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Book of Wisdom II
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Chapter 11

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Eichi no Sho II



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August 9, 2012



Adapted from

Chapter 2 (light novel 7)

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For the Phantom Book, see Book of Wisdom.
For the light novel chapter, see Chapter 2 (light novel 7).

"Book of Wisdom II" is the 11th and last chapter, excluding the epilogue, of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga. The second part of this chapter is called Book of Wisdom III. It continues the Book of Wisdom story.

Charlotte is an innocent girl who calls for the Black Biblioprincess. Charlotte changed after reading a book and now she's developing a meteorogical weapon for the military.[1]


Book of Wisdom II[]

Counselor Norman is supervising an experiment. A storm starts as soon as the W Machine is turned on. With the ability to change the weather, the British Empire will regain its power, exhausted after the World War I. After all, it was the sudden climate change that destroyed ancient civilizations, rather than war or plagues.

Eric meets Charlotte, entering her room through a window. His face is scratched. He affirms that no wound will stop him from seeing her. She had called for him. Charlotte has a book for the Black Biblioprincess.

Inside the Labyrinth Library, two girls are talking. The girl with long hair wonders about the name of that place. It’s odd to see her interested in something other than books. The girl with short hair suggests a name for the library, based on the name of the demon of knowledge, Dantalian. The long-haired girl Dalian has a lock and a key hanging on her chest.

Hugh wakes up from a dream. He was organizing a dimly lit room, but he stopped for a nap. He finds his grandfather’s notebook, but forgets about it when Kamilla appears from the kitchen. After cooking for Hugh and Dalian, Kamilla prepares to leave. She will pick her mother up at the station. She won't be back for a while, so she wants them to promise not to eat everything in one go. Dalian just ignores her, apparently in a bad mood. After Kamilla is driven away, Dalian fixes sheets of papers with offenses around the staircase. She may be upset because Kamilla left them. Hugh hears someone and wonders if Kamilla has forgotten something. However, the sound comes from a fallen man at the gates of the Disward estate. He’s wounded and asking for help. He's looking for the Black Biblioprincess.

Eric's call

Eric asks for Hugh and Dalian's help.

Hugh is driving with Dalian and the stranger. Hugh provides first aid, but recommends a doctor. The man introduces himself as Eric. Dalian is still showing discontent.

Charlotte is the one that asked for help. She is Eric’s childhood friend. He studies at an art college. Eric thinks he won’t have a bright future. However, he sees Charlotte as a genius. Eric shows one of her drawings. It depicts a girl with black, long hair, resembling Dalian. Eric shows them an article from the science section of a newspaper. Charlotte wrote a paper incomprehensible to reporters and scientists. It even caught the attention of the government. She has suddenly changed, becoming smarter than any expert or professor. Charlotte fell into the hands of the government and they started an experiment. The security around her is heavy, keeping even her family away. Dalian finds scribbles on Charlotte’s sketchbook. Hugh and Dalian realize that Charlotte read the Book of Wisdom. Hugh is confused, since this Phantom Book should be harmless. Dalian affirms that there are more people like her and Hugh. Dalian cries. She affirms that the strong wind affected her eyes.

Someone is following them. The person shoots the rear-view mirror of Hugh’s car. Eric explains that they are being chased by a soldier. The pursuers believe that Eric stole military secrets. Eric didn’t mention the dangerous situation. After all, he wanted Hugh and Dalian's full cooperation. Dalian gets angry, affirming that a soldier shouldn’t be shooting taxpayers. When the basket with the sweets cooked by Kamilla is hit, Dalian tells Hugh to open the Labyrinth Library. While he’s driving, she reaches the key on his hand and grabs a Phantom Book. Dalian summons a lightning from the Indra to flip over the car and end the chase, paying their pursuers back for what they have done with her precious food. Her attitude makes Hugh laugh. He has a bad feeling, but he keeps driving.

Under a full moon, Hugh and Dalian meet Charlotte at the top of a tower. He’s using a Phantom Book to make him and Dalian float. Charlotte has been waiting for them. She knows about their connection with the Labyrinth Library. Charlotte shows her knowledge about the Phantom Book used by Hugh to pass by the security undetected. Hugh and Dalian land on the tower. He notices how the girl doesn't seem in need of help. Someone that knows about Phantom Books asked Charlotte to called them. Black feathers move in the sky, revealing a floating girl. Rasiel and Dalian haven’t seen each other in a while.

Book of Wisdom III[]

Rasiel lands on the tower. Hugh learns that Rasiel changed Charlotte’s life with the Book of Wisdom. Charlotte is happy for obtaining what she wanted for years. She’s holding the Book of Wisdom. Her memory and thinking improves as long as she holds the Phantom Book. With the book and the W Machine, she can reach her objective of artificially controlling the weather. Norman brings armed men to surround Hugh and Dalian. Norman believes that the visitors are spies aiming for the revolutionary equipment. Charlotte thanks the Counselor for the cooperation but affirms that she won't use the machine as a weapon. However, Norman affirms that too much was invested in the machine. According to Norman, the W Machine will be used to increase the military power of the country.

