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Dantalian's Dalian Day's
Chapter 17 (Days)
Chapter 17

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Darian Deizu



Release Date

October 26, 2011



For the spin-off manga, see The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days.

"Dantalian's Dalian Day's" is the 17th and final chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

The girls forget about Dalian.[1]


The school festival starts without Dalian. Another student is playing her part, as if Dalian never existed. Only Priscilla seems to notice her absence. She feels miserable. After the festival, Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret meet in the schoolyard. Cecil and Margaret had fun with the event. They’re already excited for the next year’s festival. Cecil and Margaret notice how Priscilla looks sad. Priscilla is making her friends worry. Cecil tickles Priscilla to cheer her up, touching her chest. Priscilla apologizes for worrying Cecil and Margaret. Priscilla affirms to be feeling a little tired after preparing the school festival.

Priscilla doesn’t have to work that day, so she suggests going out to play. Cecil proposes exploring the Ombolo Mansion. Margaret fears that place. The girls feel like they are forgetting something. Someone else should be with them. Priscilla remembers Dalian. Priscilla takes Cecil and Margaret to the classroom. Priscilla shows her novel to her friends. According to Priscilla, the main character of the novel is a little girl who is always reading books. The little girl is a bad-mouth who loves sweets and doesn’t know how to swim properly. She’s also a cute, dear friend. Priscilla cries while writing about Dalian, in order to not forget about her.

Cecil and Margaret notice that the character is identical to Dalian. Cecil asks Dalian's opinion about the way she was depicted. Priscilla sees Dalian reading a book nearby. Dalian affirms that the main character should be more intelligent and mature. Priscilla runs to hug her friend. Priscilla thought that Dalian would never come back. Priscilla wets Dalian’s clothes with her tears and runny nose. As punishment, Priscilla will treat Dalian at the cafeteria. The girls walk to the cafeteria together.[1]


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