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Phantom Book of the King
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Chapter 1

Episode 27: The Final Destination

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Ō no Maboroshi-sho



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April, 2011 (The Sneaker)





For the Phantom Book, see Book of Royal Power.

"Phantom Book of the King" is the 1st chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 8. It's divided into eight parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 27 in the story line.

Hal and Flamberge follow Lazarus Goldin, a man preparing an expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. The place attracts the attention of Hugh and Dalian, who also travel to the Nubian desert.[1]


The bearded man walks along the quiet university. The doctor tenses, noticing that someone is inside his laboratory. He sees a young man sat in the visitor’s chair. Both had visited uncharted regions in Africa to study the local ecosystem and ancient buildings. The bearded man recognizes the reporter. The young man slowly raises his hand, showing a small tablet that he stole from the doctor. It reveals how to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. The doctor’s assistants had told everything to the young man. The doctor tells the young man to return the tablet, threatening him with a pistol. The latter explains that the Book of Royal Power didn’t choose the doctor. The young man reads the Phantom Book and tells the doctor to die. A loud shot breaks the silence.

Part 1[]

Hal Flamberge Nile

Hal and Flamberge travel to the Nubian desert.

Hal and Flamberge are in a large, hot city in the middle of the Nubian desert, watching a man surrounded by bodyguards on the deck of a cargo ship anchored in the port. Lazarus Goldin, the Newspaper King, made a great career for himself, probably using illegitimate methods. He probably has a Phantom Book. When he was a simple reporter, six or seven years ago, he participated in an expedition conducted by Henry Gaveston, the man who found the Phantom Book Cemetery. According to Gaveston, there were many tablets in the place, but he only managed to obtain one due to the porters who rebelled. However, the tablet was deemed as a fake.

The doctor was preparing a new expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery, but he suddenly committed suicide. Hal looks at the newspaper in his hand. The article says that Goldin is arranging an expedition to Africa. He is heading to the Phantom Book Cemetery. He will continue the doctor’s work. He will become more powerful and his newspapers will become more popular. It seems like Goldin inherited a Phantom Book from Gaveston.

Hal hears a young girl behind him. She wears a magnificent old-fashioned dress and carries a parasol and a heavy suitcase. She involuntarily releases the suitcase, which rolls down the steps and hits Hal. The suitcase opens, covering Hal and Flamberge with a mountain of clothes. The girl apologizes. Because of Flamberge’s attire, the stranger thinks that Hal is a slave trader. The stranger tells Hal to release Flamberge. The latter laughs while Hal introduces himself as a Book Burning Officer. He quickly collects the clothes on the floor, trying not to draw Goldin’s attention. The girl affirms to be a researcher looking for the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal doesn’t believe in her. The girl leaves after seeing someone familiar nearby. Hal hopes to find the Phantom Book Cemetery to burn every last one of the Phantom Books.

Part 2[]

Dalian is in a bad mood because she has to wait under the bright sun while crowds of people stare at her. She is drawing everyone’s attention, since she had ordered a huge platter of qatayef. Hugh is looking at a man yelling at the movers on the deck of a ship. Dalian wonders if Goldin is the host of the Book of Royal Power. A girl approaches them. She’s Ernie Gaveston, niece of the late Henry Gaveston. Hugh doesn’t recognize her right away, but they have met before, about eight years ago, at Wesley’s house. Hugh mentions how pretty Ernie became. Dalian visibly tenses in jealously. Ernie reveals that she came for Hugh. After all, he has the notes about the Saraharufua Mountain which were written by Gaveston and bought by Wesley. Hugh removes a notebook from his breast pocket. According to Ernie, the notes describe the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Suddenly, Hal shows up, taking the notebook from Hugh’s hand.

Part 3[]

Dalian hides behind Hugh. He knew that Hal would travel there after learning about the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hugh reveals that he had prepared himself for Hal’s presence. The Biblioprincesses and key-keepers are not happy to see each other. Hal wonders if Hugh and Dalian are responsible for the Book of Royal Power falling into Goldin’s hands. However, Ernie reveals that the Book of Royal Power was found by her uncle at the Phantom Book Cemetery. Someone stole the Phantom Book the same night Henry Gaveston killed himself.

A man surrounded by bodyguards interrupts their conversation. Goldin thanks Hugh for the notes he is offering. Since Hugh has valuable information about the Phantom Book Cemetery, he was invited for Goldin’s expedition. Hal wants to burn Goldin’s Phantom Book immediately. The Book Burning Officer calls for Flamberge, preparing to load a Phantom Book in his staff. However, with only a word, Goldin makes Hal freeze like a statue. Goldin removes a small tablet from his briefcase. He exudes a majestic atmosphere that makes people prone to kneel and bow their heads. Hal tries to move his body to no avail. Goldin tells Hal to drown himself in the Nile. Following Goldin’s orders, the people around part to make way for Hal, who is forced to walk towards the water. Hal is fighting so much to oppose the magic, that he may kill himself before reaching the river. Hugh calmly shoots Hal. Hugh tells Goldin that he wished to kill the Book Burning Officer with his own hands. Hugh and Dalian head for the ship with Goldin and his men. Flamberge stays behind, checking Hal’s body. She wonders what Hugh is planning.