A man throws a badly wounded Eric on the floor. The Counselor will do everything to use Charlotte. He’s threatening Eric and her parents to make her cooperate. The Counselor sees the W Machine as the last hope of the country. The sight of Eric’s blood makes Charlotte desperate. She forgets the Book of Wisdom on the floor. Her scream hurts the Counselor's mind. According to Dalian, the same happened with Fiona. Now that Charlotte's innocent soul was tainted, the Book of Wisdom released its hidden power. Dalian suffers when her lock starts to shine. She asks Rasiel not to open the Labyrinth Library. The soldiers are also in pain.

The ground shakes. A huge arm comes out from a magical door next to the tower. Rasiel and the Professor stand on its palm. Rasiel affirms that humans keep making the same mistakes, no matter how much civilization advances. Hugh notices a void where Rasiel’s left eye is supposed to be. A similar void is found on Dalian’s chest. The lock on Dalian’s chest also opens. She’s in pain, but she pushes the worried Hugh away. Rasiel allows the Professor to use a Phantom Book. Dalian cries, explaining to Hugh that there are other guardians and key-keepers of the Labyrinth Library.


A giant is summoned.

Rasiel and the Professor are on top of a giant. When the Professor reads the Loge, the giant destroys the top of the tower with a burst of energy. Dalian protects Charlotte and Eric with the Book of Styx. Hugh appears next to Rasiel, pointing his gun. He’s also holding the An immortal wizard to float. Rasiel notices how Dalian changed after having Wesley and Hugh as key-keepers. Dalian became more than a doll with no feelings. The Professor tries to hit Hugh from behind with his cane. Hugh blocks the attack with his revolver. According to the Professor, Hugh looks like Wesley. The Professor implies that Conrad wasn’t Wesley’s killer.

The Professor removes a blade from his cane and cuts Hugh. The latter falls on the tower. Dalian is worried, but Hugh was protected by An immortal wizard. The others have left the place. Rasiel affirms that a Biblioprincess and her key-keeper should provide knowledge to those who wish it. It’s up to people to decide what to do with the knowledge from the Labyrinth Library. Rasiel sees Dalian as someone arrogant, acting as a God for keeping the Labyrinth Library for herself.

Charlotte had found her parents. Mr. Edgecumbe hugs her. Now he realizes that Charlotte doesn't need to have a talent other than painting. Seeing her happy is the only thing that matters. Eric activates the machine to make the falling snow extinguish the flames. The machine is not a weapon. It's an innocent equipment created by Charlotte as a way to replicate a scene from her childhood with Eric and her parents. Rasiel laments that the Phantom Book didn't go out of control. The Professor opens a portal using a Phantom Book. He and Rasiel disappear. She affirms that the human heart will always desire Phantom Books. Dalian feels bad for not telling Hugh about Rasiel. But he remembers about their promise years ago, when Hugh was lost inside the Labyrinth Library. Hugh tells Dalian to share her history when she's ready. Dalian scolds him, but she cannot hold her tears. They leave the place, planning to eat what Kamilla cooked.[1]


Hugh reminds Dalian about their promise.

Light novel-manga main differences[]

Light novel[2] Manga[1]
The chapter has international agents trying to stop the development of the W Machine. -
Norman is Hugh's acquaintance. Norman believes that Hugh and Dalian are spies trying to steal the technology developed by Charlotte.
Rasiel and the Professor are not part of the chapter. Rasiel is a vessel containing the Rasiel's Bookshelf. Rasiel gave the Book of Wisdom to Charlotte. Rasiel and the Professor confront Hugh and Dalian. It's revealed that Rasiel is also a vessel containing the Labyrinth Library.
Hugh, Dalian, Charlotte and Eric meet by chance. Eric visits Charlotte. She wants to talk with the Black Biblioprincess.
Kamilla is not part of the chapter. Kamilla cooks for Hugh and Dalian.
Hugh and Dalian visit Eric's house. Eric visits the Disward estate, looking for the Biblioprincess.
Norman and his men follow Hugh and Dalian to Eric's house. Hugh, Dalian and Eric are pursued by Norman's men.
Hugh uses the Divine Pattern of Floating Silk to enter the castle unnoticed. Hugh uses the Phantom Book to float to the top of the castle.
Charlotte's parents gave her the Book of Wisdom to make her smarter. Norman threatens Eric and Charlotte's parents to force her to develop the W Machine.
- Charlotte releases the magic from the Book of Wisdom.



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