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Chapter 1 (light novel 5)

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For the Phantom Book, see Old Bradshaw’s Timetable.
For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 1 (light novel 5).

"Timetable" is the 10th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga. It's divided into four parts.

Hugh and Dalian investigate a ghost train that should not exist. It's said that it's the same luxurious train involved in a tragic accident twelve years ago.[1]


Coal Shovel

The engineer assistant is knocked down.

Part I[]

A young assistant is trying to start a conversation with the engineer while operating a train. The engineer answers a call coming from the passenger car. Then, he uses a coal shovel to knock the assistant down. The engineer destroys the brake system and the regulating valve of the train. The vehicle is reaching a dangerous downhill. At that speed, it will definitely derail. The assistant tries to stop the engineer, only to be pushed off the train. Before hitting the ground, the assistant is pulled into a void by countless arms. The engineer lets out a maniac laughter. The imminent tragedy was featured in the newspapers.

Ryze's death

The assistant is pushed off the train.

Kamilla observes the photo of her mother she had hid behind the fireplace in order to prevent her father from seeing it. Meanwhile, Hugh and Dalian sit on a bench of a train station. Although the Biblioprincess is complaining about the dark, the cold and about her empty stomach, she’s determined to see the ghost train. Even the local police have asked them to investigate the sightings. Dalian is so bored that she’s wishing to have Kamilla around. However, Hugh mentions that her grandfather won't never allow her to ride a train. After all, Kamilla's mother died in a train accident long ago.

A maid has prepared a meal for Kamilla, but the young woman is nowhere to be seen. Kamilla left her home in secret to board a train.

Hugh and Dalian discuss about the ghost train. It's said that it's a luxurious vehicle with a dining coach. It’s been twelve years since a similar train ran through that line. After all, an accident involving a luxurious passenger train took the lives of influential people in the past. The train that had been spotted there shouldn’t exist, since it looked exactly like the one that derailed. Dalian catches Hugh smirking the same way Wesley used to do when he was interested in a mystery.

A few meters away, Hugh sees a bandaged man checking his watch, as if waiting for a train. The stranger doesn't seem to be a railroad official, nor a tourist. The mysterious man can only be waiting for the ghost train. Dalian notices that he’s holding the Timetable. Before Hugh can reach him to ask some questions, he hears a locomotive approaching. From the dark tunnel, the ghost train shows up amongst magical smoke. It was exactly as the Timetable specified. The bandaged man jumps onto the train. Dalian urges Hugh to follow him. She wants to lay her hands on the Phantom Book. Hugh lifts the little girl up and grabs the handrail at the rear end of the vehicle. The station became deserted once again.

Part II[]

Hugh barely boarded the train in safety, making Dalian very worried. Hugh is slapped in the face after teasing her about her kindness. It's a dangerous spot to stand, since the train is accelerating. However, the door in front of them is locked. Hugh tries to kick it open, but someone opens it from the inside. The cheerful little girl watches Hugh and Dalian collapsing on the floor. She introduces herself as KK, revealing only her initials, since her grandfather told her to not tell her name to strangers. KK and Dalian argue about who is taller.

Now that they are inside the train, Hugh and Dalian can look for the man carrying the Phantom Book. KK is fascinated by the duo and their investigation. However, they don’t give too much attention to the child. The blonde little girl gets angry and blurts out about a murder that will happen on the train. After all, a detective is searching the passenger cars for an escaped prisoner.

KK and Dalian fall when the vehicle gains speed once again. From the car in front of them, a gunshot is heard. The owner of the Timetable was trying to stop the train, but he had been restrained by the detective. The latter believes that the bandaged man is the murderer who escaped prison. The bandaged man affirms to be Heizer Hayling, the engineer assistant who was operating the locomotive twelve years ago, when everyone aboard met their ends. According to Dalian, the Timetable contained the records of every train route from the past, present and future. Hugh believes that all the passengers inside the ghost train are probably already dead.

Part III[]

Kamilla's scars

Kamilla exposes her scarred arm.

Inside a train, during a snowy night, Kamilla mourns her mother. She cries, exposing the scars of her right arm.