Part 4[]

Hal wakes up in pain. He paid a price for trying to resist the Book of Royal Power. His head rests on Ernie’s lap. Flamberge is sat by the wall. They are in a dark, cramped room. For Hal’s shock, Ernie tries to give him water mouth-to-mouth. That’s what she has been doing while he was unconscious. Ernie brought him there and took care of him all night. Hal presses a hand against his chest. There’s a bullet hole on his coat, but he’s not seriously wounded. Flamberge shows the notebook Hal took from Hugh. The Book Burning Officer punches the floor, enraged.

Part 5[]

Goldin’s ship drifts along the Nile, almost at the swamps that claimed the lives of many travelers. On the deck, Dalian complains about the ship, the beds and the food. Next to her, Hugh recites Gaveston’s notes. The explorer wrote that the Phantom Book Cemetery is located on a high plateau with a unique ecosystem which developed for millions of years while hidden by sheer cliffs. It seems like locals don’t visit the place because they are afraid of monsters. Dalian is angry because Hugh talked with Flamberge earlier. The jealous girl kicks Hugh. She doesn’t like to see a Biblioprincess like Flamberge in company of a Book Burning Officer.

Hal interrupts the couple to ask why Hugh saved him. He’s followed by Flamberge and Ernie. Dalian hides behind Hugh. Hal throws the notebook he took from Hugh onto the deck. The notebook has a thick metal plate which earlier protected Hal from the bullet. Hugh had told the Book Burning Officer that he had prepared himself. Hugh figured out that shooting Hal was the only way to remove the Book Burning Officer from Goldin’s control. Hugh hopes to hear a “thank you” from Hal. The latter went aboard the ship only because Ernie and Flamberge had a scheme of the ship provided by Hugh. The girls had carried Hal inside the vessel without anyone noticing.

Hal and Hugh make a truce. The Book Burning Officer asks about the Book of Royal Power. Dalian doesn’t know much about the Phantom Book, one of the oldest on the planet. Although it has many copies, those who found them never managed to decipher their text. The tablets give royal power to the users, and are made of a very rare mineral only found in the hinterlands of Africa. Hugh was following Goldin because he can’t oppose the royal power of the Newspaper King. However, Hugh affirms that giving the power to rule everyone is not the true role of the Phantom Book. He suddenly points his revolver at the bow. The ship shakes violently.

Part 6[]

The ship hits ten-meter reptiles. The Sarcosuchus crocodiles attack from the front, while six-meter Hyneria fishes rip the sailors apart on the deck. Hugh planned to use Hal to eliminate the ancient monsters. The bullets from Hugh’s revolver can’t pierce through the thick skin of the crocodiles. Hal loads his staff with a Phantom Book from the Long Lost Library inside Flamberge. He shoots flames at the crocodiles, but the animals are not burned to ashes. It’s revealed that they are real, not monsters created by forbidden knowledge. A fish knocks Hal down with a blow of its tail. A Sarcosuchus crocodile rushes at him.

Hugh is ready to open the Labyrinth Library to save Hal. However, Goldin shows up to use his royal power. He raises his small tablet, forcing the monsters to freeze. He affirms that only the reader chosen by the Book of Royal Power will reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. Ernie affirms that Goldin stole the Book of Royal Power from her uncle and forced him to kill himself, all to obtain the valuable forbidden knowledge from the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin admits his crime. Goldin asks Hugh what Hal and Flamberge are doing aboard the ship. Goldin’s bodyguards raise their guns. Hugh raises his hands in silence.

Part 7[]

Flamberge and Dalian are shackled and tied together in a corner of the wagon. Goldin watches as Hugh and Hal push the wagon with the rest of the crew. Ernie walks beside them. They are climbing the Saraharufua Mountain, the supposed location of the Phantom Book Cemetery. They find unusual plants and animals, part of an ecosystem isolated from the outside world for millions of years. They reach the plateau, where they find a group of stones forming bizarre, twisting columns raising into the sky. Hal falls to one knee, breathing heavily. He’s still recovering from the battle on the ship. Ernie kisses his cheek to help in the healing of one of his wounds.

Hal Arnie

Hal protects Ernie.

Goldin wants his subjects to keep moving. People complain, so the Newspaper King grabs his stone tablet, which gives him an intimidating aura. A shock wave pushes everyone away and breaks the wagon. Hal covers Ernie to protect her. Hugh deduces that the power of the Book of Royal Power increased because they are close to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin can’t control the Phantom Book anymore. Trees and stones are destroyed by the shock waves. Hal tells Goldin to stop. The Newspaper King orders Hal to kill Flamberge, then to kill himself. Hal tries to resist, but he’s forced to grab Flamberge by her neck. Hugh removes four ancient stones tablets from inside the Labyrinth Library. Hal regains control of his own body. Goldin can’t control Hugh. The latter also have the Book of Royal Power. Hugh had used Goldin to take the Phantom Books to the Phantom Book Cemetery.

