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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Dalianchan
Chapter 1

Release Date

July 7, 2011



The Chapter 1 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh trying to prank Dalian and the aftermath.[1]


Hugh received an invoice of a heap of fried breads purchased by Dalian. She quickly devours the pastries. She saves the last one for later. After a few minutes, she approaches Hugh. She asks where the fried bread is. She shows her empty platter. Hugh affirms that he ate it. After seeing Dalian eating so many fried breads, he finally decided to taste it. Dalian cries, now that her last pastry was gone.

In fact, Hugh is hiding the fried bread in his hat. He was planning to play with her, but he lost the timing. In the bookshelf nearby, he finds a book about pranks. He’s inspired to do a magic trick. While using a wand, he takes the fried bread out of his hat. Dalian is shocked at first, believing that Hugh conjured a new fried bread. However, she notices that the fried bread has her own bite mark. She realizes that Hugh had taken her fried bread to fool her. She slaps him.

Kamilla visits them. She wonders why Hugh is collapsed on the floor. Dalian proceeds to tell her what Hugh had done. Since the story is too long, Kamilla eats Dalian’s fried bread. The Biblioprincess shakes in sadness. Kamilla apologizes. In order to soothe Dalian, Kamilla decides to make a fried bread with Hugh. He’s not confident, since he never made a fried bread before. Furthermore, they don’t have the ingredients.

Kamilla dumps the contents of her bag on the floor. They have to work with inadequate ingredients, such as candies, mushrooms and soy sauce. While they make the fried bread, Dalian decides to read. The cooking is troublesome and noisy. Dalian listens to Hugh and Kamilla and wonders if they are having fun.

Hugh seems anxious, but he serves the bread to Dalian. The bread doesn’t look appealing. Dalian blushes. She affirms that they failed to make a fried bread, but she admits that their dish is surprisingly good. Hugh and Kamilla seem relieved.[1]



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