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Disaster and Temptation
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Chapter 1

Episode 24: The Grimoire and The Aphrodisiacs

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Saiyaku to Yūwaku



Release Date

October, 2010 (The Sneaker)





"Disaster and Temptation" is the 1st chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 7. It's divided into seven parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 24 in the story line.

Grosseteste requests Hugh’s help to solve a case involving a cursed book supposedly created by aliens.[1]


The messy place filled with strange books looks more like a hut of a shaman than a hospital. A wounded, thin man is resting on a bed. He had been beaten with a heavy blunt object. He’s the owner of the clinic, and he’s talking with an inspector. Agitated, the doctor asks the whereabouts of his book. He had bought the valuable book for a large amount of money in a used bookstore. For his despair, the inspector will keep the book for now to conduct an investigation.

According to the doctor, the book is a magical one, made by the Kasuruhau, aliens from Venus who came to Earth on a sparkling ship in ancient times. They can control magic. They used to live in the South Pacific, but a disaster caused their continent to sink hundreds of thousands of years ago. Their descendants survived. One day, their deceased will resurrect, and the world will turn to hell. The doctor believes that he’s one of the descendants. He realized that after getting into a car accident and barely surviving. He warns the inspector. A terrible curse will befall those who hold the book without the blessing of the Kasuruhau. The inspector listens everything, becoming more and more angry and impatient. Satisfied, the inspector leaves the clinic.

Part 1[]

Hugh walks an old woman to the entrance of the mansion. She realizes that he has a cold. She worries about him, treating him like a child. She’s Natalia, the nanny from Hugh’s childhood, when his mother was still alive. Natalia leaves. Dalian was hiding behind a pillar. She hates the old woman. Dalian tells Hugh to stay away, otherwise she will be infected. She doesn’t like to see Hugh sick. After all, he’s the one who cooks for her. Someone knocks on the door. Inspector Grosseteste needs help in regard to a certain book. The old book in his hand apparently is a grimoire cursed by aliens, bringing misfortune to its owner.

Part 2[]

They have a conversation in the living room. Dalian hides behind the sofa. She’s curious about the book, but she’s too shy to come closer and check it. She keeps trying to reach the grimoire, but Grosseteste is faster. The inspector explains about the case involving the book. Its first owner was Kempson, a book collector and a major shareholder of a spinning company, although he assumes such important position thanks to the family of his wife. About a month ago, a robber got into his house and stole the book. Kempson said that he was attacked by a monster controlled by the Kasuruhau, a race of aliens. According to the victim, the monster looks like a crow, a bat, a mole and a human corpse. Kempson hasn’t been severely wounded, but perhaps the shock made him give such absurd testimony. Kempson knew that he was attacked by a monster because someone had predicted it.

Dunstan is a self-proclaimed anthropologist and researcher. He also owns a small clinic. A few days ago, he asked for Kempson’s book, telling him that, otherwise, Kempson would be cursed by the Kasuruhau. This would make Dunstan the main suspect. However, Dunstan has an alibi. When Kempson was attacked, Dunstan was aboard a ship. Unexpectedly, one week later, the book was found among Dunstan’s possessions. He bought the book from a used bookstore owned by a certain Hobbes. The latter doesn’t know how the stolen book ended up in the store. Apparently, Dunstan learned the book’s whereabouts from a revelation from his fellow Kasuruhau. Hobbes also has an alibi. He was in a meeting of used bookstore owners when the monster attacked Kempson.

The inspector continues to describe the case. One day after Dunstan bought the book, at about the same time, he and Hobbes were also attacked. According to Dunstan, he was riding a train when he was beaten by a man who opposes the Kasuruhau. No one saw Dunstan being attacked. The woman who was traveling with him in the same compartment seems to have no connection with the incident. Later, Dunstan’s possessions were found inside a trash bin at the station. His valuables were looted, but the book was untouched. The detective who took the grimoire was involved in a serious bar fight, so now even policemen believe that the book is cursed. Grosseteste hopes that the Biblioprincess will help him solve the case. He lays the book on the table and leaves the mansion.

Part 3[]

Hugh examines the book. Dalian is curious to read it, but she keeps her distance. Hugh believes that she’s afraid of being cursed. He leans against the sofa, suffering from a headache. Dalian wonders when Hugh will be attacked by a monster. However, he doesn’t feel threatened. Dalian slowly gathers courage to read the book. She pushes Hugh, telling him to cook something while she reads. Hugh reluctantly stands up, but he falls soon after, feeling dizzy. Dalian’s face shows no emotion, although her hands start to shake in worry.