According to Dalian, the condition has been fulfilled now that all the Phantom Books are back to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hugh reads the tablets, which lit up. Hal notices that the columns around them are also made of shiny stone tablets. He’s looking at the Phantom Book Cemetery found by Gaveston, a place where those Phantom Books are born, where they find their last refuge. There’s also lots of human bones, the remains of the past readers. Dalian explains that the strange columns are collective intelligences formed by the Book of Royal Power. The tablets are living minerals which telepathically control other life forms. They are found by people who accidentally wander into the Phantom Book Cemetery. They collect information from the outside world. Then, they use a host to return to their home. The host who fulfill his mission may become arrogant due to the incredible power borrowed from the tablet. In that case, the host will face a severe punishment.

Goldin has no control over his body. He climbs one of the columns and inserts his tablet into a gap. He damages his hand while trying to retrieve the Phantom Book. He yells at his subordinates, but he has no royal power to order them around anymore. The men throw stones and bones at him. Goldin tries to run away, but Hal stops him. As a Book Burning Officer, Hal has to destroy Goldin’s memories related to Phantom Books. However, since the Book of Royal Power seems resistant to fire, Hal considers killing Goldin. The latter runs towards Flamberge, planning to use her as a hostage.

Ernie knocks Goldin to the ground and presses her parasol against his throat, ready to get revenge for her uncle. Ernie speaks in a male voice. It’s revealed that she’s in fact Gaveston II, Henry Gaveston’s nephew and an explorer of Tibet. Hugh knew about his identity from the start. Flamberge also knew, having noticed the contents of his suitcase earlier. Gaveston II thanks Hugh for his intervention. Thanks to Hugh, Gaveston II also found an interesting person. The explorer turns his gaze at Hal. Hugh places the tablets back into the columns. The ground begins to shake. The Phantom Book Cemetery will soon disappear.

Part 8[]

The crew boarded the ship when the Saraharufua Mountain erupted. The eruption ended after a few hours. Hal asks Hugh why he risked his own life to return the tablets to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hugh wanted to help the tablets return home and preserve the memories they collected. Hal believes that the tablets were destroyed with the eruption. However, according to Hugh, the eruption was deliberately caused by the tablets. They used the energy from the eruption to leave the planet and travel to another place. Dalian affirms that she also prefers to go away rather than live in the same planet as Hal.

The Book Burning Officer threatens to burn Dalian. Hugh removes the Book of the Descendant of the Mist from his pocket. Hal recognizes the Phantom Book that opens a passage in the spacetime. However, the Phantom Book can only transport the user for a few kilometers. Hugh will go insane if he tries to go further. Otherwise, he may die in the middle of the desert. After reading a few lines, Hugh looks up at the sky. As planned, he sees an airplane flying over them. Hugh and Dalian disappear before Hal can attack them. Flamberge laughs maliciously. Hal promises to corner them someday.[1]


  • Sarcosuchus is an extinct crocodyliform that lived 133-112 million years ago of what is now Africa and South America. It was one of the largest crocodile-line reptiles, reaching an average estimate of 9 meters and 3.5 tonnes. The first remains were discovered in the Sahara.[2]
  • Hyneria is a genus of large prehistoric predatory fish, estimated at 2.5–3.7 m in total length, which lived around 360 million years ago.[3]
  • The Nubian Desert is in the eastern region of the Sahara Desert, spanning approximately 400,000 km² of northeastern Sudan and northern Eritrea, between the Nile and the Red Sea. The arid region is rugged and rocky and contains some dunes.[4]
  • Dalian eats qatayef, an Arab dessert. It's a sort of sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts. It can be described as a folded pancake.[5]
  • Dalian complains about Goldin's ship, affirming that the ghost ship was way better. She's referring to the Atlantic Rim from The Logbook story.[1]
  • The chapter mentions the existence of plans for flights between Cape Town, South Africa and Cairo, Egypt.[1] In fact, the linking of the two cities was an important matter for British imperialism. The idea of the connection dates back at least to 1876, but the pioneering first scheduled air mail service happened only in 1932, after the Great War, conducted by the Imperial Airways.[6]
    • The chapter also mentions the construction of a transcontinental railway.[1] The Cape to Cairo Railway was a project to create a railway line crossing Africa from south to north, connecting the territories of the British Empire. The plan initiated at the end of the 19th century. Many parts of its intended course are incomplete or inoperative.[7]
  • Ernie heard about merchants selling Africans as slaves in America. Hal affirms that the kingdom has banned slave trade for a hundred years. Slavery also ended in America.[1] In reality, estimates are that about 12 million to 12.8 million Africans were shipped across the Atlantic over a span of 400 year. The Atlantic slave trade existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries and involved the transportation by slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas.[8] The United Kingdom and the United States outlawed the international slave trade in 1807. Britain abolished slavery throughout its empire by the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. The United States abolished slavery in 1865.[9]
  • The Last Book and Phantom Book of the King were the last light novel chapters released for The Sneaker.[1][10]


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