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Book of Oblivion
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Chapter 2

Episode 09: Barbe-Bleue

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Bōkyaku no Sho



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December, 2008 (The Sneaker)





For the Phantom Book, see Book of Oblivion.

"Book of Oblivion" is the 2nd chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 3. It's divided into five parts and contains one illustration. The chapter is labeled as Episode 09 in the story line.

Hugh receives a telegram from his uncle Davi Hillenbrand. At the latter's mansion, Hugh and Dalian meet Yolanda, the wife who's not only searching for a book, but also for her forgotten memories.[1]


Rain was hitting the windows during the terrible stormy night. The lightnings illuminate the dark bedroom for a moment. One person is trembling in fear. The other, a young woman, is talking gently, holding a thick book against her chest. She affirms that it’s a wonderful book. She approaches the other person, who’s very scared. Smiling, the woman asks if they should continue the story. A scream is heard inside the bedroom, although drowned out by the sound of the strong winds outside.

Part 1[]

Davi Hillenbrand is a lord from the northwest. He doesn’t come from a rich family, but it’s an influential one. He’s in his late thirties, his face covered with a mustache and a long beard, which makes him seem intimidating. A tall woman is sat next to him, dressed elegantly, at the luxurious living room. In front of them, on a chaise lounge, is Hugh and Dalian. The young man seems unhappy. Hugh is forced to catch up with his uncle. Hugh had just moved to the university city. Last time they’ve seen each other was at the funeral of Hugh’s mother, six years ago. Dalian glances at Hugh, listening in silence. Davi heard that his nephew served as a flying ace during the Great War. Hugh tries to hide his anger. Davi never been on the battlefield, although he had his share of drunk fights at banquet halls and taverns around town. Davi babbles on about his memories.

Grumpy Dalian

Dalian, sat next to Hugh, expresses her disdain for Davi.

Dalian is unable to hold her frustration, finding Davi very annoying. Davi hears her complains and becomes visible irritated. Hugh introduces Dalian as Wesley’s adoptive daughter. In Davi’s opinion, Hugh should be focused on women with a more mature sex appeal. The lord gives a lustful glance at the beautiful woman at his side. Yolanda censors him for doing that in front of a little girl. Hugh asks Dalian to endure the situation with him. Hugh asks about Yolanda. She married Davi four years ago. It was an urgent ceremony because of the war, so Hugh couldn’t be invited. Davi wishes to see Hugh wed. The latter choose not to pursue the subject.

Hugh asks about a photo on the table, next to a tea set. Davi tells him about the women, describing their qualities, as if they were female suitors for Hugh. As a lord in a happy marriage, Davi wants to see his nephew make a name for himself and build a family, and not only collect books with a little girl. Davi would be rewarded if he arranged a marriage for Hugh. Finally, Yolanda tells Davi to stop harassing his nephew. Davi ends the conversation and tells Hugh to sleep in. The lord would leave for business that night, but Yolanda would stay to talk about the wonders of a happy marriage. Davi and Yolanda leave the room, ignoring Hugh’s protests. Dalian keeps reading her book with a grumpy expression.

Part 2[]

Dalian lies on the bed available for guests, kicking Hugh for putting her in that situation. The fact that Hugh looked at that photo in the living room just added to her anger. Hugh explains that he was only visiting his uncle because he had sent a telegram, saying that he wanted to consult with his nephew. Dalian talks about Yolanda. It’s unbelievable that a young beauty like her would marry a middle-aged bearded man like Davi. Someone knocks on the door. After seeing her husband off, Yolanda encounters Hugh and Dalian once again. She apologizes for Davi’s behavior. For Hugh’s despair, Dalian rudely asks why she was married with the lord. Yolanda answers, revealing that she lost her father earlier in her life. Perhaps she sees in Davi the masculine figure she missed for a long time. Yolanda affirms that Hugh would also find nice things in a marriage. Hugh stands up, ready to leave the mansion. If the reason for his uncle’s invitation was to arrange a marriage, he wouldn’t stay. However, Yolanda reveals herself as the one who sent the telegram to Hugh.

Yolanda heard from Hugh’s mother that he’s very knowledgeable about books. Hugh points to Dalian, showing the real expert. Yolanda bows to her, making a request. Yolanda is looking for a book, but she doesn’t know its title or author, nor the reason why she’s searching for it. She remembers the first part of the book, but not its conclusion. That was making her distressed, day-dreaming. The story is an old fairy tale about a bearded man with a horrible face married with a beautiful woman. The man gives the keys of the house to his wife, warning her about one locked room that she would never be allowed to open. Yolanda forgot the rest of the story. Dalian asks if she really wants to know the end of the book. Yolanda begs for Dalian’s help. The former believes that not only part of the book was forgotten, but also something important about her life.

Part 3[]

Dalian kept eating in the dining room, long after Yolanda finished her meal and left. Hugh asks Dalian’s opinion about Yolanda’s problem. Dalian knows the title of the book and the meaning of all that. Yolanda was referring to Bluebeard, a famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Dalian hasn’t shared this information with Yolanda. After all, if she forgot it, she should let it go. Maybe Yolanda would remember about the story one day. This would never happen with Dalian, since she never forgets anything.

Dalian also believes that the woman may be unhappy after remembering the story. Yolanda may be sealing a memory unconsciously. In Bluebeard, the wife eventually opens the door and sees a secret room with the corpses of her husband’s former wives. The story ends with the bearded man about to kill the beautiful woman. Dalian’s theory is that Yolanda witnessed Davi conducting a ritual with a Phantom Book, the one he used to force her into marriage. Davi then sealed Yolanda's memories about the ritual and about the end of Bluebeard, which has a very similar narrative. Only when Yolanda finds and seals the Phantom Book her memories would be recovered.

