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Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Dalianchan
Chapter 11

Release Date

June 7, 2012



The Chapter 11 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh and Dalian inside a RPG world.[1] The Final Chapter is a sequel of Chapter 11.[2]


Hugh sleeping

Hugh activated a Phantom Book while sleeping.

Hugh believes that he’s still dreaming, since he notices that Dalian turned into a fairy. Dalian reveals that he’s not dreaming. She had already become a fairy when she woke up. Hugh finds himself leaning against a tree, rather than at the Disward estate. Dalian explains that Hugh accidentally used the power of a Phantom Book while sleeping. Hugh had activated the Book of Adventure, so now they are trapped inside a RPG world. They must defeat the Devil to return home. Hugh is confident that he can use a Phantom Book to defeat the enemy, but Dalian reveals that they can’t summon Phantom Books in that world.

Dalian decides to go to the nearest town. Hugh is hungry, so she gives him a dangerous looking plant. She affirms that it’s a medicinal herb, but Hugh refuses to eat it. At the town, they decide to prepare their equipment before confronting the Devil. Suddenly, they see Hal dragging Flamberge. Hugh and Dalian pretend that they didn’t see someone familiar, but Flamberge notices their presence. Flamberge explains that she was sleeping close to Hugh, in secret, so she was also trapped inside that world. She believes that she can defeat the Devil before Hugh and Dalian.

Hugh costume

Hugh tries a new costume.

Hugh and Dalian visit an equipment store. Hugh looks like a clown with the costume he chose. He removes the costume, mad with Flamberge’s laughter. He asks if Flamberge and Hal bought something. It’s revealed that they bought a coffin, so that Hal can drag Flamberge around without any pain. Flamberge explains that Hugh and Dalian are unable to buy equipment without money. Hal and Flamberge were able to get money by looking into people’s chests and pots. Dalian is furious with Flamberge’s absurd talk, so she urges Hugh to find the Devil. The couple is decided to find the enemy first.[1]

Image (1)

Hugh and Dalian head to the Devil's castle.


  • Flamberge mentions breaking pots as a way to get money, which is a trope in RPGs.[3]


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