience with the novel.[1]



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