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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Dalianchan
Chapter 2

Release Date

August 9, 2011



The Chapter 2 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh trying to get help to tend to the Disward estate garden.[1]


Tending the garden of the Disward estate is a great effort. Hugh asks for Dalian’s help, but next to him there’s only a doll as the Biblioprincess’ stand-in. Hugh needs someone’s hand. Flamberge suddenly shows up, affirming that Hal can help, although the place would be in a serious risk of being burned down. Hugh wonders what she’s doing in the garden. Flamberge reveals that she was walking with Hal, when he had the urge to go to the bathroom. He didn’t want to use the toilet of the Disward estate, so he just ran somewhere else. Flamberge decided to wait Hal in the garden.

Flamberge reveals that Rasiel is also nearby. The latter is stuck in a bush. Hugh wonders what she’s doing in the garden. Rasiel screams for help. After Rasiel is released, she complains about the dilapidated state of the garden. According to her, she was stuck because she had tripped over ivy. However, Flamberge affirms that Rasiel tripped on her own dress. Rasiel screams at her, embarrassed. Rasiel explains that she was walking with the Professor to buy groceries, but she decided to wait for him in the garden to avoid the crowd. Flamberge angers Rasiel by saying that the Professor must be looking for a naughty magazine.

Dalian shows up. She’s not happy to see Rasiel and Flamberge. Dalian wants someone to leave. Flamberge and Rasiel stare at Hugh, as if telling him to go away. Hugh uses the opportunity to ask for the girls’ help to tend to the garden. Dalian refuses, but she quickly changes her mind when Hugh bribes her with fried breads. Flamberge also wants fried breads, but Dalian refuses to share. Dalian also won’t share with Rasiel, although the latter never asked.

Garden Dalianchan

Flamberge and Dalian help with the garden.

Dalian is confident in her work. Even with her long sleeves, she manages to make a grass sculpture in the shape of a fried bread. Flamberge decides to join the effort. Even with her straitjacket, she manages to use her hair to make a grass sculpture in the shape of a sensual female bust. Hal interrupts their work. He offends Flamberge and tells her to go sit in the motorcycle. They ride away.

Hugh, Dalian and Rasiel wait for the Professor. Dalian affirms that he should return soon, but hours pass. Hugh feels like he’s taking care of the last child in the nursery. Dalian blushes while offering a fried bread to Rasiel. After all, time goes slower while someone is bored. The Biblioprincesses seem embarrassed. Before Rasiel can answer to the offer, the Professor shows up. He apologizes for the waiting. He’ll prepare escargot for dinner. The couple walks away. Hugh still needs help with the garden. He tries to bribe Dalian with fried breads, but she refuses to cooperate.[1]


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