Hugh cannot believe this suspicion against his uncle. The lord is a big mouth, but in reality, he’s a shy man. When Hugh’s mother was healthy, she used to bully and make him cry. Hugh seems to reminisce for a moment. He tells Dalian that they should discover why Yolanda’s memory was sealed, before the worst happens. The Biblioprincess continues to develop her theory, affirming that Davi erased Yolanda’s memories to control her and make her his wife. Dalian chokes with the food, so Hugh gives her a glass of water. A small laughter is heard behind her.

A young maid was listening to their conversation. She seems troubled when Dalian calls for her to make some questions. Hugh gives the maid some coins to encourage her to speak. The maid has been working on the mansion for less than a year. Davi and Yolanda always look like a happy couple. However, a rumor says that they were different in the past. At night, people would hear screams and violence from their bedroom. There’s even a rumor about Davi carrying a woman’s corpse around the mansion. The maid finds strange how a woman from a wealthy family like Yolanda would accept a husband like Davi, a failed businessman who drinks in the daytime and practices gambling. It’s said that Yolanda started to enjoy Davi’s company when he brought a weird book to the mansion. It's said that Davi’s family includes a bibliomaniac who secretly gave him this book. Hugh and Dalian tense up.

Part 4[]

Hugh and Dalian enter Davi’s study. Its interior was bleak, dust piled up on the desk, bookshelves almost empty, as if reflecting the owner’s character. There’s no way Dalian would not know about a Phantom Book given to Davi. The latter probably took it without permission in order to erase Yolanda’s memory and change her personality. The memory may be related to crimes committed by Davi. Yolanda never mentioned the name "Bluebeard", so maybe her memories were in fact experiences she witnessed in the mansion, and not a fairy tale. A Phantom Book with such a power would be a terrible tool for criminals. It wasn’t something Davi could handle without being corrupted.

Hugh and Dalian see Yolanda at the door of the study. Yolanda asks what they were doing there. Hugh asks if there’s more books in the mansion. He also asks if there are secret rooms in the property. Yolanda talks about a room Davi says it should never be opened. Hugh confirms the presence of a door in a dark hallway. Yolanda is reluctant at first, but in the end she glances at the key hanging on the study wall. According to Dalian, they would find the book inside the secret room.

Part 5[]

Davi’s secret dark room has a sweet fragrance of a woman’s perfume. Shelves are filled with jewelry and wardrobes are filled with dresses. At the wall, there’s a very realistic, life-size nude portrait of a beautiful woman. Dalian finds the Book of Oblivion inside. It’s a Phantom Book which captures emotions and memorizes it for its owner. Dalian gives it to Yolanda. A light returns to her eyes and she’s taken by anger. At that moment, they hear footsteps of someone rushing in that direction. Davi appears, out of breath, back from work. He seems afraid of Yolanda. He had told her to never enter that room. Hugh apologizes for being there without permission. He tells his uncle to explain the purpose of that room.

Yolanda approaches Davi with a smile full of confidence, as if opposing her husband. She has remembered everything. All the items inside that dark room pertained to Davi’s mistress. He said he had broken up with her, but he kept her things so they could meet again in secret. Yolanda had tried to get rid of the portrait in the wall, but Davi brought it back. The lord tries to make an excuse. Yolanda violently kicks a nearby shelf, scattering jewelry and letters. Davi is scared, sweating, recoiling. He’s totally different from the dignified figure seen earlier that day. The letters have a woman’s perfume. One of them was stamped only a few days ago. Davi turns pale when Yolanda tears the letter.

Davi had used the Book of Oblivion to make Yolanda forget about the cheating. According to him, she was very kind and obedient at first. But later, she became a violent woman. Davi screams when Yolanda destroys the portrait. She had started to act more aggressive when she learned about Davi’s affair. The lord tries to justify his behavior to Hugh, showing a square-shaped wound on his cheek, beneath his large beard. Yolanda had hit Davi with the Phantom Book. Davi thought he would be killed if he hesitated in taking his wife’s memories. Dalian, however, doesn’t pity the man. Yolanda probably saw a lipstick mark on his cheek. Davi only made things worse by using the Book of Oblivion. Yolanda’s anger and sadness would eventually be forgotten. But, by using the Phantom Book, he only made those fresh feelings be restored. The true purpose of the Book of Oblivion was to preserve a memory, not to make it disappear.

Hugh picks up the Book of Oblivion to return it to its place. Yolanda slowly walks towards Davi, threatening him. The man’s scream resounds through the secret room. Hugh gives the Phantom Book to Dalian. Hugh believes that he had learned enough about marriage. Hugh and Dalian leave the room, while Yolanda continues to scold her husband.[1]


  • "Barbe-Bleue" is French for Bluebeard, the folktale first published in 1697 mentioned in the chapter.[2]
  • Davi mentions the eldest daughter of his friend Mr. Cornwall (コンウォール Konwōru) as a potential wife for Hugh.[1]
  • In Part 1, there's a tea set made of Meissen porcelain next to Hugh and Dalian.[1] The material is the first European hard-paste porcelain, originally produced at Meissen, eastern Germany, in 1710.[3]
  • Telegraph use began to permanently decline around 1920, with only a brief resurgence during World War I. Since telegrams have been traditionally charged by the word, messages were often abbreviated to pack information into the smallest possible number of words.[4]
  • Hugh's mother is mentioned for the first time.[1]


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