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Dantalian’s First Errand!?
Chapter 12 (Days)
Chapter 12

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Hajimete no o Tsukai!?



Release Date

May 26, 2011



"Dantalian’s First Errand!?" is the 12th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Hugh sends Dalian to buy groceries.[1]


Dalian asks Hugh for money to buy a new novel. Hugh gives her a shopping list. Although Dalian refuses to do errands, Hugh thanks her for going out to buy groceries.

Dalian buys the new novel first. She starts to read while walking. A woman tells her about swimwear for sale. The shopkeeper helps Dalian change. The latter is distracted with the novel. Cecil and Margaret see Dalian in swimsuit. They were looking for something to wear in the summer. Dalian finally realizes what’s happening.

Cecil and Margaret invite Dalian to swim during the summer vacation. Dalian becomes interested when Cecil mentions the shops on the beach selling barbecue and shave ice. Cecil and Margaret decide to choose a swimsuit for Dalian. The latter tries different models. The shopkeeper asks which Dalian will buy. Dalian reads her shopping list, finally remembering the errand she was supposed to run.

The three girls go to the cafe where Priscilla works to rest and have some tea. They tell everything that happened to Priscilla. The latter wants to see Dalian in swimsuit. Margaret wants to learn how to swim before summer vacation. Dalian doesn’t like the idea of swimming while having the skin harmed by seawater and ultraviolet rays. Margaret realizes that Dalian also doesn’t know how to swim. Cecil offers to teach them. She suddenly runs out of the cafe, realizing that she’s wearing a swimsuit by mistake. She left her favorite panties back at the clothing store. Dalian thinks it’s unsafe to learn how to swim from Cecil.[1]

Hugh comes home at night. Dalian bought everything he asked. Hugh prepares the dinner. Meanwhile, Dalian practices holding her breath under the water at the bathtub.[1]

Dalian Breath

Dalian practices holding her breath.



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