Part 4[]

The next day, Hugh wakes up with sunlight on his face, feeling a bit better. Dalian is sleeping at the foot of the bed. She had carried him to the bed and placed a wet towel on his forehead. He was bruised, because she had to dragged him. The sheet was wet, because she hadn’t squeezed the towel. It seems like Dalian had read the whole book. Dalian wakes up. She blushes when Hugh expresses his gratitude. She tells him that she was worried about him. Dalian isn't acting normally, as a capricious and arrogant girl she normally is. She had prepared soup, a semi-liquid mass of an unpleasant green color. Hugh refuses to eat it, but Dalian feeds him a spoonful. He falls on his back, exhausted. Dalian presses her forehead against his, checking the temperature. Next, she brings aloe to stick into his nose. According to her, the plant will help against the cold. Hugh wonders why she’s being so strange. He glances at the old book. He screams while Dalian takes care of him.

Part 5[]

Only when the sun was almost set, Dalian fell asleep, satisfied like a caring nurse after treating her patient. Hugh reflects about the book. Nothing written on it is forbidden knowledge from a Phantom Book, and yet, it's capable of troubling policemen and changing Dalian’s personality. If it was a Phantom Book, it would be enough for Hugh to seal it inside the Labyrinth Library. But the pages only describe an ancient alien civilization. Hugh hears footsteps. He's expecting a monster, but Kamilla opens the door with a powerful push. She came to check on Hugh after Natalia told her about his cold.

Kamilla is always interested in the unusual books that fall into Hugh and Dalian’s hands. She smells the pages. Dalian wakes up due to the noisy guest. The Biblioprincess can’t remember what happened during the day. Hugh tries to check her temperature, but she rudely hits his arm. She's back to her normal self. Kamilla suddenly stops reading the book to touch Dalian. Kamilla blushes, as if attracted by the Biblioprincess. Kamilla grabs Dalian, adoring her hair and voice. The latter tries to fight Kamilla. Hugh draga Kamilla away from Dalian. Hugh wonders if the book changed Kamilla’s personality. Kamilla asks if Hugh is jealous. She hugs him, planning to kiss his neck. Dalian feeds her with a spoon of the awful soup. Kamilla coughs and tears up, apparently back to normal. Hugh checks the book once again. It seems like everything is clear to him now.

Part 6[]

Grosseteste visits Hugh once again, one week after the book was returned to the police. It’s revealed that Hugh was right and that Kempson’s wife admitted everything. She was the one who attacked Kempson, after he brought a maid into his room. The book was made of an unusual paper which exudes an unique aroma that causes infatuation, like an aphrodisiac. That’s why Dalian and Kamilla had changed so much. Kempson had only mentioned about monsters to put the police on the wrong track. He had an important position thanks to his wife, so he chose not to expose her. Earlier, Dunstan had burst into his house to make a fuss about aliens, so Kempson explored his delirium to create a strange story.

When the maid left Kempson’s house, she took the book with her to sell it. Hobbes bought the Phantom Book and, after listening to the maid’s history, he decided to extort money from Kempson. In turn, Kempson sent his men to attack the shopkeeper, which explains the incident which befell Hobbes. The latter only lied about being attacked by monsters because he didn’t want to admit practicing extortion. When Hobbes was attacked, the book had already been sold to Dunstan. The doctor had paid Kempson’s maid for information about its whereabouts.

Dunstan was reading the book aboard the train from the capital. He breathed its smell and became infatuated with the woman riding the same compartment. The woman was forced to beat him. Dunstan forgot everything after waking up. Policemen also had trouble after courting women, motivated by the book. The only thing Grosseteste can’t understand is why the book is themed around monsters and aliens. Hugh suggests that the book has been created by the Kasuruhau. Grosseteste laughs, deeming his words as a joke. The inspector thanks Hugh for his services. Hugh explains that he only was successful because of his stuffy nose.

Part 7[]

The police returned the book to Dunstan after impregnating its cover with a special green chemical to eliminate the exciting smell. Some say that the chemical was prepared by a girl as a soup for a patient, but no one really knows the truth. After several months, while reading a newspaper, Hugh learns that Dunstan had disappeared. Neighbors say that, on that evening, they saw a strange luminous object, like a ship, flying west, where Venus shines. Dalian also reads the article over Hugh’s shoulders. They act as if nothing had happened. Hugh throws the newspaper into the fireplace. The book of the Kasuruhau will never be seen again.[1]


  • Natalia mentions the girl who returned from America and Elphinstone's daughter as women for Hugh to marry. She's referring to Kamilla and Jessica, respectively.[1]
  • Dalian uses Aloe, a plant from the Asphodeloideae, to treat Hugh's cold. According to her, it's a Russian folk remedy.[1] Indeed, although aloe is not native to Russia, it has long been studied and used in both official and traditional Russian herbal medicine. Russians have grown aloe in their homes since the 1930s and use it for treating cuts, scrapes, minor burns, cold sores, sunburn, and other types of skin inflammation.[2]
  • Kamilla compares Dalian's voice with the cry of a Kajika frog. In Japanese a person with a beautiful singing voice is referred to as "Kajika".[3]


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