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Dantalian’s First Experience…!?
Chapter 2 (Days)
Chapter 2

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Hatsu Taiken...!?



Release Date

April 26, 2010



"Dantalian’s First Experience…!?" is the 2nd chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Dalian became the first person to read Priscilla’s writings.[1]


Boys and girls were divided in that school founded on an island. A mysterious event was happening. A boy who needed supplementary education surprised everyone after getting top grades in all subjects. A girl who never stood out at the track and field club broke the school records. The students were making remarkable achievements. Inside their bags, there’s the same book with a red leather cover.

Dalian reads the story that Priscilla dropped. Dalian remembers her name. Priscilla admires her beautiful voice. No one read Priscilla’s writings before. Priscilla feels like Dalian is reading her mind. Priscilla is embarrassed, listening to her own heart beating. The special moment is interrupted by the librarian. The girls should return to the dormitory. Dalian reveals that she doesn’t sleep in the dormitory. Dalian is living at Saint Regal, at the coastline. At first, Dalian doesn’t want company. She doesn’t like to be treated like a child. However, she changes her mind after seeing a dog.

The tram isn't working anymore. Rain starts to fall. For Priscilla’s shock, Dalian kicks a nearby car. Dalian rudely tells the driver to take them to the Ombolo Mansion. She points at Priscilla, as if the schoolgirl is guilty for the discourteous behavior. Fortunately, the driver Hower recognizes Priscilla. Hower is one of the regulars at Priscilla’s part-time job. Hower happily drives the girls to the mansion. During the ride, Dalian eats Priscilla’s fried bread crumbs without asking. Dalian criticizes the sweets. Priscilla finds Dalian strange, but cute.

They reach an old house. The girls run inside. The strong rain makes them soaked. The interior is filled with boxes. Dalian had just moved. Priscilla finds the bathroom. The girls should warm up quickly to prevent a cold. Priscilla helps Dalian undress. The former is surprised to learn that Dalian’s lock is embedded on her skin. They enter the bathtub. Because of Priscilla’s large breasts, Dalian compares her with a woman who returned from America. Priscilla washes Dalian’s hair. Priscilla admires Dalian’s white skin.

Dalian Bath

Dalian and Priscilla bath together.

Dalian wonders if Priscilla wants to be a writer. Priscilla talks about her hobby. She remembers what happened during the day, about the dreams she had, and writes everything as a story. Priscilla’s heart beats faster while she’s opening up to Dalian. Priscilla seems embarrassed and happy at the same time because Dalian read her manuscript. Dalian is interested in the continuation of Priscilla’s story. Priscilla feels praised. Dalian offends Priscilla, trying to hide her true feelings. Priscilla is so happy that she almost hugs Dalian. Priscilla leaves the bathtub to find a shampoo. Hugh arrives. He sees Priscilla wrapped in a towel. The girl screams.[1]

Priscilla Towel

Hugh sees Priscilla wrapped in a towel.



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