Aboard the ghost train, the detective seizes the Timetable as evidence of a possible crime committed by Hayling. The Phantom Book quickly goes out of control, since it's not being held by its rightful owner. Hugh shoots the dark energy that emerges from the pages, but it has no effect. The dark energy pushes a conductor through a window. Hayling closes the Phantom Book before it consumes the detective. Dalian approaches Hayling to ask how he obtained the Timetable. Hayling runs away before answering. Hugh follows him to the exterior part of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the detective decides to capture Hayling once again after coming back to his senses. Dalian, however, tells the detective that Hayling is not the murderer he is looking for.

The bandaged man is crawling on top of the cars. He doesn’t want to miss the opportunity given by the girl he met. He’s heading to the driver’s compartment, wishing to correct the events of twelve years ago. Pointing his gun at him, Hugh blocks his way to obtain some answers. Hayling affirms that even if the identities of all passengers are checked, they still won't find the murderer that escaped prison.

The detective interrogates Dalian, but KK is the one who gives him an important clue. According to the little girl, it’s possible that the criminal is hiding in the driver’s compartment. The police wouldn’t investigate there. Hayling is certain of that, because he was operating that train twelve years ago. On that occasion, the engineer tried to kill Hayling.

The detective knows that the murderer has experience working in a mountain railway. The detective uses the speaking tube to check KK’s hypothesis. This only puts pressure on the criminal, who increases the speed of the train. The young Hayling had just been knocked down by the jailbreaker in disguise. With the brake system destroyed and the steam pressure to the maximum, the train will have the same fate from twelve years ago, doomed to derail on a long downhill. Hayling affirms that he can stop the train if he sacrifices himself.

Part IV[]

Hayling has no use for the Timetable anymore, so he hands it over to Hugh. Hayling disconnects the locomotive from the passenger cars. The emergency brakes should suffice to stop the train. Hugh watches as Hayling goes away with the locomotive. The men exchange salute. During his last moments, after the train crashed, Hayling feels like he was released from a nightmare, everything thanks to the angel or demon that gave him the Timetable to save the passengers.

Dalian and KK also climb the train to follow Hugh. He tells the girls about Hayling's fate. The blonde girl realizes that the train is not stopping. The vehicle had accelerated too much. Even then, the girl still has a cheerful smile on her face, something that she learned from her mother. Dalian decides that Hayling's efforts won't be in vain. Following her instructions, Hugh opens the Timetable. In the future, that railway will have a new path that can take them towards the mountaintop. When Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library, a railway of light appears beneath the wheels of the train, preventing it from derail. KK introduces herself once again as Kamilla Sauer Keynes. The little girl, worried about her mother, decides to return to the passenger car. Because the train is running on an alternative track, the magic from the Phantom Book was going out of control. Hugh and Dalian will be sent to their original era. They promise to meet Kamilla once again.

The sun was up when Kamilla got off the train. As soon as she met her mother alive, she began to cry without knowing why. Meanwhile, Hugh and Dalian were paying respects to Heizer Hayling, the engineer assistant who prevented a train tragedy on the Highland Railway.[1]

Light novel-manga main differences[]

Light novel[2] Manga[1]
Hayling jumps off the locomotive. Jiryis pushes Hayling off the locomotive. Hayling falls in a void with many arms reaching out.
- Kamilla checks the portrait of her late mother. Kamilla leaves her home to board a train.
Kamilla tells Hugh and Dalian about the ghost train. Hugh and Dalian somehow learn about the ghost train.
- Hugh almost falls off the train. Dalian worries about him.
- Kamilla has scars from the accident years ago.
Dalian tries to grab the Timetable, but the detective is faster. The detective grabs the Timetable, releasing its magical power.
On top of the train, Hugh saves Hayling from falling off the vehicle. On top of the train, Hugh points his gun at Hayling, wishing to have some answers.
Hayling hits Hugh's head with a shovel. Hayling sacrifices himself, detaching the lomocotive from the rest of the vehicle. Hayling sacrifices himself, detaching the lomocotive from the rest of the vehicle. Hugh is too slow to stop him. They salute each other.
Rasiel is not part of the chapter. It's revealed that Rasiel gave the Timetable to Hayling.
Hugh and Dalian go back to their era. They notice that the once deserted train station is now crowded. Kamilla shows up and reveals that her mother is alive. Kamilla cries when she meets her mother. Hugh and Dalian go pay their respects to Hayling.


  • The ghost train travels on the Highland Line Railway.[2] Some panels in the manga depict a viaduct very similar to the Culloden Viaduct, which is part of the Highland Main Line in real life.[3]
  • The panel that introduces the young Kamilla is inspired by an illustration from the light novel.[1][2]


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