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Dantalian’s Road Windal Academy
Chapter 1 (Days)
Chapter 1

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Rōdo Windaru Gakuen



Release Date

March 26, 2010



"Dantalian’s Road Windal Academy" is the 1st chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Priscilla attends the first day of the semester at her school. Dalian, a new student, attracts her attention.[1]


Hugh offers his hand to support Dalian while she’s walking out of a ship. She’s hungry. She had skipped meals to avoid seasickness. Hugh hadn’t notice it, since he had slept during the whole trip. They walk to a house made of stones. Dalian needs to rest in order to not be late on the first day of school.

A new semester starts at the Road Windal Academy. Priscilla is in the Class 2J. She meets Cecil and Margaret, her friends who also got in the same class. Margaret noticed how Priscilla was chosen as a class representative by the homeroom teacher. Margaret admires Priscilla. The latter got top grades last year. She’s a good example of intelligence and good behavior. Priscilla gives her best. After all, if she’s not hardworking, she may lose her scholarship.

Cecil is grateful to be a daughter of an aristocrat. Priscilla hits her in the head and calls her a failed aristocrat. The girls argue momentarily. Cecil says that Priscilla is a commoner who eats bread crusts. Margaret worries about Priscilla. However, Priscilla explains that she’s not that financially troubled. Priscilla loves bread crusts fried in oil and sprinkled with sugar.

Margaret still relies on her parents. She wants to be as independent as Priscilla, who keeps a scholarship and works in part-time jobs. Cecil wonders if she should also work to find a date. Cecil grabs Priscilla’s chest, asking how her breasts became so large. The girls accidentally bump into Hugh. Cecil finds him cool. She wonders if he’s a new teacher. The girls hear a bell. They run to the classroom.

Their names are written on the desks. Priscilla finds her place at the back of the classroom. She sits next to a strange and beautiful black-haired girl. The latter is reading a book. She has a lock on her chest. Priscilla introduces herself, but the girl gives her a scary look. The girl goes back to reading. Priscilla reads the name "Dalian" on the desk. The teacher Olive Smith starts the homeroom class. Priscilla notices how Dalian continues to read. Priscilla admires Dalian’s beauty. Cecil notices how Priscilla is interested in Dalian. After all, Priscilla writes her thoughts on her notebook. Priscilla screams at Cecil, interrupting the class. Priscilla apologizes. Dalian never talked to anyone during class.

After school, Priscilla works in a café. Late that night, before returning to the dormitory, she goes to the library. Priscilla always loved fairy tales and picture books. Now, she’s writing a novel, although she never showed it to anyone. Not even her friends know about her private time. Dalian comes to her mind once again. Priscilla decides to leave. One of her sheets falls on the floor. Dalian is the one who picks it up.[1]

Priscilla library

Priscilla meets Dalian at the library.


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